CES 2018 - 8K Prototype details

Version: v5


Sensors hidden

Better IPD adjustment

Better heat dissipation and strength.

Refresh rate: Still high risk. We are exploring a new hardware solution for 85/90Hz, theoretically feasible. We will reach a conclusion in March.

The shipping schedule will be updated on Jan.


Optimized optical design

Debugging with Brainwarp

ASW algorithm done

Production testing software and tools ready

PiPlay v3.0 in progress, add support to the new VR content platform HTC Wave

Kickstarter stretch goals

AdHawk is evaluating eye tracking solution for Pimax. Thanks for your suggestions! @Cdaked @aesopfabled @sgallouet

We are exploring partnerships actively with content developers, both for the stretch goal and PiHome. Shot a message to bacon.wei@pimaxvr.com if you’d like to partner up!


CES is a good chance for us to collect feedbacks to further improve 8K.

We will take the feedback from CES into account.

After CES, our Pimax R&D team will move on to debug the headset and improve the algorithm and make sure software is ready before we start to ship anything.

Our project team will evaluate risks, and annouce the shipping plan for the first batch.

Then, our Pimax community marketing team arrange close demos with VR enthusiasts, and ship a very small batch to the leaders in Pimax community and volunteers before shipping larger volume.


Thank you for the update!

When you state a “hardware solution” for the 8k to meet the 90Hz refresh rate goal does that mean that headsets leaving the production line after March may be able to achieve better frame rates than the earlier models?


Voting for @Heliosurge to receive the first consumer production unit to help with debugging :beers:

Thanks @deletedpimaxrep1 for your effort :wink:


Thanks for the update.

Looks like the “The shipping schedule will be updated on Jan.” means you are going to be announcing that nothing will be shipped until after March, because the refresh rate line doesn’t say anything about reaching a conclusion until then.

That’s a bit of a shame, but that seems a better solution than just giving up. A note: If you are still working on heat dissipation, try hacking on some big old heatsinks and fans to the DisplayPort to MIPI converter chip, if you are having problems getting the chip to work right on the edge of it’s specifications you might just need to give it a wider thermal runway.


We are working on both the original solution and the new one for more frames. by March we will have a conclusion.


Yes, we wish to test in a smaller selected group before shipping the larger batch.


We can still provide the option to ship the headset earlier.
Thanks for the note!


So is there an update to the potential ETA of the 8KX?

I know it doesn’t exist but how fast the 8K gets completed would affect how fast the 8KX gets into production.

Personally I’d say take your time even though I am usually an impatient person, I’d be more mad if I got a terrible user experience than waiting.


Hi Xunshu

Just to clarify on this

The current design will still be available as early as possible

The future kickstarter / consumer model batches may have updated components for increased frame rate (To be confirmed)

Any hardware changes will be confirmed after March

Is this correct?



Then please don’t ship till March if that is what is needed. I don’t want mine shipped until it is completely done.


Thank you for listening, sorry if I sound too impatient.

As an 8k X backer, I’d be very happy to get a 8k Beta unit early, even if it runs at 75Hz and then wait for the 8k X to finish before trading it out. But if that is not an option, I totally understand this is a kickstarter after all and it’s not like they ever ship on time.

I hope your R & D team get some good luck and sort the 90Hz out quickly.


I really do not want a half baked product and prefer to wait until it is done. Don’t rush it, don’t panic. R&D takes time.

I wouldn’t mind an option to get an earlier model and exchange it later though.
Maybe you can think about it and what costs would be attached to it. I don’t mind paying for the exchange.

You’ll get there!


The current ETA is Q2, we will update the status of X asap.
We prefer to make it right, so won’t rush.


If there is any change, we will update asap. The new path to better refresh rate will be updated on March.


We will double check with the backers before shipping.


Thank you, I’ll pass the message to the R&D team.


Got it. We will update the shipping plan on Jan and communicate in advance with the backers before shipping.


Thank you xunshu for your comments

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If the march update is software based ie not needing a new unit then id prefer to get my headset as soon as they are available. My only concern is if they ship headsets before the march update and then ship different ones in march will I be able to trade it in? I know they have said in the past there will only be one version but this is the first we are hearing about march and the situation on the ground changes rapidly I’m sure so things might have changed.


Thanks Xunshu,

Great news for AdHwak! can’t wait to see how it goes.

For the 90hz is there anyway we could get an idea of what type of hardware change we are talking about? is it the cable that will change? the upscaler that will change?
while many people like me don’t mind running games at less than 85hz we would be cautious to choose the early model unless we know what will be the hardware that get updated later.

Also, will people at CES be able to test brainwrap vs non brainwrap runmode? I’m curious about such feedback.

Thanks again,