Pimax Crystal Front Chevron LED?

I am wondering how to activate the colored LED on the Front faceplate of Crystal HMD ?

I can see there is the LED Chevron there but no option to enable it. Images on the web show it is blue. On my 8KX it is green and looks very cool.

Anyone know how to turn it on … maybe this Crystal it is faulty ?

The Chevron on the Crystal is decorative only no lights.

Was confirmed by pimax long ago

Original KS Black models has a multi led that was supposed to release color and other effects like shown :pensive: the v2 prototype.

But all we got iirc was 2 kind of blues a green and off

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Wow I really love the LED on my 8KX. Why is there still promotional images of the Crystal showing a glowing Blue Chevron ?

I did not see any information about Pimax removing the LED anywhere and it feels very odd to me as that Chevron LED is great on 8KX and Crystal is a more premium & expensive product which deserves that extra quality touch imho.


Well they didn’t remove it. They just never changed it from the sticker.

I think due to the power draw already being substantially high they opted not to have it in a similar fashion of the missing prox sensor in previous model(save was not due to power but cheap cost savings)

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Haha this brings back memories.

I brought this subject up back in November last year.

Even reps at Pimax didn’t know the answer and thought I was talking rubbish for even asking the question. Well after a PM from the kind people in Shanghai they confirmed it was in fact a sticker and not a light strip. Even then people didn’t believe me.

I think because Crystal is suppose to be an all in one the drain on battery power was of major concern so Pimax dropped the feature. A shame as I think it adds a lot of character to the HMD.

Haha as I write this I looked down at my sons school back pack that has a Kylo Ren led strip. It’s run on 2x 3v batteries.


I guess I remain the lone crabby old man who think pointless fantastic technicolour LEDs all over stuff is not a mark of “quality”, but of tackiness… :stuck_out_tongue:


If you can tell the chevron doesn’t glow you are not wearing it right. You need to be inside the thing. :grinning: