Pimax EU Roadshow Events - Signup pages are now going live!

Dear Pimaxians,

This month Pimax is starting a worldwide roadshow with the Pimax Crystal QLED together with other exciting Pimax hardware surprises! The first four events will be hosted on various locations in Europe; Berlin & Dortmund (Germany) and Gouda & Rotterdam (Netherlands). Additional upcoming events will be announced soon.

We are pleased to announce that you can signup to attend the events completely for free(*) and become one of the first people worldwide to get an exclusive hands-on demo of the Pimax Crystal QLED in action! You will be able to test and preview our next-gen VR technology with the most popular VR games and experiences available.

In order to give participants enough time for testing, there will be at least three or four demo stations running in parallel organized in bookable 30/45/60 minute sessions, slightly varying arrangement depending on which event you plan to attend.

We will make sure to have a wide range of VR games and experiences available to test, but we would also love to know in advance what kind of experiences you would like to see on these events. Especially for the first 3 invite-only events, as these allow us to be more flexible and offers more time for each participant. If you have any suggestions for specific VR games and experiences you would love to try with Pimax Crystal, please let us know in the comments. We may also create a separate post for this topic alone in the upcoming days.

The Pimax Roadshow is a part of the promotional campaign for the launch of our new Pimax Reality Series, mainly (but not limited to) the Pimax Crystal QLED headset, which is currently entering mass production while the software development is still ongoing to improve the overall experience. The samples used for the roadshow will be production units from the factory, but bare in mind that some specific features of our Pimax Crystal may still be limited or even not activated during the demo sessions. We do our best to maximize your first hands-on experience with Pimax Crystal, but we also hope you’ll understand that some of the functions may not be completely error-free in time for the events. Lets face it; nothing is ever perfect from day one, right? :slight_smile:

Lastly, our Pimax team would also like to say thank you to our lovely EU partners listed below, for hosting the events and making it all possible:

Right below, you will find more information about the first four upcoming events, including the signup-links to the booking pages for each event. Please note that this post will be frequently updated with additional links and information. So stay tuned, stay updated and don’t miss out!

Pimax Europe Roadshow Schedule:

November 19 - 20 (Saturday-Sunday)
VR Berlin (VRBLN)
FranklinstraĂźe 28-29
10587 Berlin
Google Maps
Signup link: Pimax: Pimax Crystal Hands-On Event @ VRBLN

November 23 - 24 (Wednesday-Thursday)
MRTV Headquarter
BrĂĽckstraĂźe 52
44135 Dortmund
Google Maps
Signup link: Pimax: Pimax Crystal Hands-On Event @ MRTV HQ

November 26 - 27 (Saturday-Sunday)
VRSPACE Virtual Reality Center
Klein Amerika 20
2806 CA Gouda
Google Maps
Signup link: Pimax: Pimax Crystal Hands-On Event @ VRSPACE Virtual Reality Center, Gouda - Netherlands

November 30 - December 2 (Wednesday-Friday)
Immersive Tech Week (VR Days Exhibition)
De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50
3012 CL Rotterdam
Google Maps
More information about the VR Days exhibition:

(*) The VR Days event (Immersive Tech Week) in Rotterdam is a public exhibition. No time-slot signup is required, but you will need to buy a day-pass ticket to enter the exhibition floor, including the Pimax booth. You can buy a 1-day or a 3-day pass while you arrive, or in advance through the VR Days official website: Ticketing - Immersive Tech Week


Could someone please add this post into the Announcements and make it sticky? (I do not have the permissions… heh)



Doing one at the MRTV headquarters is a great idea! I never made the connection when I saw Dortmund come up in the list ha. Will you be leaving it with @mixedrealityTV in the evening time to do some testing by himself? :stuck_out_tongue:


As for game requests:

  • Beat Saber (to test the controllers. Could you confirm that the controllers will be there using the new inside out tracking?)
  • Half Life Alyx
  • MSFS
  • Pavlov

Also, if possible, perhaps Skybox VR or such with a high quality 8K HDR video pre-loaded to test.



Sure full inside out tracking will be mainly used for all Crystal headsets, including controllers.
Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:


Ah this is fantastic news!! I know beat saber isn’t the best game for showing off the fidelity that the cystal can provide, but I would love to try it at 160hz with the new controllers to get a good idea of what’s possible (while keeping in mind that the tradeshow floor at VR days may not be the ideal environment for the tracking, but a good stress test in a way!).

Do you know if VR days will also get 30 minute sessions or will they be shorter due to the tradeshow nature? I will be there at 9am, hopefully the first in line ha. Even just getting to try beat saber and Alyx would be ideal for me, just make sure to turn off dynamic resolution in Alyx so we can see the full res rather than it dropping it down or such.

Thanks again, so excited!

Exciting. Hopefully Pimax Roadshows comes to the UK soon.


@SweViver If you travel by ferry and car, stop for a drink… ähh… i mean Coffee in Rostock. :joy:

Does mainly mean you will also have a Lighthouse setup?

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I still recommend AirCar as a demo.

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Pinned it Globally. Will look into permissions for Announcements\Pimax Official.

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Will be there in Berlin on the 19. Nov., thanks for the easy signup process :+1:.

Suggested games/Experiences:

  • Alyx, clear graphics, good AA, almost anyone knows it for reference, easy to select different levels
  • Star Wars: Squadrons, easy accessible space game, good to see local dimming and lenses at work due to the contrast in space
  • KayakVR, many different scenes which are easy to switch, good graphics BUT with TAA which makes it blurry. It would be interesting to see if the resolution can compensate for TAA, or if you could totally turn it off. With low res headsets like the Quest 2, it’s either totally blurry, or has a lot of shimmering with TAA disabled
  • RecRoom Mirror for testing the tracking
  • Also a game where local dimming is explicitly enabled, as the Quest Pro is f.e. restrictive and does it only by app support. Do you face similiar restrictions, or is local dimming enabled by default?
  • A demo for eye-tracking
  • An 8k (SBS) HDR video

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is aliasing-a-palooza, if one want to check how high contrast jaggies come across at 42PPD… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is great. I look forward to Sebastian’s expressions and I guess we’ll get some from Nathie in the Nathierlands and hopefully Mike too. This is what matters to me. I don’t trust what Pimax say or promise.


Its far better to get some independent opinions and not from any youtubers… :wink:


I know what you mean… But Nathie and Mike are not biased towards Pimax. Quite the opposite the last years. They will come in with skepticism so if they get hyped I’m turned.


No racing games? I would love to see Automobilista 2, ACC or other sim…because they’re demanding and requires powerful graphics card.

Test movies with BigScreen. By the way, is it going to be running on RTX 4090?

Ask them compare with 8KX…what’s the difference in comfort level, visual, ipd, ect…

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@Heliosurge @SweViver
Not sure if it was you who pinned the original notification in my question, but it doesn’t contain the info. It seemed simple enough. Will the demos include the Lighthouse tracking module? Is it ready yet?
Something simple like yes or not initially but soon would suffice. :smiley:


Indeed i need to know this too,otherwise i am not intrested

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