Please, @PimaxUSA , keep in mind NOT requiring a Meta account is still a huge selling point for Pimax at every event. You know good people walk up and straight up tell us this.

I am still dealing with this → VR Future: Facebook Edition - General discussion - OpenMR | Community

Meta keeps pushing ‘The Social Network’ into the VR ecosystem with zero customer support. Let’s keep them OUT of a VR takeover!


You don’t need to worry. Meta is only rolling HorizonOS to select Partners.

Really all these XR2 platforms using an Android base need to do is allow 3rdparty store installs with Aps made using OpenXR.

Each platform still makes sales from purchases.

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Oh, yeah, Facebook accounts will never be a part of this. Guess we can chill out.

In other news, Mark Zuckerberg is a really great person, he’s been showing real concern for going the extra mile to keep social media a safe, fun experience.

“You can imagine a lightweight headset that pairs with your computer on your desk to provide the best work experience at home or anywhere you go,”
Yeah, and I’m sure they’re going to make sure the kind of outage that happened to Oculus in the past, won’t happen again. They’ll probably also keep CVEs and malware far away from their headsets - using a new patching technology called time travel.

Quest : Security vulnerabilities, CVEs (

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Not to worry. I am pretty sure like WMR this is not going to work well.

The time for Oculus/Meta to have been friendly towards 3rdparties was long long ago. Even John Carmack(sp) has concerns this will hurt Meta now rather than help .

WMR wasn’t offering a popular and populated app store, all outsourced. If this ends badly, then that will be after another generation of the most useless idiots have made their bonuses.

A VR headset is nothing more than a computer monitor glued to my face. Nor should it be anything more. It’s not even necessarily using high-tech chips - it’s technically possible to make the LCD panels and lenses with a very basic compound microscope photolithography setup costing $500 mostly from AmScope…

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John said it best. The 3rdparty are going to be much more expensive and it will likely stall Meta Development.

WMR didn’t need their own Ap store they had SteamVR

Now the interesting thing is they mention Xbox.

Big picure: Meta is ‘opening’ up both VR and AI. Obvious outcome: AI powered games (where the NPCs are truly interactive and use better tactics) are NOT offline, but still online - insofar as the headset stops working whenever not connected to Meta servers. The dystopian picture some are painting of Apple and Meta using eye tracking to make an AI model of YOU personally, is not really something they would not or could not do.

Meta is a desperate company, with such replacements as Telegram emerging against Facebook. Meta also has the >>$10Billion (and >10k employees) to put up a fight. Meta also has zero value add, all of their services offer only very basic functionality. Obviously, Meta is going to keep trying to get their way, and without contributing anything positive.

John Carmack’s views match exactly what I am worried about. Higher end alternative headsets running Meta OS… but play it out and Meta will just ‘twiddle’ as they always do - dumping their own headset against the competitor then ending the higher end hardware. Worse, John Carmack seems to want VR to get cheaper. Everything lower end than a Pimax 8kX already sucks. We don’t need another ‘blue ocean - reduce, eliminate’ business model, least of all from the least inclusive company in history - Meta.

WMR didn’t offer anything. Yes, SteamVR already existed, and WMR was doomed from the start.

It is well known that the eventual intent is to move to thin dumb clients all connected to server farms. It is one of the key reasons Sony Bought OnLive. HTC even did some testing iirc in China using Settop boxes with the vive.

Worry about Meta? Google is another one of the Legion. AI is both great and the scary thing that Scientists who write some of the best Sci Fi have warned us longer than most can remember.

Even Nintendo was ahead of their time with the Nintendo Cable channel you could play games on…

The speed technology is advancing we may yet see Hal, Hardac, John Henry, Skynet.

We already are seeing some pretty cool robotics from Robotic remote control Transformers(a toys).

WMR was only doomed because MS didn’t do much with it. People kept the HP reverb G2 going for a long time.

Sure if FoV is your main focus then the 8kX and Xtal are currently your. Only choices. With any headset including the Crystal, Varjoes, AVP are still keeping narrow focus.

However truthfully VR has been stagnant for a long while with only ever increasing bumps in clarity. Be it a tethered pcvr headset or standalone offerings.

Best I have seen recently is something from Disney that is revolutionary.

A step towards a key component for a holodeck

Facebook uniquely both ties in your real world ID, and has no, zero customer support at all. The other companies, products, services, on your list, are not nearly as bad, just on account of that.

To say nothing of Mark Zuckerberg personally intervening to prevent his employees from even attempting any social responsibility, and Facebook having a uniquely bad business model.

As for headsets and innovation, humans are visual creatures. I’m not ok with having half my vision lobotimized off, or squinting. The only useful upgrade from the Pimax Vision 8kX I am aware of, especially for daily professional ‘Virtual Desktop’ use while traveling… is the Pimax 12k .

However the headset market shapes up, having dependency on something as unreliable as Facebook is a no-go for me. They serve me malicious ads, they foul up my account for over a year, with no way to really restore functionality faster than that.

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