New PiPlay version 2.0.7 Beta is available for downloading

Piplay 2.0.7 Beta Updated date: 02/01/2018
Downloading link: MEGA

Change logs

  1. Added horizontal calibration.
  2. Added the guidance for using Nolo Suite, one key to switch between 180 degree solution and 360 degree solution.
  3. Added the usage limitation of minimum firmware version.
  4. Optimized the setup of multi-Audios output.
  5. Optimized device connection.
  6. Optimized the performance of some OC games.

Piplay 2.0.5 Updated date: 02/11/2017
Downloading link: MEGA


  1. You may use “check update” in “General” in PiPlay.
  2. HMD calibration tool: MEGA (Drag it to “C:\Program Files\Pimax\PiPlay2”, finally run it.)

Change logs:
a. Support the special tool that can calibrate the issue of tilted images inside headset.
b. Updated the decoder.
c. Added Japanes language package.
d. Optimized nolo positioning, enchanced positoning and reduced delay.

Piplay 2.0.4 Updated date: 13/10/2017
Downloading link: MEGA

Tips: You may use “check update” in “General” in PiPlay. Sorry, I cannot unload it in Google Driver as the uploading is super slow.

Change logs:
a. Optimized underlying services (modes switching, device reconnecting, Screen switching, etc).
b. Optimized detailed pages of games.
c. Optimized interfaces layout.
d. Optimized the response speed for the state of device disconnected.

New Features

  1. Added the function of importing pictures (jpg, png, bmp).
  2. Added the option of deleting local file meanwhile when you remove the content in Local resource page.
  3. Added device and PC info in exporting logs.
  4. Added the brightness slider that provides 3 levels.
  5. Added DX11 into the Piplay setup.

a. Fixed the error of some contents size is different with actual size.
b. Fixed language issue for some interfaces.
c. Fixed the display issue of popup could not follow Piplay main interface.
d. Fixed the issue of file directory with special characters could not be exported into Piplay.
e. Cancelled the limitation of directory and file name when using “Open Local” or “Import”.

Piplay 2.0.3(.38) Updated date: 22/09/2017
Downloading link I: MEGA
link II: In loading slowly (Google Driver)
Tips: You may use “check update” in “General” in PiPlay. Mega link should be safe this time : )

Change logs
a. Fixed the issue of some games that base on OC 0.4, 0.4.3, 0.4.4 could not be launched.
b. Fixed some pop-up windows and interfaces that could not be centered.
c. Fixed the file size error about some games.
d. Fixed the issue of some apps that base on VC2015 could not be opened.
e. Fixed the issue of PiPlay could not be installed in some Win7 system.
f. Fixed the issue of “Device” page was disabled in PiPlay.
g. Fixed the issue of apps that base on Pimax SDK appeared inverted images.
h. Fixed the issue of PiPlay process was ended directly when PiPlay is closed in Taskbar.

a. Optimized the interaction for Nolo.
b. No need to reconnect device after adjusting Gyroscope and Brightness.
c. Adjusted Brightness function, difference will be more apparent.
d. Added the blacklist about Graphics drivers. It will remind users when some drivers may influence VR experience.
e. Added the limitation about GPU driver versions, it will not be installed if driver cannot support VR.
f. Changed the icon of launching SteamVR.
g. Added the sort function for the page of My content.
h. Improved the experience of watching panoramic videos. (Tips: Decoders may be misinformed by anti-virus software, please allow it or disable anti-virus software to continue.
i. Optimized the interface of device connection.

Piplay Updated date: 08/09/2017
Downloading link: MEGA


  1. New UI: Simple and friendly.
  2. Optimized content source that will be updated continuously.
  3. Added an alert of device connection status.
  4. Added games and Movies categories, tags, search function and detail pages.
  5. Added a function of Magnetism Calibration (hand and auto) to optimize drift/yaw issue.
  6. Optimized installation procedure and speed.

Hi guys, given that some friends said that the previous topic about Piplay is long, so please move and discuss here, meanwhile, I will archive all issues you guys referred, thank you : )

Hi guys, regarding “Device” page disabled issue that makes us confused recently. Some friends thought it is related to Oculus. Thanks for your testing @Wildcopper @Geoff @WalterDasTrevas

Since @Wildcopper @Geoff did not install Oculus Home but had same issue that was resolved after they installed the temporary patch I sent, link: MEGA
However, I confirmed with one of our engineer who said that this patch was no matter with Oculus.

@WalterDasTrevas who installed Oculus home had same issue. He also tested a patch (initial one) MEGA that solved it, but meanwhile, he also reinstalled the latest Oculus home. :sweat_smile:

If some guys who are meeting this issue, please help us to test those two patches, thanks a lot in advance.

Edit: Anyway, we will release a Beta version next week. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if this issue appears again then.


