Pimax Progress Report_0722

Dear Futurists,

We have some good news to share with you. We have completed the design adjustments for the new cloth headstrap, mask bracket, face foam and nose pad, and have produced the first version of the sample. We are now in the process of final verification and adjustment, and we will announce the delivery time to you before the formal mass production.
Additional face foam previously promised to kickstarter backers will be delivered after mass production. In addition, the new cloth headstrap will be delivered together to additional backers who purchase the cloth headstrap during the Kickstarter. We will also strive to speed up the design and development of modules and accessories, to provide you with better products, to fulfill our commitment.

The following is a progress report on cloth headstrap, mask bracket, face foam and nose pad:

1. Cloth Headstrap:
The more ergonomic design has been adjusted so that you will no longer feel the pain of ear and can’t be fastened. We used more stable, more reinforced materials. You don’t have to worry about deformation, loosening, and so on. Its appearance, comfort, and stability are all better with the first generation headstrap. And it can be better fixed to the head, dispersing the weight to the backward position of the head. You won’t feel like the headset can’t fit your face, and the new design will give you a better VR experience.

2. Mask bracket:
On the basis of the first version, we have made some adjustments in detail. Similarly, we replaced odorless, more comfortable materials. After adjustment, the new facial support will be more suitable for the face, and the internal space will be larger. Because we take into account that in the future there will be a lot of users need to add VR frame to the headset.

3. Face foam:
The new mask material will be softer, less likely to deform, and it will no longer have a bad smell. The part of the forehead is wider than the first generation, and it fits the face well. At the bottom of the mask we added a design that can be inserted into the nose pad. You will like the new design very much.

4. Nose pad:
Many users report to us that there are light leakage and pain in the nose. So we adjusted the design of facial stents and added nose pad, which is the same material as the new mask. And after testing, you can’t worry about light leakage and pain at all.

We have also been receiving tickets and emails from you about the progress of new cloth headstrap, face foam and nose pad since last month, and we will update the product description before mass production begins. And we will provide the best solution for you.

Thank you and wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,
Pimax Team


Awesome news and having tried multiple face foams I can tell just from these pictures that the comfort level is going to be improved by a lot! Thank you for the progress report @anon74848233!


Thanks for your reply too :yum:



Can’t wait to get the updated materials.

(will we be emailed as well about getting the new updates right?, As i have both a kickstarter and a preorder).

Still good news.

Now onto the knuckle controllers and light houses, wanted to see news on that as well.


Thanks for the update!

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Nice update. Would love to see some pictures of the actual headband though…


So are these going to be sent to backers who already have their headsets? Or is it only going to be on your headsets being sold from this point?


Why not just finish the rigid audio head strap and be done with it ?


Is that cracks forming on some of the HMD images?


It sounds like the face foam goes to all backers as promised.

Sounds like the cloth head strap only goes to the backers that paid extra for the head strap add-on.


and it will be send after mass production is possible/ongoing.

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Yeah, thats the only one they were clear on. So im hoping them not saying anything about the others just means they go to everyone, but who knows with how things have gone with this kickstarter.

I wonder how many there are. Since the de-luxe audio strap was part of kickstarter reward I did not consider this item important.


Ah, yeah. They didn’t mention if backers get the mask bracket.

@anon74848233 will all backers get the new mask bracket along with the face foam?

Also, for clarity, will all backers get the nose insert with the face foam?

Thanks for the update.


Thanks for the update to the little parts
and hopefully soon the bigger parts!


Will you send to those who ( no kickstarter ) already buy the helmet ?

After they were officially released, we will sell these accessories on our official website


will the new mask/foam put some more distance from the lenses to the eyes? that would improve some of the distortions for me… I already wondered how long it would take until VRCover comes up with some extras

@anon74848233, i can be wrong but its seems the new face foam was designed taking into account the new Mask bracket. Will be compatible with the old one?

other questions, the new mask bracket , nose pad, and foam will be send to all backers for free? Or only the foam?

other question i sent to Sean.huang the invoice of the returned headset in 17 april 2019. the price was 23.50 €. i send many emails and messages to you and sean huang and i didnt receive any answer. when pimax will pay me ? why im being ignored?

the 100 dollars extra (for changing 8k to 5k+) can be used to the new mask bracket and nose pad?

the 23.50€ that you dindnt pay me can be used to the new mask bracket and nose pad?