Received 8K-X, couple of questions

This is aimed at @SweViver primarily, but maybe others can help too.

Quick questions:

  1. Can the new face gasket be replaced with one from the 5k+? Are they compatible? Just would like to know before I break it :slight_smile: I’m not convinved by the comfort kit, and my modded 5k+ fits my face shape much better.
  2. 64Hz native mode is an absolute must for simulators like DCS. Can we expect that to happen? @SweViver - you only mentioned upscale frequencies in a post recently
  3. Anyone else get snow effect when extending the cable? Works fine when plugged in directly but that’s not enough for my playspace. I’m using the officially recommended Club3D 3m extender cable.

Should be compatible as I installed the comfy kit on my 5k+

I got the snow, or sparky effect by extending my Index cable with a 90cm extension, which worked OK with the 5k+. Just saying that it seems to be more or less of a gamble if the extension cables work or not. Same can be said about the DP adapters.
Also, the DP ports on the GPU does matter. I get sparks when I plug my 5k+ in to the “secondary” port.


64Hz for DCS? Why? …

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75Hz is too much to maintain.

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Nope, i want up to 80/90 for DCS
I fly with nativ x resolution from 60 up to 90 FPS with the last pitool.

Lower frequenz, more flickering also…

How did you achieve that?

I had 60-70fps over The Strip in Nevada and over a carrier with 5.2GHz 8700k and 2080Ti with relatively low settings. GPU was maxed out, 97%.

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This is why the eye tracker is so important.

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Which doesnt work with DCS.


This is also ok for higher frequencies… Higher freq, better for your eyes.
If we have 90Hz, you can also use smartsmooth with stable 45.

I use hight textures, only flat shadows, no mirrors, no global cockpit lights for higher framerates. Start from supercarrier with 73FPS.
In the F18, you can also deactivate Cockpit reflexions in the Modul options.( +3FPS) ( the Reverb, same settings makes max 42FPS )

Only the Channel map is tricky… to much objects . :frowning:

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Hey, thats interesting. Hope i didn’t order a new cable only to discover i have to use the other DP :slight_smile: :fearful:

  1. They are interchangeable and fit interchangeably.

  2. Don’t know.

  3. I have tested the recommended Club3D 3m cable with 8KX, and i can confirm snow / sparkles. I tried to extend the usb cable with a 3m usb3 extension cable and it seems to draw too much current possibly too high cable resistance . The screen flickers and losses the base stations randomly.

    Pimax is working on a optical cable. ** 18) New Optical Cable and Laptop cable coming for 8kX**


So 5k+ and 8kX backer?

Yes :wink:


On my old GPU (ROG Strix 1080Ti OC) I had lots of issues getting the headset recognized in PiTool when using 5m extension cables until I swapped DP ports so my 5K+ was on the primary port. True story… :+1::wink:


Ohh maybe they’ll finally make 60Hz for movies? This was requested so many times but never answered :frowning:


Yes it was… Two days ago:


Yes, can you please change my flair?

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Oh, I missed this, thanks! I wonder why 60Hz and not 64 like in the 5k… for movies?


There you go congrats!


There’s probably not that much thought behind it. The 64 and 72 Hz modes on the 5K+ were also afterthoughts (or requests from the community) as far as I remember…? :upside_down_face: