Dialing ipd correctly and a few other questions from new Pimax user

Hello. I just got my Pimax 8kx yesterday. The setup itself went smoothly but despite fiddling with ipd slider in headset and pitool my eyes still feel uncomfortable even if the picture is somewhat clear. I have a fairly low ipd around 60-60,5. In beat saber it was quite manageable but still not good enough but in asseto Corsa I was about to puke just by sitting in the cockpit alone. I have quite strong VR legs that I’ve built playing many joystick movement games that were really fast paced.

I’ve also wanted to ask if there is any strap mod other than DAS (I don’t have that kind of budget to deal with that) to make things more comfortable. The back cushion of 8kx can’t go low enough on my head and sit comfortably. It just barely sits around half the length of the back of my head which makes the top part squeeze the top back of my head really hard.

I’d really appreciate some feedback as the picture clarity and fov look amazing and my GPU can handle it just right at 90hz so it’s a perfect combination as long as I could have correct image adjustment (IPD) and comfort.

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For the Headstrap, did you loosen the top band? (Velcro)

@dstar hi. I was looking at this guide and I’m pretty sure I did see my index controller aligned vertically and horizontally in VR vs real life. I’ve also tried different hardware IPDs but the lowest was the best of them all and yet it still isn’t perfect.

As for the strap. Yes I did loosen it up but it’s not enough to place the headset comfortably against the back of my head. If I loose it too much then my eyes are too high vs the lenses.

Yes, the Pimax with its canted displays is special, especially with a low IPD. It’s possible that it doesn’t fit at all.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the strap anymore, I use my own. Is it still an older 8kx? There was a later change to the hinges to lower the rear.

I bought smas from outlet. It’s revision 2075. I’ve found 2 comfort mods that are 3d printable (hinges to allow headset to be lower and back of the head cushion shaped differently as well as facial interface for smaller heads). I may try to get those if 3d printing is not too expensive for those parts. That would be already good enough I guess. Of course first I have to get the ipd working. If it doesn’t work out I will have to return the headset unfortunately.

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Good luck!

You may add some weight to your back part of strap, search here on forum for ideas (i.E. 7,7€ in small coins).
For me back strap is pretty high on my head, and I like it that way.

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With the MAS pimax made the hinge angke wrong. They suggest gently forcing it past the stops.

If you goto Guide Category there are some topics on MAS and MAS Alternatives.

If really on a budget I did doba mod using a face shield ratcheting headstrap.

Ipd Guide

MAS Guide

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Thank you for the links. I’m going to go over them. About gently forcing it past the stops. I actually looked into the mechanism itself. It’s an hourglass like thing that stops on the plastic bumps. The bump is big enough that it’s not something I could force and if I did either that plastic bump would break off completely or the hourglass plastic structure would. I want to avoid that at all cost since I might still need to return the headset to Amazon so I want it to be in the pristine condition. The guide for IPD you’ve linked is not the one that I used so I will give it a try.

I’d maybe have to find the post. But pimax posted officially on pushing it beyond the stops to get the back pad to cup the back of the head.

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here is the Link

Hey. I just very carefully tried to pull it further. Nothing snapped or broke and it finally rests on the back of my head properly with headset close to my face as it should be. Thank you very much. I wore it for a moment but the difference is huge so I suppose it should feel better in the long run. Im going to get to IPD adjustment :smiley: Also one question: doyu have the link to that ipd picture? all links are down and I cant find a suitable one

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I will have to take a look. OpenMR changed from .ai to .com. so it is possible may need to check link address.

Can you link me to the guide that has the broken link?

This is the link to the image https://community.openmr.ai/uploads/default/original/2X/4/481780a89825ad6fd7648ad443147439d618e7fe.jpeg
It doesn’t load for me. Just like any other link to openmr with ai suffix


I modified the link. Looks like it works now. can you link me the original topic message?


This is the link to the post with the picture link: MRTV: Pimax IPD Tutorial - How To Set Pimax 8KX IPD Offset Correctly! No More Eyestrain! - #22 by blanes

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Thank you I have fixed the link address there as well.


@Heliosurge I have another question if you have some spare time. I think I got IPD set quite close (not perfect but better than before). However I’ve noticed an issue that is way more problematic and may be as much of a reason for my eyes feeling weird as the IPD stuff. I did experience glare in the past on Valve Index, Vive Pro 2. However what I experience here seems to be a different level of something that feels like glare but not entirely. It really is hitting my eyes hard. It feels like the lenses have light from the screen reflected and it’s like blurred mirror image on the inside of the lenses. It’s not literally like I see mirror image but I can’t really put it in words. For example when I was playing Beat Saber song with lots of effects there was the one where orange color ring appears. As it was circling/appearing I had an orange blur on the inside the lenses vaguely visible that was causing that weird feeling in my eyes. It kind of feels like glare but different. I can’t explain it and I think this is the main reason that I can’t play comfortably.

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Tbh I am not sure. I haven’t noticed an effect like you describe. But this may have to do with what part of the lense your looking through. ie maybe pitch thickening top or bottom 4 example might adjust pitch.

Not sure if you might be able to capture the effect in a video. but imho it sounds like your eyes might have an off angle either vertically or horizontally causing you to see maybe a refraction/reflection off one of the fresnel rings?

Is it one eye or both? Keep in mind this is a guess.