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I have! It arrived on Friday. I confess I haven’t had any time yet to even turn it on, as I’m busy putting the finishing touches and playtesting my new mod which is due in a few days.

Pimax came through, now it’s my turn to make some magic happen! I’ll keep you guys posted when I make any progress :grinning:


Hey Luke, thanks for letting us know. I hope the new mod does support pimax. Don’t forget installing pimax experience and import the new game and setting it up.

What’s the new mod?
I’m aware you’ve vr’d GTA5, RDR2, Mafia. Unless you mean Cyberpunk?

I know u must be very busy but i hope in time your existing mods will be getting some attention concerning pimax compatibility (now u have a pimax headset).

I 100% will be re-signing up to your patreon when the Cyberpunk mod is available for download.

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It’s still undisclosed, but it’s not CP2077 yet. I still had one big game in the pipeline before that :slight_smile:

I will certainly do my best to make my conversions work well with Pimax, I have lots of users that are interested in using their Pimax headsets with the mods!


Thank you @TheKingslayer_nl, tbh I didn’t know about Experience. I just googled it a bit and watched a video by @SweViver. I get the impression that Pimax VR Experience doesn’t offer any controls that are not available from PiTool directly though, am I right?


I think you are right. Ive not used Experience much though, I’ve found Pitool does everything.
One thing to note about Experience is that it is no longer being developed, so how long it stays around for, i’m not sure who knows.

Pimax Experience does some things for you behind the scenes such as ensuring the steamVR config files are configured correctly for Pimax headsets

GPUspeed values , max resoulution.

Other than that It supports viveport and stuff.

You dont really need it to use the Pimax though. For doing things like enabling Parallel Projections mode PiTool is all you need.

If theres one thing you should pay attention to with Pimax headsets its the Parallel Projections. Ideally you should not have to turn that on , because it incurs a 30% performance hit.

Some games require it or weird things happen.

Its only fixable in games by developers such as yourself.

I can’t remember, but I remember not being able to play GTA 5 real mod on the Largest FOV without the view being completely out of whack.


If you need a Pimax beta tester…feel free to PM me…

Just sayin…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey Luke, I normally imported a game set title name and select exe game. Select steamvr or start with Pitool launcher. (Pitool launcher is for native oculus games you get no steam vr over lay but you can game without parallel projection, too get better framerate.) then add new import. restart Pitool. Then click the game what you have imported set fov 150 render quality 1 parallel projection disabled. Hidden mask disabled smartsmoothing depands on game if it works good you can game at higher ss. Then apply settings and go too load steam vr profile. And then set maximum recomanded resolution too 16384. And gpu speed 6000 if it can handle that. I hope this helps you out :slight_smile:

He posted an update about the new mod here and Cas and Chary are getting the scoop.

So much speculation im excited.

Horizon Zero Dawn, or the Witcher maybe?

That post title… Something with “legend” in the title, perhaps…? It couldn’t be the Mass Effect trilogy re-issue, surely?

I’m betting on the Witcher.

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What headset were you using? Reason i ask is that they’re not (the mods) really pimax compatible (yet). They will run but they’re not optimal. I’ve just been playing Lukes free gta 5 mod and its loads better on quest 2 rather than pimax 8kx.

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I use pimax 8kx for rdr2 and set resolution too 1920x1080 mod overlay fps is in between 35 and 45

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It runs fine on Pimax if you use Normal FOV

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Rdr2? Oh right ok good to know. Out of the mods i’ve only played gta5 on my 8kx which has its problems (its too zoomed in/has fishbowl effect even on Normal fov) so i assumed rdr2 would be the same.

That’s odd, for me it was perfect on normal. I cant remember if I had PP on.

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Yeh definitely was like that for me, have read others have experienced the same, it needs pp on. I didn’t really realize fully it was like that until i tried it on my quest 2. On the quest 2 its like a native vr game, on my 8kx it reminds me of a vorpx’d game that doesn’t go well with vorpx.

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Thats weird , Ill try again today . Maybe something has changed

Ive just been googling around and the feedback on whether it works or not is mixed. If u do try it on your 8kx plz try it on your quest too (i think u have a quest?) to compare.

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