Tomshardware review continued

Continuing the discussion from Tomshardware review of 5K+ [30th Sept]:

(sorry for making this a new thread but the TH review thread was surprisingly closed)

Isn’t this a bit weird though - playing with two sliders is comparatively easy, it‘s not that far from the average fiddling with settings in a game to switch MSAA on or off, or turn shadows to high or low quality. What Pumcy refused to do himself, and consider his TH target audience to be capable & willing to do, is by far no power user stuff. Especially if somebody else did the leg work for you amd posts the recommendations per game on the internet, which will inevitably happen.

Rather average PC user, not newbie stuff. Not far off what you would expect the Vive Pro user to go through, if they want to make it work with their 980Ti.

He appears to be using double standards, and one could be forgiven for thinking that this could serve the purpose to avoid the conclusion that for those who do not mind the flaws this headset will bring their VR experience to the next level.


Actually I think this idea might work to present an idea.

Instead of raging. Let’s form a nice letter requesting a follow up with this request for performance.

A followup with reccommemded steam ss targets. As there still tweaking the software.


I like the nice approach too. Or at least diplomatic.


I thought his review criteria where inconsistent with his Vive Pro review. It’s funny Vive Pro didn’t have varifocal lenses, eye tracking, foveated rendering or any of that and he declared it the “best” money can buy. Yet he declared the Pimax is the best VR picture he had ever seen yet the headline wasn’t “graphics king” instead it was a negative take.

Yet the Vive Pro does have a decent head strap as he pointed out…


I hear starvr one has the best headstrap


I think this review was not quite as realistic as it should have been & if toms hardware are aware of the 3/10 incorrect rating, why is it still not fixed?

I do agree with some of what was said in the review though & maybe we do need to be brought back to earth a little bit.
I think pimax has probably taken a step back from current gen in some areas like, quality of plastic moulding, lack of headstrap (currently), lack of those oled screens we have got used to & user friendliness not being up to scratch etc…
BUT… from what others who have tried the headset have said, it seems to be such a BIG step up in all the main areas that really matter the most to us that these little niggles are exactly that. Little niggles.

When I read this:

“It’s going to take more than a couple of high-resolution panels slapped into an ultra-wide headset to knock the HTC Vive Pro off the top of our Best VR Headsets list.”

I was out.
Comments like that come across like he has an axe to grind.

I’m in this for 2 headsets & i still can’t wait to get mine & throw my vive pro to one side.
I think pumcy doesn’t represent us backers or enthusiasts in his thinking, but maybe he is talking sense to newcomers in vr.


Screw the Vive anyway, HTC please die already…

I missed this :slight_smile:


After the way he was treated here, I imagine he’s not in a hurry to change it.


He was treated with the utmost respect.

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The 3/10 is supposed to be 6/10. It’s an issue there tech department needs to look into. The main site is the :us:. The uk site is a piggyback site that articles upload to.

TH headset reviews can’t compare well to one another. The Rating is a determined primarily by the criteria of the headsets rendering using steam’s dynamic resolution. So once pimax driver communicates with Steam to set realistic dynamic target the rating would incresse.

:us: site is 3/5. So i imagine once the software is fixed it will likely move up to 3.5 - 4.0.

No he himself represents us. As freelancer reporter & not to be confused with a Free blogger ir youtuber. He has to write articles by TH criteria. The same with any of us working for someone else. We may not always agree with our employer’s procedures & policies but if we want to get paid we follow what we have to.

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If I search (not it still shows the 3/10 result as the #1 hit. Pimax will be damaged by that no matter where it is located.


Yes I understand that as I’ve read through the comments.
3 days is a long time to leave a potentially damaging error like that up though.
It doesn’t seem like there is any major hurry to correct it.
Not arguing with the score.
I actually think a 6/10 score is currently about the right rating as a consumer product, considering the unfinished state of the accessories & early software.
Of course testers, backers & those willing to take the time tinkering, id imagine would rank it higher.
I do think there should be a different conclusion stating it’s big advantages if you can look past its faults though.
Instead for me at least, in places It felt more like there was a disgruntled tone to the review.


That’s the Uk site. Yes it will & that is nothing the author can fix. As he said it’s been reported & is in the hands of TH; he has no control of fixing it himself or it would be done.

Thank you as this is sensible compared to all those raging about the review.

But the damage is done again in the forums. I would be surprised if he visits here after sweviver’s piss poor treatment of him. Sweviver knew pumcy"s m1 was defective & that he continued to test & give feedback until it stopped working altogether.

Pumcy was treated worst than Oscar’s RoV review which had perceived worst feel. Sweviver & seb didn’t seem to have an issue with thst review.


It does not matter where you search it, but where Google believes you are located. In your case, Google believes you might be in the UK and presents you with results first. In my case, it shows the US site with 3/5 rating as the first hit (not that I am in the US, but I am not in the UK either).


Yeah google search results are highly personalized. Also the sites you’ve visited plays a role in the results (visit a site more and it will get higher in the results).


I wondered if it was doing that. Ok, cheers. So less damaging than I thought. I should have tried a VPN.

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He could take the article down as his name is being misrepresented on the UK site. But that’s an integrity issue I guess.