The next shipment for Pimax

Dear all,

Thank you for your patience in waiting and support for the Pimax team.

We are happy to say that until 17thJanuary, we have already produced 6,314 units, which account for 80% of the 8,000 units as planned before the Spring Festival (5th. Feb). We are confident that we will be able to accomplish that goal in the next week.

Due to the relatively late arrival of the panels for 8K headsets, we have focused more on the production of the 5K headsets, and until now we already have 1000 more units of 5K headsets produced than those pledged during the Kickstarter campaign. From last week, we started to take the production of the 8K headsets as our priority. It is expected that the production of the 8K headsets should be completed before the 27thJanuary.

We would also like to share with you the latest status of shipping:

  1. Pimax 5K Plus

ž The delivery information of 2880 units has been confirmed by our backers, and we have already shipped 3259 units to overseas warehouse until 18thJanuary.

ž Until now we already have sufficient units for our backers in the warehouses in the U.K., the U.S. and Hong Kong with hundreds of surplus units for other requirement.

  1. Pimax 8K

ž The delivery information of 1550 units has been confirmed by our backers, and we have already shipped 427 units to overseas warehouses.

ž Until 18thJanuary, we have a shortage of 1083 units, with only 40 units surplus in Hongkong warehouse and no stock in the U.K. and the U.S.

ž1,111 units are already in production and they are expected to be shipped before the 29thJanuary.

Since there is a sufficient supply of the 5K Plus headsets, if any 8K backers choose to switch to 5K Plus, we can ship it immediately. And meanwhile, 5K BE has passed the internal quality verification process, and we have just started to collect the number of those who would like to switch to 5K BE. If there are any backers who would like to change their choices, we will also give priority to the production of 5K BE. Please contact us if you would like to switch to the BE version.

In addition, up to now, we still have 801 backers who have not given us confirmation of the delivery information. For these units, they can be shipped immediately after confirmation. And please kindly contact us via if you are one of them.


Hello there,

If there is sufficient supply of the 5Kplus,can owners with a 5kplus with the black dot issue exchange it for a good unit?


It’s so sad to realize the zero value of all words and promises.
All I have to do is hope that later assemble/material quality will be higher.
I try to be advised like hell.


Oh no… I am very tempted to switch back to 5K+ now …

I’m also wondering if the new 8K panels will have different properties compared to previous 8K panels.

@Matthew.Xu, can you confirm whether the new arrival of 8K panels are exactly the same as the old ones or if there have been any improvements or change of screen manufacturer?



Well, at least some certainty has now appeared.
That is, we can be sure (all those who have chosen 8K) that by the end of January and before the Chinese new year our 8K will be sent, great. (the main thing is to have time before the holidays, otherwise everything will stall in one place for a couple of weeks).
Really looking forward to sending all 8K :boom: , thanks for the update.

What is issue with 8K…I don‘t understand what you mean…Sorry.

I mean, will there be any improvements to the screen panels in the 8K? Or will the panels be exactly the same as before?

We have been working hard to improve the performance and upgrade of 8K, if we have a new breakthrough in technology , we will update it. Sean will reply you @Sean.Huang. Thank you.


Why do @anon74848233 report that all 8ks have been “built” in the spreadsheet whereas you’re saying they have not been produced yet? It’s confusing!


Could you also post this as a kickstarter update, otherwise there may be many of these 800 people who don’t even know they have a problem I mean ideally shoot that 800 a mail if you know who they are.


Korean backers are very excited about the possibility of upgrading 8k panels. They are waiting for @Sean.Huang your answer.


In another thread, dallas or matthew (cant remember which) clarified that they are in the process of BEING built, not that they ARE built.

Yes, it’s confusing. They are not built.

For those who chose the 8K, is it too much to ask to get the 5K Plus now and the 8K when it’s ready, and to choose which one to return, on our expense ? Perhaps as a compensation for waiting longer.

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This is just one of our suggestions.

So if I choose to get the 5K+ now, can I still get the 8K and return one of them ?


Lul mate, i found another guy that received his 5k+ in Romania :smiley:. Too bad he put it on OLX to sale :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. Spoke with him about few stuff tho. He is 21xx.

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Now if there is another guy with an 8K we could in theory check with our eye which one is better.

I don’t think that it is possible because the backer who already get the 5k+, a lot of people are 8k backer. And they will request to change to 8k if they not satisfied with their 5k+ too and that use a lot of money to change the headset.

That option is for 8k x only.

That is the reason why I need both 5k+ and 8k for my group’s member to test by themself. If pimax can do, they only ship a headset to some volunteer in each country for making a meet up like me.