So what happened to the thin foam? (Official that both foams will be included)

Pimax promised the thin foam would be included with all 8KX shipments and so far none of the backers have received the thin foam and already some are complaining about seeing lots of distortions with the thick foam.


Yup, they said it would be included. What’s up with that, Pimax?

I opted out of the stretchgoals (BEFORE they changed them) and now they include them in the stretchgoals package. So is the devious plan to NOT include a thin one in the regular 8kx package?

I don’t even want the fat foam! Can’t use it! I have to use a thin Vive Pro foam in my 5k+ to get rid of horrible distortions.

Include BOTH or let people choose which one they want.

Can you share some comforting words about this, @PimaxUSA ?



Perhaps they don’t want to open the sealed boxes.

If so, then the foam face cushions might end up being shipped instead in the August ‘stretch goal boxes’.

I think the team switched the default foam to the thin one, fairly certain the ones shipped today include the thin foam and not the glasses version. Should be able to confirm tomorrow.


But you said that both would be included so that people could choose.

Looks like I’ll have to wear contacts with this headset until I get prescription lens adapters for the eye tracking.


A simple question as to whether two foams will be included in the future would have done the trick.
Speaking of lies right away seems a little overreacted.

With the glasses version some also complained about the incidence of light. It is quite possible that this design will be revised again so that users without glasses can also use a thicker foam.


An hmd that has problems being shared will not have much success in virtual reality centers. If players need glasses, for example.

Or by inviting friends over:

-I just bought a visor vr, the best from a company!
-Ah! Really? Can I try it?
-No, I’m sorry, we don’t have the same prescription in our eyeglasses.


That’s the reason the design is where you can easily swap any foam on the device.

For the face cushion we make a special version we used at CES and the various meetups. At each event we’ve had different versions and even colors on hand. It shouldn’t be long before they aren’t all allocated to headsets and become available in the Pimax store.


What about the pleather/vinyl versions of the foam which you showed at CES (IIRC it was brown in color)? Are these going to be available any time soon? It would be great to be able to have that shipped with my backer rewards. These are more hygienic compared to the regular foam, IMO, as they’re easily wiped.


But what they’re complaining about is that some people see more distortion with the thicker foam, but if you use the thinner foam, then they can’ t wear glasses.


Ugh I hope they didn’t switch… I needed a thicker foam for my 5K+ so I think I’ll need a thick one for the X.
I thought both were going to be included…


Previously, Pimax indicated that 2 foam thicknesses would be included.

Since the headset doesn’t have a lens depth adjustment, the only way to adjust the distance to the eyes is with various thicknesses of foam. You should include at least 2 or maybe even 3 thicknesses. Otherwise, some of your users will have distortion, a bad fit, won’t have room for their glasses, etc.

In my case, I think I’ll need to use the thin foam, since that’s what works best for me now, but my best friend needs to wear glasses and cannot use my 8K with its thin foam. If you plan to let others use your headset, you will probably need multiple thicknesses.

This is an expensive, premium headset, Pimax should not be “cutting corners” to save on costs! Pimax really needs to improve its reputation, so the out-of-the-box experience is critical. It’s in your best interest to make that experience as good as it can possibly be.

TL;DR: Shipping only 1 thickness of foam is a terrible idea, which will only hurt Pimax’s reputation further.

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA @SweViver


They should have taken a poll or something (or just put both in the box like they said they would)…yes a few of the X backers that have a headset say a thinner foam would help them…but I know I’ll need a thicker foam…unless something drastically changed from the 5k+ design, which I don’t think happened. I’ll just delete this if it’s confirmed both are there, but here’s me saying don’t switch.

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I must admit to agree to what595654 here. It has been stated that there will be both foams in the package.

I only need the thin one, so not affected personally, but truth is truth, and many people wear glasses.

Who is making these decisions in Shanghai. Are they not seeing what they’re doing? :thinking:


Every word went through a lengthy team wide process.

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I’m sure we’ll make the PU leather versions available on the store later in the year. They do clean up very easily and don’t easily absorb moisture. At the show we had brown and black versions of that.


So does this mean that you are sending the thick and thin foam as promised ? @SweViver


Our plan is to ship 8KX together with the SMAS and two sizes of foam that fit the Comfort Kit. Some of you will be very impressed with the shape, size and comfort of the new foam option.

One small note is the new thin extra foam had some small issues to be resolved and only a small number of these were of satisfactory quality.

Furthermore, the new thin face foam’s issues are now resolved and are included in the upcoming 8KX shipment.


Thats what we said from start, yes. Let me double check if the new batches sent have both foams included now!