Pimax Crystal - status, updates and fixes (Part 1)

This thread to collect data on the Pimax Crystal HMD. The data is made up of feedback from the ongoing Pimax Roadshows.

Data is combined into an easy to follow chart.

As Crystal evolves and revisions made I’ll update the chart to reflect the current state.

Contributions welcome.

AMD Compatibility List added - 17/12/22


Next Roadshow

November 30 - December 2 (Wednesday-Friday)
Immersive Tech Week (VR Days Exhibition)
De Doelen
Schouwburgplein 50
3012 CL Rotterdam
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More information about the VR Days exhibition:

My contribution after visiting the Gouda meet-up.

I tried the Crystal, two different ones, and the Aero.

Overall, I was blown away with the higher resolution, especially in MSFS. The instrument panel was so crisp, it would be a purchase for me because of that alone.

Unfortunately, the FOV was so restricted, it didn’t feel like a Pimax headset anymore. It felt like a normal VR headset of modern resolution and that I think is too bad, although understandable. If you’re new to Pimax however, the comparison with the large FOV of earlier headsets isn’t part of the experience and I think a lot of people would be happy with it.

The inside-out tracking worked flawlessly, I didn’t even realize it was not basestation tracked until later.

No God-rays, yay. But those never really bothered me before, but getting rid of them absolutely is a step in the right direction.

The headset also didn’t cut into my nose at all, I have a big one and my 8K-X can’t be worn over 45 minutes until it really hurts too much and I need to take it off for some time. This Crystal headset both didn’t have the lenses rest onto my nose plus it was a much better balanced headset too with the counter weight in the back.

There was an issue however when I quickly moved my head from side to side, the headset would move en my nose would push against the senses triggering the IPD adjustment menu to pop up. Seems like something that can be adjusted in software maybe but it stood out for me.

The biggest issue however is one that needs to be fixed or this headset is going to be Pimax 2.0 all over again and that is the apparent focal distance, it’s not correct and therefor resting your eyes puts the image out of focus and your eyes are forced to strain to get a crisp image. I have 20-20 vision and that could be the issue as I heard some people who are near sighted did not need their glasses to see clearly in the headset. Seems to me the lenses are off and this needs to be fixed, it was not a pleasant experience for me and I would not be able to enjoy the headset for this reason alone. But it’s a very important reason.

It’s a real bummer because so many other aspects of the headset are great and a real upgrade to the 8K-X.

I did not get to try the eye-tracking but it being tobii I’m sure that would be excellent.
I also did not see a version with the wider FOV lenses.

Overall conclusion: If the lens focal distance gets fixed, this headset is superb!


Does anyone know what current refresh rates are supported on Crystal I might add that to the list. 75hz, 90hz, 144hz, 160hz?

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No 75Hz, but 90 and 120Hz yes afaik. maybe others (if anyone else knows).


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Thank you for this feedback from pimax crystal.

As #Mrtv says in his video, the crystal is top for the simulation but the lenses are adjusted with a diopter correction as for two who are nearsighted?
They need as you say #Atmosphere that pimax sets its lenses to neutral like all VR helmets.

We will be patient because the crystal is still in the prototype state

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I’ve added to the chart

No Diopter Support @lolof1
Face Plate Status
Refresh rates supported.
Wigig Module to Not shown but unit ready for testing.

Yes, the headset is an absolute winner if they get the lenses correct.
Josh told me when I commented on the lens issue that the lenses were actually shaped by hand. I did not inquire any further but I should have. This could imply reshaping them would be easier, or not. I don’t know what hand shaped lenses mean for production.

I wonder if the same happens with the wider fov lenses, which they did not show in the Gouda event. It was said those lenses are at the Rotterdam event this week though.

I’m also sad not to have been able to check out the wide fov lenses. Personally my true love for the Pimax headsets is wide fov and using the smaller fov lenses did kinda take away a bit of the magic of the Pimax headsets for me, even though the clarity was to drool over. As was the Aero. The Aero was so nice to wear with the lenses immediately perfect…

If Pimax gets these lenses right… They would win the VR 3.0 title. If they don’t… well… Then it’s just Pimax.


I thought that they already where the wide field off view lenses on the events and didnt have the small ones??


I think having exchangeable lens means exactly: Diopter Support.

If you can change your lens easily, then you can have the ones that will fit your prescription perfectly. So no matter what kind of diopter, you can always order the ones that are right for you.

But personally I prefer them allowing to have one set of 20/20 lens, and one set of -2 lens. I really don’t need the 42ppd lens.


Yes on the Pimax Crystal :

Diagonal Fov

35 ppd = 140 Fov diagonal
42ppd = 120fov diagonal

At Berlin Roadshow #sweviver said:

Just 35PPd no 42ppd .

The Crystal this Day is a prototyp

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the problem that sebastian that #Mrtv points out is that the lenses make the lenses in Berlin look like they are for a myopic

Aplushhss /Laurent/Lolof1 :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

And that will be perfect for me. :smiley: I will try such one out in New York City and see.


No 75hz. No purchase.


Would there be any reason these won’t be able to do 75 and 60 Hz? Is that not supported by thge display driver this time?

No I’m pretty sure what I tried were the small 42ppd lenses, to compare with the Aero.


I would honestly rather dial down graphics settings than settling on anything below 90 Hz refresh rate wise.


there are those of us who would like the option of 75Hz, as well as 90 and 120 etc.
why not cater to all refresh rate preferences?


I wouldn’t get too caught up on the currently advertised ratings. If history is anything to go by, then they will offer other refresh rates as the software is further developed. I would think giving something less would be a simple thing vs giving faster rates which is what they’ve already done in the past.

Those lenses werent at gouda i believe…