What is PiTracking mode exactly?

Could anyone shed some more light on what this tracking mode is?

I’m an Oculus rift user mainly for flight sims. If I back the 8K kickstarter, do I need lighthouse tracking as well for 6 DOF tracking, or is this mode sufficient for flight sims? The other tracking option it mentions is just ONE lighthouse for 360 tracking, so why does the kickstarter come with 2 base stations?

The pitracking i believes allows laser tracking from piplay outside if steamvr. 1 base station may work for 360° but you may have blindspots ie moving in a room (think nolo ceiling mount). 2 base stations will ensure better room scaling.

The base stations from pimax i believe with support both pitracking & steam mode.

Final answer for flight sims 1 base station should be plenty for sit down flight sims.

I’m sorry but this answer makes no sense.

Then there is no reason to ever use the pitracking?

It’s always good to have more choices, not less. If you are in Piplay, PiMax’s version of steam home, then you will want tracking to work there also.

Sorry but that doesn’t make any sense, tracking isn’t bound to whichever program you use to load your games.

Pitracking must be something else because if it’s just slightly differently implemented steamvr tracking then it’s completely useless.

Choice isn’t good if it just means more complex hardware that can break.

It makes perfect sense as steam tracking is generally bound to within steam. Now i can’t say for sure but the Pimax laser base stations support use within steam & outside of steam.

Ie PiHome & say within Oculus (if your not usung revive)

Now what else could pitracking mode be used for? Modular tracking options like hand tracking & the inside out module. Now speculation but might also work better with adding motion rigs.

Now yes you can use valve tracking outside in osvr.

“It makes perfect sense as steam tracking is generally bound to within steam.”

This is false.

True Osvr has a plugin for it & of course Viveport.


All searches i have done are using steam tracking with steam. Save the Viveport (but that was made with steam license) & osvr.

Please post your links showing otherwise.

Honestly I have no idea what you are arguing anymore, you just proved my point?

Using the steamvr tracking has no negatives. Piplay can and will use steamvr, so again it doesn’t really explain what pitracking actually is.

There is no argument Steam tracking by default is only within Steamvr save Viveport & osvr plugin.

Thus PiTracking mode allows you to use laser tracking outside of steam ie PiHome & likely on Oculus purchases outside of using revive to add oculus titles.

My point thus stands on the point of pitracking mode vs steam tracking mode. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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Ok, I had to find out for myself what PiTracking is.

Please next time someone tells you you are not making sense take it as feedback because nothing you said made any sense at all and you didn’t really seem to know that Lighthouse or PiTracking is, meanwhile OP (and myself) were actually curious to what it actually was.

According to this article Pimax 8K HMD Available For Preoder Through Kickstarter (Update: A New SKU Emerges) | Tom's Hardware
PiTracking is an optical tracking solution aka the camera on the image.

Matthew posted in the facebook group that they only support “steam sensors” which means that PiTracking has been removed from the PiMax, most likely for the reasons I stated, it was unnecessary. It seems to also be removed from the kickstarter, I believe it used to be mentioned there.

So there we go, PiTracking, doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

It’s still on their Kickstarter page

You’re right actually

Don’t know if they forgot to update it, or Mattew was talking about just sensors not coming with the headset.

Anyway, PiTracking is the optical tracker seen in the kickstarter video.

So if I want to play just flight Sims, is this optical tracker sufficient for 6 DOF, or do I need to buy a sensor from somewhere to get proper, precise tracking.

Interesting question, would like to know too. At first I thought it was their ‘inside out’ tracker but after reading some more of their comments it seems it’s not. From what I understand there are 3 tracking possibilities, two are outside in (pitracking and the regular lighthouse tracking) and then there’s an inside-out tracking system

Good question. Im not clear on this either. I should be clear though and say that at least in my case 6DOF is essential for flight sim. This is why the pimax4k had limited appeal thus far in DCS.

Yeah, we don’t have the specs at all for the optical, but it’s very possible you don’t need lighthouses for DCS.

If worst comes to worst you can always buy a cheap lighthouse from ebay and place on your desk, that’s my setup when I play seated games.

If the optical is not included anymore you probably just have xyz movement though.

So that clarifies. Pitracking is likely being replaced with inside out.

However my point still stands that not all folks will install steam. Which simply means Steam tracking mode will add laser tracking outside of steamvr.

Pi tracking itself if naming convention stays will likely be to allow the tracking modules. Though like PiMax mode the team is likely to combine these into 1 mode for simplicity of use.

With modes we used to have several. The team incorperated most into pimax mode (Steam & Oculus modes all in one) & a seperate video mode.

I am surprised on the numerous mistakes in the article. Like 4k oleds, 2140(should be 2160). Is the oculus now offering a better set of dual screens?

I like Tom’s Hardware as its often a fantasic source for info. I still remember the vegetable oil cooled pc. :v::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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However my point still stands that not all folks will install steam. Which simply means Steam tracking mode will add laser tracking outside of steamvr.

You have done nothing but adding confusion to this thread, please.

Steam tracking mode is Lighthouse and SteamVR, if they have any other “mode” it’s optical in which all “laser tracked” hardware doesn’t work. There is no way to “add” more laser tracking outside of valves lighthouse tech to their receivers without it being valves lighthouse tech.

Making your own tracking solution that works exactly like SteamVR for I don’t know how many millions, making hardware and software, and then implementing them next to Valves totally free system that does the exact same thing is just not what anyone would do.