Pimax Crystal Status Updates-Official

Crystal Progress Report

To provide Crystal customers with more detailed information we have prepared this progress chart that shows hardware and software features are included in the shipping hardware and what we are currently focused on.


Thanks for the update. What is the status on the controllers? What about the power cord? Stand-alone functionality?


Please also post this in Announcement/Pimax Official to ensure visibility.

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HI Mirkus,you may check this video about the controllers


I’m shocked by this chart.

Compare it to my chart and spot the difference.


so the controllers, at the moment, have a 2 hour battery life is what i take from the video, corrrect? are they rechargeable batteries like in the swords and knuckles or batteries that we add like AA batteries?

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there is indeed a quite worrying discrepancy between the 2 lists.


I know they are saving $$ but it is a bit of a shame to use the same giant shell as the 12k.

Battery aside, there seems to be a serious delay (lag) in the on screen hand motion and the controller motion?

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I hope Pimax could push the MR Sleeve progress faster, because being able to see outside world is actually quite important.

Take a look at this video, and you will understand:

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Does READY mean that the Feature is fully tested, signed off and complete, working as intended?
Does READY mean that the Feature is in a state to show to the public?
Does READY mean that the Feature is now ready for testing/integration?

What specifically does ‘Ready’ really mean here?

Plus… Does ‘ONGOING’ mean what? It’s in Development? It’s in Testing? What actual stage in the development lifecycle is it?

Ok… Found this after more searching:

Crystal Progress Report
TO provide Crystal customers with more detailed information we have prepared this
progress chart that hardware and software features are included in the shipping
hardware and what we are currently focused on. This should not be interpreted to
mean we are not continually refining all the headsets software capabilities but instead
the internal status of testing for each when as it applies to the release.

Probably would have been nice to also include this statement in the initial posting of this thread.

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Shocking you would say that.

Thing is your chart is incredibly inaccurate even just based on public demos that have been made. Small examples - 42ppd lens was shown both for some demos and allowed people to handle them, devices were shown with an amd card (and recently a video showing it too), charge docks were indeed shown, it does show charge level on the dock and inside the device. Lots of totally subjective assertions in the chart, build and sound quality “average” - as if those can be objectively measured right now. Size “BAD” etc. an entirely subjective assertion.
Isn’t it odd the person who posted just weeks ago that Pimax will be bankrupt in 2023 suddenly volunteers to prepare “unbias” analysis of our progress on Crystal. See for yourself:

He boldly predicts our products will fail and we will be bankrupt in less than 1 year. Now we are reading his “unbias” progress list. There are a few people here who hold similar feelings with Atmos and applaud the effort. It’s unfortunate but true.


Anything that was newly confirmed by the team and/or demoed is on that chart. Like the Amd gpu video testing was added

So can you confirm that the units your demoing are not final? As Pimax Chart cites wifi6e as working or is it still buggy a bit ad you reported there was still issues being worked out?

What is the controller current battery playtime and is that the high precision mode? If so has the other mode on hold till a good balance established?

42ppd lenses states software not ready; so imagine these lenses were not demoed in the crystal? or was it a premade demo made forbthe 42ppd lenses?


This will change as more reviews come in. You can however measure number of opinions that state Average Quality vs High Quality in terms of build and sound. These are subjective. Which is why the DMAS has a mixed reviews. Due to in part also that pimax’s bmr does not compare well with Valve’s Off Ear Bmr and that includes the Revised 8kX.

Once the Crystal actually launches sales going by the update citing around/after ces in January these headsets are not likely to be received til around end of February to early March due to time of year and shipping backlogs.

I am glad the Crystal did not ship in Oct as announced as the Roadshows clearly show it was not ready for launch this year. That would have been a nightmare.


Rather than engaging in constantly monitoring for the latest distortions in the unofficial list I think we will provide video demonstrations and further regular updates to the official list.

p.s. on the 42ppd we have been demoing if you look at the video for the local dimming demonstration you can actually see the driver for it here:
We’ll also add more videos on the controllers, lenses and more info.


Yes - it’s referring to the internal testing status. Once it passes the internal regimen and gets past the product testing group then it gets moved into ready. Ongoing is where testing is still continuing and it has not passed all the tests yet. The team will also continue to refine the type of data included in the list.

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Please consider getting rid of the craptastic AI Voiceover dubs on those videos. It sounds really unprofessional. Get Josh to read out the quick script or something.



Everyone has been more than fully occupied at the roadshows. We’ll see what we can do to improve that.


People’s reports of what they experienced with what was demoed at that location is what it is. Each point could be simply answered with demoing say the Wifi6e. We all know the progress being reported recently does not reflect what all was demoed.

I have seen the ss of local dimming settings. Yes it shows options for 42ppd; however if you look at the official report it states 42ppd lenses Hardware Ready Software On going

So where you running a special demo for the 42ppd lenses as it states software not ready? Or does the update have errors?

The bigger question is a rough estimate to have the software working for Tobii ET with Foveate Transport working. As from what I read this is a key feature.

EDiT: Atmos is updating various parts of the List as he is in direct communication with 2 pimax reps. One had said they could not provide pictures of the Dock. Which is odd if you have a non render physical Dock showcasing at the Roadshow.

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Yeah. I think Tobii is a big part.

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