Upcoming Headsets to Keep any Eye on

Many already know of Somnium Vr1 that has been hyped up for a very long time. Hopefully they do deliver on what their claiming.

  • BigScreen Beyond.
  • Pimax 12k
  • Apple Vision Pro
  • Meta Quest 3
  • Pimax Portal VR Mode

FoV has to be one of the worst specs majority of hmd manufacturers fail to release legit values be it using highly misleading Diagonal FoV or rounding up values typically on the Horizontal.

I am Making this a wiki post. Maybe @Atmos might want to add a chart here for prospective headsets to keep an eye on with specs. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

@Atmos ’ Chart.

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  • Ultra Conpact
  • 4k/eye Oled micro displays
  • Hand & Eye tracking
  • HD colour Passthrough
  • Inside Out Tracking
  • Projected release 2024

This could really fire things up. Higher Res than Crystal/Somnium VR1!

Cool app also excerpt

Immersed currently offers a free app for Meta Quest, Vive Focus 3, and Pico 4 that shows your PC monitors in VR and lets you spawn entirely virtual extra monitors, for up to 5 monitors in total.

Maybe this Ap might also be supported on Reality? @PimaxQuorra Team may want to look into this for AiO. @Omniwhatever you have been on Beta for Standalone this might just work on XR2 hmds; not sure though. :vulcan_salute::wink::+1::sparkles:

Many topics populated on Xrtropokis.one

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@Djonko maybe time to revisit this company after your disappointment with the E2. :wink:

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Believe this fellow also is the DeV of Pseudo Pancake lenses. Plans to be opensource.

Belief this is last update.


Link to Pseudo Pancake

Quest 3:


I’ve already added these headsets on this chart.


Okay with Immersed then just need to update it as there is new details. See post and Article on it above.


And add Walker’s Project.

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Lynx R1

@Atmos BSB now Shipping!


Well done Big Screen.

BSB just needs that audio strap now and maybe come down to £800 and I would be hovering over the buy button.


Index 2 (AKA Deckard) They doing Fresnel? That would be a mistake IMO.

That would be funny. Next gen fresnel. All the benefits of pancake size without the need for polarisation and light loss but with the quality of Aspheric. 5000+ nits when used with micro OLED!


I’m not up on the lenses, but I thought current Fresnel wasn’t the preferred any longer.


Rumours Byte Dance are going to release 3 headsets next year. The best is going have 4k per eye and display port.


Should be interesting year.


Pico 5 controllers leaked.


I think you’d get very short odds on betting that an Aero 2 isn’t far away.


Why is it that at the end of every year I am thinking which great new headsets will come available next year and then sometimes it happens but more often there is some disappointment of the headsets either not fulfilling the high flying hopes or not even materializing at all (e.g. DecaGear).

Don‘t feed me this Pico 5 Pro Max rumour, it will stick in my head and I will be waiting for a headset with 4K per eye to appear only to likely be disappointed…


I think Pico 5 Pro Max is a backup if Somnium, Varjo, Pimax, Valve and HTC all drop the ball earlier in the year. What are the chances they all drop the ball? Ok don’t answer that.