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Tsk tsk you should get more virtual exercise :joy:

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I get enough of that, I play with Cybershoes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’ve talked to a few people who have played both and, although they admit that more content will be nice, they’re still enjoying what’s out.

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I also use a mod to reduce that ridiculous fuel cost for simply taking off.

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@LukeRoss have you received a pimax yet?

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Bioshock VR graphically looks better than most Quest 2 native games.


I won’t argue with that.

Not sure if people here are aware of the Alyx mod that recreates the Bioshock world:


Yep. My favorite ALYX mod so far. Creator even went so far as to get permission to use Bioshock assets. Played it thru multiple times now.


How long does it take to go through? Would you say it feels like a " complete" experience? or just a fun demo of what’s possible?

I would say a few hours first time through. It’s more like chapter 1. There is more to come. There are 8 parts to dl currently.


I’ve started playing it the last week. Easy to install all 8 parts, that show up as chapters in the menu. It’s very well done, feels like a story driven/engine and assets integration/ best of both worlds Alyx and Bioshock. Respect for the mod creator who pulled this off.

On the other hand I signed up for the Luke Ross patreon site and tried his mod of RDR2 and maybe it’s just me but I’m having issue with a lag or warping as you move your head from side to side, which is probably “normal” since this is utilizing 3DOF I think on the HMD gyro only…kind of nauseating TBH and I have very strong vr legs …nothing usually phases me lol. So the experience is not as epic as I had hoped. Great effort by Luke Ross though. Won’t take away from that. YMMV.

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Although someone who also likes to offtopic the forums, the content is slowly making me a bit confused. :rofl:

@Chris_Roberts - Gib VR! Now!


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Hi @jTeller, my mods are 6DOF. There is full positional tracking, and there should be no warping or pupil swimming whatsoever. Did you activate parallel projections? Unfortunately it’s needed for Pimax headsets for the moment.

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Ahahaha I was thinking the same.

So apologies for going back on topic, but there’s a method to use Reshade (EAC whitelisted) instead of VorpX. I have never used Reshade so haven’t tried this myself yet. Might give it a go as I had no luck with VorpX anyway.

Sadly Mr Sanchez believes it is very unlikely that EAC will whitelist VorpX in future, so it’s this or eventual native support (which one of the pro-VR SC devs confirmed is still a long way off, sob :sob:).

  1. "It’s still on my list.

Once the gen12/vulkan renderer is in a great state i’m trying to push for this.

My goal is still to implement fullbody vr into star citizen. Imagine all the cool videos people could make with it! Now THAT would be a wet dream :)"

  1. “Now that the Gen12 Renderer is showing as complete on the progress tracker, does that mean you’ll be starting on this?”

  2. "Hey,

it’s not complete yet. We are still working on completing the core system. Also, this is just an initial working implementation. There is still tons of optimizations we have to do afterwards. And then there is Vulkan. Don’t expect a native VR implementation anytime soon."

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@LukeRoss Thank you for taking the time to personally respond. I should try to clarify what I’m experiencing visually since I didn’t mean to say that your mod was in 3DOF, it just “feels” that way. So, as I stand still and pivot my head left/right or up/down it’s as if my head is not pivoting on a fixed point but rather that the whole scene is moving or warping as I turn my head which I find slightly nauseating.

I’m using the latest Pitool software and firmware and PP is enabled yes. An odd thing is, if in RDR2 settings I turn off anistropic filtering it then feels/looks normal (ie I can pivot my head on a pole so to speak and the scene doesn’t move/warp, but, it’s of a much lower pixilated image quality. I have duplicated all of the recommended settings in your drop down overlay. The image in-game is amazing, as long as I don’t move my head lol. Some small tweak or setting that I’m missing obviously.

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Since we’re way off topic here, can you PM me on Patreon so we can follow up? The anisotropic filter thing is really odd, it happened to no other user (that I know of)