VR Future: Facebook Edition

Hi all.

You may have noticed I’ve been absent here. There’s a reason.

Facebook Sessions (Android) → Google Sessions (Some Android ONLY and Some Knox Secure Folder ONLY) → Firefox Passwords (Knox Secure Folder ONLY) → Hetzner Distribution/Build Servers for ubdist/OS → PayPal Attempted Abuse

This lateral migration began right after the Florida Pimax Crystal roadshow, literally the day I flew back to Austin TX, early December, 2022 last year. First began with the Facebook app having access to Google sessions (for advertising purposes, whoop de do), then exploited password information that was only really exposed to the Firefox browser on my phone within Knox secure folder. There isn’t another logical explanation except seemingly less likely physical (ie. BadUSB) attack on my PC at the Florida Pimax Crystal roadshow. Known CVEs regarding both Android and Knox during late 2022 account for this breach. Logs showing session hijacking of some accounts, and password misuse of others, are unambiguous about what information the hackers obtained.

From that initial breach of information, the abuse began with posting the worst imaginable illegal content (about a third of it an apparent terrorist claim of responsibility) to deface and provoke Facebook, slowly escalating to attempting further hacking both through Google ads and by abusing the very servers I depended on for everything I do, over a period of months. The apparent PayPal abuse attempt was more recent, just within the last few months.

So this has been going on for about a year now, during which time the 3D Printer startup company I work with has been very severely affected, I’ve been both terminated, and brought back on board with that company months later. Two changes of addresses have not helped clearing out the resulting backlog of government paperwork, and getting up to date in-state IDs to Facebook.

Ultimately, I only managed to lock down all essential accounts from fresh safe computers with software built entirely in GitHub actions and written to read-only optical disc, just within the last few weeks.

Still haven’t been able to get my VR software stack going again - the old computer is sitting in the corner of my crowded office (in quarantine, suspected of possible firmware level persistent infection).

Why does this matter now?

Well after Instagram finally made it possible to enable strong 2FA, and with my Oculus account that I used to get warranty support to get Facebook to respond at all, going away, having linked and locked down everything about a week ago, I get this.

I don’t believe my account was hacked again. For one thing, this time, both the accounts and recovery mechanisms were accountable to Yubikeys (ie. Google Advanced Protection and other such), and none of the computers used for any other 2FA were even connected to the same network, nor have I stored any 2FA information on computers.

Facebook had trouble last year with giving me repeat notices about acceptable use, long after their month of concluding their investigation and unlocking my accounts with them.


Think folks, do you really want your connections to your friends and your VR life at the mercy of the big tech company with the most marginal business, the MOST DESPERATE FOR MORE ‘PLATFORM DECAY’?

I haven’t seen Facebook/Instagram/Oculus/Meta, contribute anything other than holding back and rolling back VR tech. After a year of this, it’s hard for me to see how the ‘Meta’ oversight board isn’t just total whitewashing of how little they care about any of their customers (I say that having been on the small business advertising side as well with 3D Connected Printing).

Meta… hmm, what word might I be looking for here?


Well, this is what I had to say on Meta’s supposed community forums.

Well this is just incorrect.

The article ‘Disabled Accounts’ only advises the on-screen prompts. Since Facebook directs me to Instagram, and Instagram gives me no options, I AM STUCK.

And Meta Support dealt with this last time.

Facebook just told me to go away and die.

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting to Meta Store Support. My name is Alan and I will be assisting you today.

I can understand that your Facebook account has been disabled. Rest assured, I will assist you accordingly.

We genuinely understand how frustrating it can be to lose access to your Facebook account and how crucial it is to reconnect.

However please understand that here at Meta Support, we help with questions, ordering/shipping, and troubleshooting of Meta products. For this reason, we do not have any specialized tools to help with these kinds of issues.

The Facebook help center may help for finding answers and resolutions for Facebook specific issues.

This article: Disabled Accounts , will guide you through recovering your Facebook account.

We appreciate your patience and we wish you the best on recovering your account!

If you have any Meta related questions in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll more than happy to help.

All the best.




