8K X vs HP Reverb - Just a teaser :)

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Watch it in 4K:


Nice video editing :slight_smile: Reverb sweet spot seems to suck from those videos.

PS I know that I’m buying 8KX as soon as it available.


It really does so…

Thanks man! :heart:

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Any chance for E:D on the X? That’s the game I have the most experience with on my 5k+ so it’d be cool to see how that’s changed.


BTW, at 1.50 it is seems that you mixed videos (8KX labeled as Reverb and vice versa)


Martin what was steamvr resolution per eye for hp and 8k x when you did that shoots ?

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HP was on SS 200% which gives around 2200x2200
8KX was SS 100% Pitool 1, something around 3800x2400

In-game SS 1.4, and cockpit res 512 (forgot to change to 1024)

I made sure to use as close res to the panel native res as possible.


Ouch haha, totally missed that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thanks man!

Nice video Martin, looks good even on 1440p :+1:

Next I’d like to see the FPS comparison with the same settings on 2080 Ti please - 8K-X native vs 8K-X upscaled vs 8K+.



SweViver, I am sure that the image of the 8k+ 8k X will be fantastic, but has there been any improvements with headset tracking?
My 5k+ has poor tracking (very jerky), and I have tested the same set up (same base station placement) with Vive and Index and had no tracking issues. The poor tracking on the 5k+ is really the only reason why I wouldn’t consider buying 8k X.

In VR there is no native res rendering. Example og Vive and rift use 1.25x panel res because of lens properties as 1.0ss factor. You bumped 8kx 2160p to 2400p, but on reverb you go with “native” res. Also most difference is seen due to reverb smaller sweetspot… PPD is basically the same. Perf tho on 8kx must be around 50% bellow, making this resolution pointless for gaming. Productivity, media sure. Hence the 75hz limit at 2160p mode not being huge factor. With 4080ti, maybe 4kx2k per eye will be possible at 90+hz. :wink:
Edit: In game SS maybe makes image as sharp as possible in the center. I just disliked that they use(hp) 100%SS value much lower than panel res. Just to make min spec gpu 1070 or something. Not your fault.

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Great video the editing was spot on! The 8k x clarity is very impressive. Thank you. :0)


First - Owch, nicely done Martin.

Second, @ SpecsReader - you don’t need to have VR running at 90Hz in simulations. We are, thanks to Pimax actually, beyond the days of crap render resolutions requiring high fps to prevent people experiencing Motion Sickness in VR.

As long as it is fluid - not an issue. The other thing is we also have at high Render Resolutions, the option to use Foreated Rendering which will help current GPU hardware with the higher pixel count headsets to drive them.

All this crying and wailing of “we’ll need a 4080ti to drive the resolutions” really is mute when it isn’t required.

The real question to be asked of Martin is whether Fixed Foreated Rendering is stable in DCS…:+1:

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In cockpit games I guess you dont need 90hz, because of grounding that this gives you. I agree, Palmer said tho that for 4k we actually need 120hz. Why? Maybe because SDE gives grounding too, which is absent at higher res.
FFR is 20% max gain, we need close to 100% so good DFR with eye tracking. And it is visible when is on so there are tradeoffs there too. Plus 300usd for ET is not helping value proposition…

I have LH v 1.0, not sure if you 2.0 maybe that is the cause, but I have not difference in tracking compared to my OG vive. The only issue is when I touch the pimax headset with my hands on the corners or edges it has an issue.

I suspect there is something wrong with your unit. Tracking has never been a problem on any of the Pimax devices Ive had, including the ones I tested at friends, on exhibitions and on our meetings.
In fact, Ive always been impressed how well they work with just 1 base station even.
Have you been in contact with support about this yet?

I know. I gotta say I tested changing SS to 300% and 400% (in real time) on the Reverb while being in The Lab, having the Macro lens and camera setup. I saw no difference in sharpness, clarity or rendering at all. From 150% to 200% gave minimal difference. As soon as I went below 150% the image got worse and text was more blurry.
Well, maybe its my bloody Reverb v1 version…

On the other hand, I can barely see any difference going from 3800 to 3200 in horizontal res on the 8KX. At least not while being in The Lab or staring at text in RoV.

Yes the in-game SS is many times more effective. Especially in DCS.

Indeed, its hilarious that HP Reverb runs at something like

1400x1200 on default. Or maybe its just SteamVR reporting bad numbers. It wouldnt surprise me.

Thanks man. More to come, especially ttl photos! :slight_smile:


There is no in-game ss, because all ss are in-game. SteamVR only recommends a number that the application decides whether to use to calculate the final rendering resolution. The VR driver and composer do not contribute to frame generation


I fully agree. 72Hz mode works surprisingly well on all Pimax headsets in DCS and other sims.

Its just misinformation. And hate. Dont bother :wink:

Will try, havent got that far yet lol… :slight_smile:

As mush as I like, respect and admire Palmer for his work and everything he has done, I must call this statement plain BS. Carmack once said 90Hz is minimum for VR and that was another strange statement. What we “want” is not what we “need”.

Although I understand people new to VR might get motion sick the first days, I dont think 120Hz will help to remove that. Personally I dont see the whole hype around 120Hz at all. Sure I see it, I see its more smooth in some way, but I cant appreciate it, as it doesnt add anything to my experience. Neither on Index or the new 5k+ update coming anytime. I feel its like those 240Hz monitors compared to normal gaming monitors with 144/165Hz, like mine. Tried the 240Hz and “naah”. But hey its just my opinoin.

Im still using 1.0 tracking as Im still waiting for the 2.0 base stations, just as all the backers who pledged. The 1.0 are great, so I might keep them anyway, especially since my Vive wands are 1.0.

Anyway it sounds like some of the sensors on your headset are not working. This shouldnt happen. I would suggest you contact the support team. Tracking is really something that shouldnt be a problem on Pimax.


Hmm… I guess that makes sense what you’re saying. However it’s also my experience that SS within a game is much more effective than the SteamVR SS. Maybe @jojon or @risa2000 has some insight here?


I dont have any deep insight into this, but I agree that many games and espeically simulators such as DCS or Elite Dangerous gain much more clarity and sharpness from their own “render scale” compared to the SteamVR SS or PiTool render quality slider. This does not apply to all games and sims, but many.

I somehow believe (or guess) the game/sim engines has their own rendering before its sent to the PiTool/SteamVR pipeline that supersamples it further. What makes me believe this, is that some games and simulators renders a too low resolution (with no option to increase it), and no matter how much you push the SteamVR SS and PiTool slider, it doesnt help. Assetto Corsa is a good example, which will always look a bit jaggy at distance and never supersharp as iRacing is by default.

Edit: Same for many Unreal Engine games. They wont look sharp no matter how much you supersample, until you find a in-game slider that dramatically makes it sharp (and unplayable lol)

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