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Happy New Year! - [Jan 1, 2020]

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5k+ 202 Serial 120hz Update. Jan 4/2020


Dear all,
NEW Update!: 1/13/2020

As promised previously we are going to do the weekly update today and continue *closely monitoring and verifying information from our teams and various partners.
We did summarize the questions from Pimaxers in this community. So here we go, in effect a bedtime story for you all. If we left out anything of interest to you we certainly apologize and please kindly slide us a PM.

  1. 8K+ Deliveries - We are working out to finish delivery of all existing 8K Plus orders by week 4 of Jan (before Chinese New Year). So many of you should receive the tracking numbers via email. Keep in mind these do not include the MAS which will be delivered in a separate shipment.

  2. Index controllers and base stations (PLAN F) Deliveries have now begun delivery to addresses throughout the United States and will quickly be followed by Canada, European countries, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. NOTE: We are only capable of shipping to regions where Valve can also deliver these devices. Our processing speed for shipment of Index controllers and base stations is continuing to improve dramatically.

  3. 8KX Deliveries - We are continuing to produce initial small batches of the 8KX headset and will considerably increase our production volume in March. As units pass the testing process they will be shipped at a faster and faster pace throughout March and April. Because the 8KX has been so well received by the public and media we will be increasing production capacity as rapidly as possible to meet the new demand. Note: The 8KX Shipment cadence is testing team and original backers first, pre-orders, upgrades and general orders. Our previous experience with ramping production of earlier models will prove extremely beneficial for the 8KX production.

  4. Comfort Kit Deliveries - These are largely completed but will not begin delivery until we return from CNY (the Chinese New Year). We anticipate delivery by the 3rd week of February. Moving forward the comfort kit is being produced in very good volume so once shipment begins rapid deliveries of the kit are expected.

  5. Standard MAS Audio Driver Hardware - This version does not use the Tectonic BMR driver that is used in the Valve Index. We plan to ramp production and testing when we return from CNY with deliveries beginning in March. Note: Some have mentioned concerns about the quality of the MAS but audio performance of the production hardware is superior to what was shown at CES. We will provide further details that allow comparisons between various other headsets as soon as possible.

  6. Deluxe MAS Audio Driver Hardware - Will be similar to Index but uses a driver that is commonly considered superior to the Tectonic BMR.

  7. Vision Series Construction Materials (8KX, 8K+ and 5K Super) All Vision models are produced utilizing the same base materials that were originally intended for our ruggedized series. The manufacturing process, certification and quality of the material are greatly improved over previous devices.

  8. 8KX Loaner Return Program - For those backers who RECEIVED loaners we will reach out to you to arrange for the return only when we have scheduled production of a headset intended for you. In a future update we will also provide a detailed explanation on the procedure.

  9. Tracking numbers - When your order for any product we ship is ready we will provide you with your tracking number via an automated email.

  10. Eye Tracking Module Shipment Update - The release candidate of this module is currently undergoing extensive testing with early testers and estimate the certification to be complete approximately February 14th. We expect to begin initial shipping about March 15th.

  11. Hand Tracking Module Shipment Update - For those who ordered can expect to begin to receive these modules in March.

Questions? Suggestions? Comments?
Please let us know! We are always here to listen.
Thank you so much for supporting us. We are sincerely appreciate all of the community’s efforts and your patience!

Shoutout to all Pimaxers!


[Jan 14/2020]

[Roadshow Update Jan 15]

Orlando Roadshow meetup, Friday January 17th

New York Roadshow meetup, Sunday January 19th

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