Pimax Now Event Discussion (merged)

These posts were split out of the Pimax Now QUESTIONS ONLY Thread because they were not questions for the event

IIRC I was able to connect a lot of trackers and their size in the UI changed to show more of them


i’ve never managed more than 2

From my understanding Valve only restricts the sale of Index Controllers and not the lighthouses.

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I made a ticket two days ago and ask the same question,had two consultants that assisted said they cant send even the base stations,asked then what are they going to do about us kickstarter backers,everything went silent no more replies.

Email 2 weeks ago.

In response to the needs of our customers, We will launch the 8KX full bundle within a week, and may only retain this full bundle option in the future, so we are very sorry to inform you that we are about to pull the Full bundle(with Valve index controllers and base stations) of 5K Plus, 5K XR, and 8K Plus off shelves in the coming 2-3 days.

If you want to buy now but are a little hesitant, I suggest you place your order as soon as possible, because there are only 50-100pcs available for sale now. After it sold out, The full bundle will not be available in the next 3-6 months or even longer.

Hope this reminder can let you not miss what you want to get.

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Send @PimaxQuorra a pm with your ticket number you should be able to request the lighthouses ahead of controllers

Okay will do thanks.

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I worry now that coming up with answers to all these questions will set back the event another few months


Well you know a lot of questions will go unanswered as had happened with the list from Dec 2019


That does sound like what will happen. They did that a few times before already.

Just like this recent ‘need to wait for this certain item to become available’. The next official Pimax post will be about them needing time to answer all our questions. And then after said time answer maybe half. And not the good half.


I doubt any of these questions will ever be brought up.

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I wouldn’t say that. There was a Q&A session at the end of Pimax Day 2, so the precedent is there.


Last time we did spend a lot of time after the show answering questions, I think we answered 9 out of 10 extra questions. Of course we didn’t know at the time that 6 weeks later China would entirely shut down and not fully reopen until May.

We’ll stick around this time too and answer questions.


Part of the event does deal with upgrade program and a new option.


Any additional questions I suggest you get them in sometime today as we have an internal meeting scheduled to organize them and go through them.


Date is official now


Thanks for that confirmation. It eases my mind. I’m looking forward to the event.


In general, the status of wireless would be nice to know.


Is this today?
What time to view from the UK?

As a 5k+ backer who refuses to upgrade to any program, what can I expect anymore?
WIRELESS MODULE!!?!?! is the reason I still use my Vive and have used my Pimax less than 5 minutes?
What headstrap is included at this point since there’s like 5 different acronyms? From KS looks like one with headphone built in.
Couldn’t care less about the cooling or prescription lenses or the 2 pieces of laughable content from 2017 that was just delivered.
I should have 2 $100 coupons at least, one for moving from an 8k to 5k and one from the module… Is that even correct anymore?

As for this question above:
Is it feasible to tell today that Pimax will go (or will not go) on kickstarter again
to launch new products ?

Let’s hope not.

Much like the 2020 US election, Pimax gets my vote of “No Confidence”