r/ValveIndex: "I see black dots" - Deja-vu anyone?



This is why not good to sing too many praises as a pattern it seems a month of a headset out will give a clearer picture of good & bad.

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The dots are there to enhance the color contrast


Yes you’re right I clearly see the red background now :wink:


Bad news, thanks for sharing this as no reviewers had mentionned it yet.

Those dots are annoying, especially for movies (although they can be a problem with games too, depending on the game and the distance you have to focus at. In movies I just can’t avoid seeing those dots as the focus distance is fixed due to looking at a cinema screen).


Irony or already sarcasm…:wink:


Yeah, I noticed them too on my Index. Funny how long it took for someone to post it. I didn’t want to bother cause some people say they don’t even see them, (they’re on the Oculus Go too). However, the dots aren’t as bad on the Index/Go as they are on my 5K+ (which apparently has improved). I guess it’s an LCD thing. I’ve tested the Rift S also, but didn’t think to look for the dots.


maybe we will really know now what they really about…

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Scoops up a few kilograms of TrevorVR, as refill for the desiccants in my dehumidifiers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes Researching before. The dots are part of manufacturing typically to improve perceived contrast. The problem we faced with the 5k+ was a result a unacceptable variance. Which resulted in many having a pronouced effect vs others having it in a more minor acceptable presence.

It wasn’t until one received a diminished dot presence of an improved panel that folks naturally felt put off. Though it was remarked by some the improved panel looked off. :raised_hands::expressionless:

What will be interesting to see is how Valve addresses this discovery as the dots might be within manufacturing specs.

I’ve never noticed them on my 5K+ but I haven’t looked for them either. Can’t be unseen… :wink:


Helio didn’t saw any real reference on this !? even Mark Rejhon from blur buster site didn’t know anything about this. Please provide if any…

Nah don’t exist, it’s something like the white walkers it’s only an Aria fantasy! :wink:

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Oh I was more incline to say ‘use as an universal Roundup ™ replacement’ :wink: :wink:

Do you know if the dot size scales with resolution? They seem a bit smaller on the Index (and Index has a bit less SDE/pixel size than 5K+ imo). If they do, we just need higher resolution screens and then the dots will “disappear.”

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If I get time might look for it. But 2bh it’s old news dead & buried save with Index & Oculus Go. My Mom’s 32" 720p tv has them as well(but you need to get close to see em).

Just an issue with view distance not being optimal due to magnification & so forth.

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Very different things to compare. But an element of truth on the 5k+ display. Sebastian originally said nothing about black dots. At the time of tge 3 only sweviver identified them.

We also have some users whom are blessed with not noticing sde even on og rift. :beers::expressionless::+1::sparkles:

To be perfectly honest not sure. But panel size & magnification likely play a factor.

Consider a Big screen 1080p at 55" vs 24". Pixel density is greater the smaller the screen ppi. With VR we are making a small screen appear as a big screen. If the magnified screen view distance is not optimal you seen pixela & more.

Iphone for example used what they called Retinel Display gimick. Essentially if you viewed the screen at a given distance it would be great.


It goes away, even on those first gen and 0th gen hmds. At first it’s ugly, but after you use it almost daily for a year, it’s completely tuned out.

I did a 6 hour race solo in my DK2 and afterwards I’d have sworn that’s just how the world looked.


Indeed at first SDE in Og Vive & OG Rift ppl were quite upset. But over time public came to accept and climatize to display issues of the time.