Meta Store Support

Submitted to this website:


“We Cannot Review the Decision to Disable Your Account”

“Your Facebook account was permanently disabled because it did not follow our Community Standards. We can’t review this decision.”

Submitted to this website:


“We Cannot Review the Decision to Disable Your Account”

“Your Facebook account was permanently disabled because it did not follow our Community Standards. We can’t review this decision.”

WHERE am I supposed to submit when this is CLEARLY A BUG?


I can hardly imagine a more absurd situaton.


Seems I finally reached a human on the developer forums.

Re: Open-Source Software Developer and Strong VR Proponent’s YEAR LONG Experience with Facebook Meta

Hey there, @m335, and thank you for reaching out to the community with this issue! We completely understand that as tied as we all are to our social media accounts how not having access can be not only frustrating but very interruptive to our day to day lives, especially as a VR professional. Please rest assured that it is our sincerest hope that you are able to get this issue resolved in the quickest and easiest manner possible. Just to verify, your Facebook account is disabled, but you are able to log into your Meta account that is linked to that Facebook account, is that correct? We want to make sure we understand your symptoms before deciding on the best path to a resolution. Please let us know!

But this idiot banned me so I cannot even see the developer forums anymore, nor reply in any way.

I know how important it is to ensure you’re able to regain access to your Facebook & Instagram accounts, and we want to do all we can to help you out. However, here at Meta Store Support, we do not have the tools or resources to access and assist with Facebook & Instagram-related account issues. We are limited to product inquiries, Horizon/Meta account issues, and/or Meta product shipping-related issues.

Due to this, we would need to direct you to the Facebook & Instagram Help Center to get assistance as we have no methods of contact or assistance through our end. Thank you greatly for your understanding.

[Error Icon|72x72]

Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to mailer@us.khoros-mail.com because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

Utterly shocking to think anyone has ever complained about Pimax!

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At least managed to send this PM reply to their supposed (hopefully human) community manager.

First, if you are at all human, THANK YOU !

Same BUG that is disabling my account makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO REPORT THE BUG by any means.

Yes, I can log into my Meta account, but for how long, and cannot meaningfully log into Facebook/Instagram. Whether logged in or logged out of any of these accounts, any submission, including to submit appeal and identity simultaneously, fails with such errors as “Your Form Couldn’t be Sent” .

I think what I need is just to make Meta aware that old, expired, inaccurate information is tripping up their systems. Last year, terrorists hacked and abused my account, Meta determined my account DID follow the community standards, reactivated it, occasionally showed some warnings for a while. I do not believe the account was compromised again, which makes this a VERY EXCEPTIONAL SITUATION THAT NEEDS META TO LOOK AT .

Please also be advised the only things I want to keep from these accounts are: my ability to use these services reliably especially with VR hardware, and to keep my short mirage335 related user names such as m335 .

Most reliable to reach me by email at spamfreemirage335@gmail.com , mirage335@gmail.com , or androidmirage335@gmail.com , as all of these strictly have Google Advanced protection (ie. YubiKey only) enabled and currently seem unaffected by any issues.

If someone had physical access to your PC, it indeed sounds like a BadUSB attack. I don’t really understand though, they hacked your PC to post terrorist content to provoke FB? What do they get from that?

Either way, it’s definitely horrible to deal with Meta. At the beginning of this year I had a problem with my advertising account for my company, couldn’t advertise anymore and it was REALLY hard to get through to an actual person to help. Next to impossible. Really not sure how this company got so big with such horrible service.

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For quite a lot of reasons, I strongly believe it is about 10x more likely that my phone was the point of intrusion, escalating. All of the facts fit that explanation better. BadUSB attack at the Florida Crystal demo roadshow event is the next possibility, but I think not very likely. Even then, I wasn’t careless.

Whoever it was, that was last year, and they posted about equal amounts of three categories of things, the first was terrorist content, the second was obscene, and the third Facebook fortunately did NOT show me but given their correct labeling of the other categories, I’m unfortunately sure it was what they claimed.

So now a year later, Facebook’s ‘move fast and break things’ excuse for bad management hiring incompetent managers has the inevitable ‘hidden’ costs.

I’m starting to seriously believe Facebook might be the next Enron.

Yeah could be too. Especially if you connected to WIFI, always use a VPN. I say that and I KNOW that I should do that too but oftentimes I’m too lazy to do it :slight_smile: But yeah things can get bad. Anyway, sorry to hear, must have been a real ordeal to sort things out with FB. I hate that company with a passion.

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A simple but very effective hack is when a hacker goes to a public place with his own hotspot, with an extremely powerful antenna, impersonating the public hotspot. So everybody connects to his device, thinking they connected to the public hotspot, routing all traffic through his device…And then the hacker can do tons of things of course with the connected devices, faking webpages, requesting people to enter passwords again etc etc etc

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Yeah, such things definitely happen. Cellular radio infection or malicious SMS would probably be more likely in this case than WiFi actually. Bit suspicious that when the hackers got to one of my Google accounts a few weeks later, they were apparently still using a Florida IP address and attempted to spread malicious ads.

But I strongly believe the Facebook app itself was the point of initial intrusion. A lot of what happened subsequently all but confirms that, and the CVEs against Android, Samsung, and Knox, ALL fit that pattern.

Trouble is this coming up again after a year of this whole nightmare.

What’s next? Can this keep happening again, with no way to tell them? Actually relying on anything Facebook/Meta related until they clean this up for anything like a daily driver VR headset would be absolute nuts.

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The incompetence of Facebook is staggering.


Hi @m335, you have not been banned from any section of the Community Forums. There may have been some confusion here, if you were banned you would not be allowed to post.

You had mentioned having an issue with Facebook prompts and a few other details of Facebook. We’re unable to help with these issues as we have no way to manage or communicate with Facebook’s systems. The post you made was simply re-directed because we can’t assist with said issue.

I did mention this bug to our engineering team, since we wouldn’t want to you to be stuck in this odd bugged loop for much longer. Sorry for any confusion on the matter!


Thank you for mentioning this to the engineering time.

However, unfortunately, now I also do not have access to the developer forums.

Wow seriously, Facebook needs to do an amazing amount of getting their stuff together. I must say, the terrifying thought of the VR ‘Metaverse’ I have had so high hopes for, over so many years, having issues like this hanging over me, has at last made me give up on having anything but work in my life for the rest of my life.

Well, I can see the development forums again.

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Very sorry to hear your going through all this. Tbh I am surprised you found a human contact. As FB support has generally in my XP haven’t been able to get direct human response since they automated things to forms with bot tailored responses.

MeWe as a social platform is a much better community supported platform without corporate sponsorship or excessive ads. Unfortunately hard to get ppl to switch to better things.

Pimax issues are there own and some like support would have been in a much better state if @PimaxVR had understood the value @PimaxUSA 's US support center is as succeeding with and has continued moving forward with opening the EU support center. However with Robin &;Pimax in a whole not prior having any real XP with direct international sales and support makes it difficult for Robin understand things like this.

It is also often hard at times for CEOs to understand importance of lower levels of company operations. Good leaders listen to their employees ensuring success of the business.

Unfortunately, I’m not really sure I did reach a human. The post by the ‘Community Manager’ had a little tidbit of what seemed vaguely human about being a professional VR user, but realistically could easily have been a mix from the older pre-ChatGPT variety of chatbot.

This is way worse than Pimax has ever been, and way more to the point, Pimax doesn’t ask us to tie this to our real world identities. Worst case, you’re out some money, or returning a product. Facebook has an identity and misuse detection service that is part of everything and other sites, but has been relegated to an old product. I find that pretty intollerable.

Their Quest ticket support is DEFINITELY a chatbot, and pretty extensively programmed to pretend to be human in every way, talking about how frustrating it must be as a VR user, how important Facebook accounts are to keep in touch, and most of all using names and talking about identifying similar tickets with their ‘colleagues’.

It’s a pretty elaborate fraud. Facebook must REALLY have something to prove to their investors, must be that they want to prove a ‘fully automated money printing machine’.

This post from a FB user might help if you can access Instagram.

Nope, I can’t access Instagram. But will try the GMail!

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Sent an email. Who knows, might get lucky.

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