Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)

Different from the Kickstarter updates, this topic is to collect and address your current questions in one place. New questions will be added to the list, following with our answers.

We are expanding our support team. Please at mention @Pimax-Support for all the questions about Kickstarter shipping, product progress, and suggestions.



Production Schedule Real Time Updates:

  • When should I make a choice between 5K+ and 8K?
    The support team will double check with each of the backers before shipping. Please remember to reply the email from support@pimaxvr.com.
    If you are not ready to receive your headset(s), we can reserve your units for another month, simply let @Pimax-Support know when you are ready.

  • Wish everyone gets the headset before Christmas?
    90% possibility we will ship most of the headsets to backers before Christmas.

  • Can I upgrade my 8K to X?
    X is a limited version during Kickstarter and still under development.
    For Kickstarter shipping, please only include the available models, 5K+ and 8K, into consideration.

  • What is the plan for ramping up Production?


  • The mass production and shipping progress?



  • What to buy with the coupon?

We will provide $100 coupon for backers that switch 8K to 5K+.

You can use the coupon in whatever Pimax produced:

  1. Accessories: headstrap with earphones, face cushion, 10m cable, cooling fan, VR frame;
  2. Modules produced by Pimax. e.g. hand motion, wireless etc.
  3. Pimax controllers;
  4. When X becomes available, we’ll provide more benefits for both the 5K+ and 8K backers.
  • Can we use both wireless coupon and the $100 coupon with 5K+ ($200 in total) to buy wireless module?


  • Accessory progress:

Top priority:
Controllers; Hand motion;

and then we will allocate resources to:
Headstrap; Wireless; VR frame; Face cushion; 10 m cable; Eye tracking; Cooling fan.

  • Stretch goals
    The top priority is the headset, and then the controllers.
    The industrial design of hand motion ready.
    eye tracking - working on the industrial design
    wireless - working with partners
    face cushion - new design on progress.
    headstrap - prototype stage
    content - 2 out of 3 ready
    cooling fan, VR frame - will be made at the same time

  • The progress of the base stations?
    We will update here when we received the first batch from our partner. The support team will get in touch with base stations backers before shipping. If requested, we can ship base stations first before controllers ready.
    We are speeding up the controller project, the recommended way is to receive controllers and base stations together.

  • The progress of controllers?
    The team is working on the structure design. will update the progress here.

  • Can we set up with one base station?
    One base station works with 8K/5K+.

  • Can I buy base stations from Pimax?
    We do not produce base stations, but instead buy them from our partner. We are negotiating with our partner, but for now we can only sell base stations in a bundle & cannot sell them individually.

  • The progress of X?
    Architecture finished. 95% identical with 5K+ / 8K
    Our goal is to make the accessories compatible with 5K+ / 8K work with X as well.
    the team is currently working on the native resolution 60Hz.


  • Can we control the color and brightness of the LED?
    Yes, let us know the patterns in your mind.

  • Can we utilize the eye-tracking technology to track the eye movements to identify the best distortion algorithm?
    The team is considering the possibility as well and evaluating the feasibility.

  • The range of IPD
    Support the range from 55 to 75 with mechanical adjustment (60 - 73) & self-adaption

  • Any breakthrough?
    We made progress in distortion algorithm and will keep improving with software versions. Tracking improved on M2 as well.


  • The purpose of the Meetups?
    Demo the potential of 8K with recommended graphics cards and games;
    Compare 8K directly with other VR headsets;
    Show you how to adjust settings on PiTool to reach the best experience;
    Collect your requirements and suggestions;
    Answer your questions face to face


  • Refresh & Performamce gains (2080ti)


  • Dots on 5k+ explained:


  • Pre-order models


The team haven’t reproduced this issue with new systems, keep watching on this.


What is the plan for ramping up Production?


  • Refresh & Performamce gains (2080ti)


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