Pimax Portal Disscusion

Portal Disscusion

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Not sure why you guys are doing this? It will take away resources and there’s not even a link to vr. What’s next, a pimax car? I think this is a bad business decision and potentially a very dangerous one too.


Best watch the entire show. It does VR, indeed :slight_smile:

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Seems interesting. Though on one side think it would have been good to see such a device as the AiO module pimax proposed during tye KS as it could add wireless to the original hmds.

However it does seem to demonstrate why pimax software and firmware releases have mostly stalled.

However if successful may help with financial resources. As we were told during the KS that the og 8k screens were being used in anotyer project and iirc they had said 90hz to maybe 120hz was capable. Though we never did see what that project was. So this might be what it evolved to.

I thought the modular nature of the controllers (inserting them into a Touch like module) was interesting. Too bad the buttons positions in relation to the mini-stick is terrible regardless. Anyone other than “Elastic Lad” will likely get killed early in any serious FPS. My thumbs hurt just looking at it.
I would have hoped for a better understanding of how important controller layout is to gamers, at least since they kept addressing Pimaxians.
Don’t know enough about what is popular in handheld to predict how well this will be received but not for me.


I’m actually sure there is a bigger potential market for this, than for all of Pimax’s previous business, if they can live up to all these things that sets it apart from every other Android oddity out there; But to be blunt: Personally I am frankly not sure if I can use VR ever again now, because my palm may have fused permanently with my face… :confused:


I’m not sure about anything just now. Was I a fool for thinking we’d hear something about the Pimax12K or the Crystal? I’m not sure what to say…


Literally nothing I am interested in from this. Which is fine, I don’t need to love everything a company comes out with. But I am worried how this will effect the main VR headsets. Its not like Pimax is a huge company, they seem to really be stretching themselves out here. I do not want the 12k or the Crystal to suffer from this extreme departure here.


I have ZERO interest in this. I think it’s for kids or teenagers. I can see myself interested 20 years ago lol. But VR gaming is the next level and a handheld device is a throwback of the past which I do not wish to visit.


@reptilexcq Agreed. There is only a single manufacturer currently making the wide FOV HMDs many of us here consider absolutely essential to a good VR experience. With all the serious issues in current Pimax software, anything that pulls away from the core business seems like a very bad idea. I very much hope Pimax fixes the problems the current ecosystem has, before traveling too far in new directions.


Yeah, I have the same symptom: my right palm is stuck to my face. :pensive:

I had the feeling of that scene in “Ready Player One”, when Parzival finally met Halliday as a boy, and my hand cannot move ever since.

Joshua suddenly looks like Sorrento, and his smug face seems quite punchable… Oh, sorry, I am going crazy :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


There is such a thing as biting off more than one can chew, and I feel like this presentation Illustrated that in spades. I feel like pimax has a really cool thing going with the pimax crystal, and you have a huge mountain to climb with the 12K qled. Just getting those two products out the door, done right and enjoyable for everybody is going to be one heck of a task. Adding an Android device in the vein of an Aya Neo or a steam deck that doubles as a VR headset is just a lot of complexity to have to deal with. And I’m not even talking about the complexities for primax as a company, but for your consumer base. This is a crazy amount of stuff to enjoy, but there’s a crazy amount of stuff that could go wrong logistically.

Doing VR well would be props enough for your company. Taking on two or three different tech spaces with this Portal Device seems like a crazy idea. I respect the ambition of it all, but the execution is going to be a nightmare for you guys.

It seems to me that back in 2017 you guys took everybody’s ideas to heart. This whole handheld as a VR headset that has a movie mode has @Sjedikirk from back in the day written all over it.

I like the idea of a built-in Android quest 2 esque system built into your VR devices, but creating a handheld too? You guys are going to have a hell of a time spreading yourselves between two very different markets.

The xr2 processor is really good for small mobile VR from a generation ago but if you’re going up against today’s x86 and Android based Portables, it’s going to be a whole different ball game especially since you’ve got 4K and 1440p panels in your mobile portal handheld device.

Using those panels in a handheld game device is going to kick your butt on battery life.

I do think it’s an insanely smart move to integrate asynchronous space warp into that, something that should be done for all PC gaming for that matter. It’s going to be necessary with the chips that you guys are running.

Color me curious as hell to see how you guys pull this off. Best of luck with it, truly


I like the concept.
But xr2 gen1 is out dated already.
Actually, even the crystal should have utilize at least xr2+ gen1 like quest pro.
The portal must use xr2 gen2!!!.
Unless it will be dead on arrival.

If you think about it the Portal can be an interesting idea to cash in on the Nintendo Switch idea. But what it more gives.them as the portal can be used as a VR Device; it makes for a very cheap Dev kit with the number of free units. The Sdk if made right will allow DeVs to create content for VR that can also be used on the Reality Hmds and if done right will include advance feautures like the ET etc that is obviously only going to work on the reality series hmds. Vs giving away pimax reality hmd. It also gives DeVs incentive to Develop on the pimax standalone platform as pimax has said standalone will not be enable on release of the Crystal. If it works out pimax will not have to nail bitingly rely on just hardware sales.

So not a terrible idea.

However it does explain why no progress on the Sword controllers and why the pimax software and FW release has stalled considerably as they have spread there development thin yet again.