Hello got my Pimax 4 K today

First my desktop was killed and i decided instead of trying with an old 380 i just get ok from my CEO my wife :wink: to buy an Vega 64.
Cool that piplay means better to buy a 290 so it seems that pimax not recognized the newest gfx card.
Ok next problems are suddenly no ethernetcard i think it interferences with the vega
atm i have no sound because i have to plug an old ethernetcard into pci.

But my mean problem is:
PiPlay_Setup_2.0.2.33 seems to not connect to the Pimax (the screen flikkers often)
My Serial is somewhat with 1007xxx
with PiSetup_1.2.97_x64 it recognized the Pimax but i do not see anything in the Pimax itself

So is there somewhere a real step by step install instruction without chiniese ?
i am an old guy from germany english is hard enough for me and my school english …

Hi i would try the 1.2.97 atm.

Its possible your antivirus might have blocked/quarantined one of the files.

So disconnect the internet for protection from online threats.
2 disable your antivirus for the install.
3 run install as admin
4 connect headset to hdmi & usb after piplay launched wait to see if connects.

After headset is connected enable antivirus & inet

Install steamvr. Allow the headset to update firmware (newest i believe is 265?)

Also in case of problems please post your system specs

Windows version
Gpu & driver version
Piplay version & firmware (if headset connects will be on main page.

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Been trying out the version 2 360 dll and it’s worked splendidly. Some drift on the controls but the quick recenter works well. I think the drift may not be fixable. Seems to be a limitation of the type of tracking nolo uses.


I will do a complete setup of my windows and then test your pointed things.
I was shortly thinking that i buyed a fake because my printings are more silver than orange or blue but i hope that there are no fakes around.
But atm my system is somewhat broken that i want to have a clear system for further tests.
Also when starting 1.2.97 it goes to extended mode but writing because my gfx is too slow ( AMD VEGA 64 /8 GB to slow ???) my I7 (Old) was accepted as fast enough.

@PIMAX-Support please accept AMD VEGA Chipset :slight_smile:



@PIMAX-Support @anon23564932

Hi team,

I know that the 8k is exciting and ‘new’, but can I please have clarification that the ghosting on the 4k is still being optimized and improved? We had a message on the forums 3 versions ago saying it was being worked on and since then no improvement? When can we expect ghosting improvements please? Sn is 100 version



Yes, that would be nice to know and also, when will it ‘safe’ to install the new Piplay 2?
Heard that there was a patch for Piplay 2 somewhere but haven’t seen any links to it?
Cheers to all.

Please add mouse emulation in Video Mode, this is really important. This Piplay version doesn’t have Debug to send commands to Pimax 4K. Please check @PIMAX-SUPPORT @anon23564932


There is a patch in a post from support above.

Hopefully i can get sometime to download & install to test today or tomorrow.

@PIMAX-SUPPORT last time update firmware shows up, but later it says failed to update. now it shows firmware version as .265. when it failed it asked me to contact support

Ok, thanks, but I think I’ll wait for the next official version update.
It would be nice if Pimax could do a little improving to ghosting and gyro drift issues.

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Agreed ghosting is definitely a priority. The drift issue does need more research as it seems to vary amongst users here. Be good though maybe to ensure all are using @Enopho method. The new version dies apparently have the manual calibration option.

One user of recent says no drift only with 1.2.75.

I’m using 1.2.93 and the drift isn’t too bad at times, but it does seem sensitive to some external effect at times although I always use and store it in the same orientation (facing west).

Just curious do you use the steamvr display mirror centering with z as @Enopho suggests?

I have tested every version since 1.2.93 and the drift on 1.2.93 MANUAL Calibration worked well as long as you set the front facing position in steam vr and you ran the calibration of the hmd prior to starting game.

1.2.97 had auto calibration and also worked as long as you also set the front facing direction prior to starting game, however on a few occasions that version did try to find true north which for me was about 25deg to my right, restarting the pc and running again sorted it out

2.2.x has auto and manual calibration, I usually check steamvr front direction in display mirror but most of the time it is already facing forward but I still use the Z key to make sure. If the auto Giro calibration is not working then you can still use the manual one


I must admit that I haven’t tried that.
I have a button assigned on the HOTAS for EliteD and for 360 movies (I use Whirligig player :+1:) I use a button on the XBox controller.

Does the SteamVR mirror method stabilise the drift or does it still continue to drift with time?

Looks like it might from what @Enopho says. It sets the headset centered position in steam by the sounds of it.

For me it stabilizes the drift. Prior to 1.2.93 I had terrible drift, I found this to be the best method to stop drift. Thanks to @crony who posted a long time ago about the display mirror is steam and the various keys that can be used… I experimented with the keys and found the Z key works best.

I also have a binding on my hotas for ED but I hardly have to use it nowadays