Pimax Frontier October 25th, 10am PDT

It’s immediately obvious that it’s wider, taller and brighter than our previous headsets.


Thay I don’t doubt. But this need to round things up is quite terrible in the industry. As we know @risa2000 hmdq tool gets to the real values. As an owner of the p4k not sure why the fov was embellished.

Even htc vp 2 felt the need to round up. Just post clear spec legit numbers without marketing embellishments. :laughing:


I was just pointing out it is quite neat to see, some of that feeling from way back when I put on the DK1.


I’m really looking forward to seeing the mini LED & quantum dot screens. Bright, colourful HDR panels should be amazing in VR.

Genuinely good luck with it all Pimax, if you can pull off even 70% of what you’ve promised it should be pretty impressive.

Focus on polish and build quality and you could be on to a real winner.

How are you going to tone map the none HDR games (IE every one?) Is it going to be like Windows/Xbox auto HDR feature?


Is the panels canted to same degree as before iirc 10 degrees each?


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Will you be mad that I’m really quite tempted by the new headset if it’s expectations pan out? :wink:

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It’s your choice. If you think an XR2 will be able to display such a resolution @90hz even with foveating rendering…
Anyway I replied to the one who bans guys who tell the truth and call them liars.

It was an option to rma your 5k+ as it seems your usb on the hmd is misconfigured. As I recall didn’t you decline?

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Standalone mode has foveated rendering, variable refresh rates, variable fov and variable resolution. So software like any platform based on complexity will run in the appropriate mode. Simple things can run wider and faster, difficult things less. Split rendering is also an option for developers.

So yes, an absolute statement like yours that it cannot work at 90 or at all as you implied is simply false.

Well maybe not false. Just not 100% accurate. I am sure Fruit Ninja and InMind could likely run at full specs.

As you said it will run in an appropriate mode of settings. Titles like Hellblade would have difficulties of course. However imagine 8f running standalone it would require a port.

Here is a link for a base Qualcomm XR2. I imagine pimax might have a specialized version.

Indeed, low poly or small games should not be a problem but I don’t see how a simple XR2 can deal with “AAA” games.
I’ve heard about those variable settings in order to play pcvr wireless or not. IF we have to use potatoe fov, the device loses his interrest. I’ve read something like 150° fov for pcvr, I’m not sure if it’s true or not but if it is, foveated rendering won’t be enough to run a big game smooth and stable at 90hz and I’m afraid the compression needed to compensate will be too great.
Look around Oculus Quest 2, big games experience fps drops with link and air link even with a RTX 2080Ti.
About standalone games, I don’t believe a XR2 will be able to display 4k/eye 120hz unless you play games like Fruit Ninja.
And as you often say Facebook has technical means that you don’t have, I hope you’ll succeed where FB had difficulties but you can’t stop me from being skeptical.

MAYBE what I’m saying is false, I’d be happy to see proofs that tells me I’m wrong.
Unfortunately it wouldn’t be the first time Pimax announce something and launch preorders for a product they can’t make (like steamvr sticks). As said in my country : scalded cat fears cold water (I don’t know if there is an English equivalent ^^)

4k per eye it might do alright as the spec does say 8k. And 4k/eye is half of full 8k. Now like Xbox and playstation it will likely use variable quality on different details. Both XB and ps5 do ray tracing but vary the render resolution and quality to achieve it.

So yes it will be important to leverage the sdk to achieve best balance to achieve desirable balance of quality to performance. Some benefits of using an on board powerful processor is to offload some of the stresses and to even achieve much better potential upscaling case uses. Even when using direct to pc.

Honestly like anything new in this early stage we simply have to wait and see what does truly become the reality of this new frontier.

Ces 2021 we will have a glimpse vs a marketing bling presentation. On the plus with @PimaxUSA has said it seems there trying a more modest timeline vs an overzealous unlikely to meet one.

Only time can validate or invalidate how well there projection will be.

The games currently in development (as Ragnarock) what runtime are using? PimaxSDK or OpenXR?

Is a convergence for games on Snapdragon headsets from different manufacturers feasible?

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There is no doubt that the step towards VR 3.0 is significant.
But I think the 12KQ lacks diopter correction and a smaller and lighter form factor.
Or should we leave that and wait for VR 4.0?


I didn’t even get into split rendering which also can be used. With this method the load of the xr2 is dramatically reduced.

I imagine there will be a time for standalones where the cpu isn’t much of a consideration.


I imagine that smaller lighter form factor might not be an option when you’re using dual 6k screens and 200 degrees fov?

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Then we will have to wait for the next iteration with curved displays.
But maybe diopter correction would have been possible as some developers are doing.


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starvr has 210/130 fov, onboard eye tracking, huge lenses, it weights 450g wo strap and around 700g with it, has no distortion issue. I so sad that they went bankrupt and sold it to acer, if they would adopt steamvr properly , update screens to at least index level then even wo ipd issue fixing it would be a very decent hmd, even considering the price

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