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ok… as an Android compatible device it will have a huge potential market. Especially at the pricepoint they list for the hand held unit itself.
But… what’s interesting is how this may then become a sort of ‘gateway drug’ to bring people into VR gaming. It looks like it will have reasonable performance as part of the VR headset.
On the other hand…Hoo boy! A Kickstarter? And they say the community of Pimaxians ASKED for that? Nobody ever asked me! I think it could be a great product, but I question the wisdom of this approach. Given the negativity around the first kickstarter- which I was not a part of- I wonder how that’s going to play in the VR community?
Wait and see what the Kickstarter looks like. IF the product really is ‘production ready’ then it might be ok. If it isn’t, stand by to hear hooting and hollering about over promising and under (or at least late) delivering.
It IS interesting tho’. I really hope it does pan out for Pimax.


This is a bad direction for Pimax. This is a product that will be DOA for several reasons. And I suspect this is why they’ve gone back to doing a Kickstarter for it because they don’t and shouldn’t have confidence that there will be interest in it.

Some reasons why the Portal is a bad idea:

  • Marketing a handheld will bring Pimax into direct competition against much larger entrenched companies that are very well established in handhelds and flat gaming. The Pimax Portal is going to get no traction against the likes of Nintendo Switch or Steamdeck.
  • People are not going to buy Portal to play Android games that they can already play on their smartphones.
  • Smartphone games suck. It’s a pretty awful gaming landscape which is full of exploitive “free to play” games and other trash.
  • Connecting the Portal’s controls to Android games will require additional configuration on the part of the user and will likely not work properly with all games which will further erode any reason to play smartphone games on a Portal rather than on a smartphone. This audience will not be tolerant of that kind of thing at all.
  • Portal will lack a meaningful game ecosystem of its own while trying to compete with other products that have substantial game ecosystems.
  • Trying to peddle a Google Cardboard-like platform is going to be a very hard sell. People have a very bad impression of this kind of product and will see it as a joke. I recognize that the Portal is a much more serious version of it which should be much better in a technical sense, but it will be an uphill battle convincing a mass audience of that.
  • Portal will divert Pimax’s resources from the real VR headsets it should be focusing on.
  • Flat gaming is going backwards. VR is the future.

The Portal seems like a product concept that an engineer came up with, not a salesman. Technologywise, I can see where the Portal is coming from since it’s made out of technologies and components that Pimax had to develop anyway for its VR headsets. But there is no market for this product.

I challenge anyone to describe a person who will buy a Pimax Portal over all other products already on the market.

By contrast, I think there is a clear market for the Crystal and 12K. There are signficant reasons to buy these headsets over all other offerings on the market. But I’m struggling to imagine the buyer who will choose a Portal.


I’ve not watched the whole Frontier video, but let me get this straight - it was to introduce a new handheld/portable VR device? Such devices won’t get a sale from me, i don’t think i’ve ever owned a handheld gaming thingy and i’ve very rarely gamed on a phone etc. Good luck with it Pimax. Please don’t lose focus on your pcvr VR headsets.


The idea look interesting.

This is my note :

  1. Although the device show about “steam deck” & pimax xl for comparision. problem is your device base on “Android” and if it still need to use remoting to the pc for pc gaming.

I think this is not perfect for the outside of home.
At lease we should get the “mini pc” which can be installed the “steam game” on that device and steam directly to the headset without remoting to the pc at home.

Or you should work on another version which can install the pc game directly.

Geforce now has the “subscription price” and may not all people to paid it every month.
Xbox Cloud not supported in some country and need to use VPN.

Not all people have a good internet and router at their home, some people using phone internet. So the mini pc which can be steaming from the Portal directly is a better option, or using cable.

I also watch the Pimax mini station.

Pimax mini station - as a portable offboard processor and operating system for portal , so you can put your PC right in your pocket.

I thought that I can install steam game into the Pimax minit station, but after that you show about using this device to steaming the game from pc to the portal in the home, so I am not sure that I can install the game to this device directly or not. because you offer the “Pimax Powestation” for people who don’t have PC after the presentation of “Pimax mini station”

But I also see th spec of “Pimax mini station”
AMD 6800U
32 GB Ram
wifi 6E BT 5.1
Battery 56 WH
Wigig 60Hz.

So please clarify about this device feature again.

  1. Moonlight program is good enough for steaming game from the pc, but when go out of the home, it need to use public IP V.4. I ever test and need to paid every month for this option to ISP. May you need to develop own “remoting program”.

  2. Steam link is okay, but can’t control some game on “xbox pc game pass” (sometimes we install mod to the pc version, xbox can’t do that). Moonlight is better.

  3. I don’t like to play android game and the “android device” may not different from “phone + controller”, steam deck still looking better for installing game on device.

  4. VR mode which can play the normal game on the headset by “virtual monitor” may be interesting if you can do that, so we can get both “game console + tv” to play at the same time. Please consider about this feature.

Becaureful, if steam deckard can play steam game on their headset directly on virtual screen, this is more interesting HMD.

  1. The indy content always use graphic look like the PS1 graphic, and it is not interesting for AAA gamer. Pico has a partner like UBISOFT, I think you should have the good graphic game for the content.

  2. You show the 27 ppd and 40 ppd use the different headset, why not use “swapable lens” like the crystal? (in keynote topic said about interchangable lens, not same as video presentation)

  3. Keynote topic specific about “eyetracking + face tracking”, but video presentation show only “face tracking + lip tracking” (But have text said about eye tracking), wait for exactly details.


Pimax just can’t help themselves :rofl:.


Just putting this out there.