RTX and VR - Raytracing a pro or con?

I understand. I had a 980 Ti and I felt that (while the 2080 was overpriced), I didn’t want a last-generation 1080 GPU.

FWIW, I’ve actually been enjoying the much maligned ray tracing feature. The only flat-screen game I’m playing these days is Quake 2 RTX. I’m enjoying it more than I expected, for it’s retro simplicity. It looks surprisingly good, especially with the recent textures update.


Yeah .- I’ve been a raytracing fiend for decades, so I’m absolutely champing at the bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if I hadn’t previously given in to the promises of 10xx, the leap would have felt more substantial - certainly longer. :7

Here’s hoping for more “proper” raytracing in the future, and non-proprietary, too, phasing out the currently proffered clunky and limited hybrid bastardisations sooner, rather than later… :stuck_out_tongue:


Me too. A long time ago, I did a set of short raytraced animations. They were 320x240 and took 20+ hours per frame to generate on my PC (I think it was a 386 or 486 CPU). It was freelance and was used in a PC optimization app, while it was working, showing things like RAM testing and Disk defragging.

It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. I started programing on punch cards.

Back to the OG: I’m really looking forward to getting an 8KX. It should greatly improve the small text in Elite D, which is my primary VR app. I’m also looking forward to the new MS Flight Simulator (in VR), which apparently is multi-threaded and should run quite well on modern CPUs.

IMO, the 8KX will be a huge improvement for cockpit games with dashboard gauges and distant scenery. I wonder when it will actually start shipping? Hopefully, there won’t be more delays. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


too bad ray tracing and vr dont mix. I would actually settle for reshade working in vr. Is that possible? I would be so much better than simply adjusting brightness and contrast in PiTool.


Love RTX - The singleplayer BF was fun and beautiful - had some nice RTX gameplay moments , where shadows played a significant role.
for online multiplayer I am just to slow.

Minecraft RTX is awesome hope they mod it for the VR Version that would be awesome!


How so? Simply for the obvious performance reasons, you mean, or?

Ray tracing and VR is a match made in heaven, that would eliminate many ugly cludges that have worked acceptably tolerably with games rendered to screen, but become atrocious in VR, and lends itself to foveated rendering, optimally curving view planes, and parallelisation, in a way that rasterization can not quite do.

There was a guy on the early Oculus dev forum, who wrote a basic raytracing demo (depicting just the old Sponza scene, with a few point lights), that cast its rays with the lens distortion taken into account from the get go.

Pretty sure I used ReShade at some point in the past, when playing Oldrim VR-ised using either Vireio Perception, or an early version of VorpX… there was some combination that didn’t entail attempting to stack directX dll trojans on top of one another… :stuck_out_tongue: Have got the LCD_VR-specific ENB profile on SkyrimVR today. :7

Supposedly NVidia added something similar themselves, recently, to their software stack? (Dunno myself - haven’t looked into it.)


Sorry - I did tear @neal_white_iii s response out - but since requested moved the parts to a new Thread. Hope it’s ok …


I did just find this - I need to try that

Not a good YouTubeer or at least not the best video imho, but it shows supposedly Minecraft with RTX in VR…
But no how to … ( Vivecraft on the java RTX version? http://www.vivecraft.org/ )

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I wonder if ray tracing could be used to undo glare and god rays.

I don’t see how; Those are optical effects, in the physical lenses, unless you mean the irritating post effects developers put into their games on purpose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if one could capture an image of their exact effect on one’s retina, one could use that on the displayed bitmap with a post processing filter that to a degree cancels the extra incoming light locally, although that cancellation would itself change the light scattering pattern. :9

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well i meant that godrays that we see are light reflecting in a weird way. So maybe they could calculate the path of the light to our pupil and adjust the pixels to compensate for the unwanted reflections

Problem is that the slightest shift of the HMD on one’s head changes that path dramatically. :7

EDIT: …but it is a cool thought. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Just plopped the HMD onto my head for a quick lookaround… Since we are supposed to not stray out of the sweet spot, maybe it could be worth trying. :9

Probably no need to raytrace the path - just take a few through-the lens pictures with a test pattern, at different amounts of eye relief along the z axis of the lens, massage those a bit, and use them (EDIT4: …one for the appropriate eye relief) with a subtractive shader on the rendered frames, before throwing them onto the screens, or something… :9

EDIT3: The problem comes when you need to subtract 30 from zero, of course, but could be better than nothing! :slight_smile:

EDIT5: Hmm, should get you into some rather nasty cases of recursion, though… :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t raytracing require DX12? I know that was the problem with running any RTX game in VR with vorpX, as vorpX unfortunately doesn’t support DX12.

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Yes, that’s my understanding. There are probably extensions to OpenGL and Vulcan (or will be eventually), but for now it needs DX12. VorpX won’t run Quake 2 RTX. (I tried it.)

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Well, NVidiaRaytracingTM does - there are other avenues to real-time raytracing than RTX. :7

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Oh yeah, thats correct. Hmm, but do we have any RTX efforts in VR so far? I remember In Death was supposed to implement DLSS. What happened?


Don’t know. Never played, nor followed it, but I do recall the trailer for that update. :7

Hmm, I did download a pair of them short fancy demos, after NVidia unlocked the functionality for non-RTX cards (not zippy on a 1080Ti, if you were wondering :7) – maybe one should try and see whether VorpX has any ever so slim chance of hooking into them… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Currently yes, Raytracing requires DX12. AMD and the Khronos group are working on Vulkan Extension for raytracing. Which should hopefully be out soon :slight_smile:

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it would probably require eye tracking for sure.

For MineCraft I had a look - officially MS and NVIDIA are releasing RTX Minecraft next year using the DX12 APIs, the video uses vivecraft with a shader mod that uses OpenGL parts to render the Raytracing- works on any GPU but seems heavy and not quite the same.

I won’t spend the time trying the Java/OpenGL variant, I’ll wait and see what comes officially for the Green RTX - might then work with the occulus Version, if we are lucky