New Offset to fix in Piserver.exe for LukeRoss mods as well as other apps (such as Open XR Toolkit)

Luke Ross updated the hex to edit for PiServer.exe for PiTool version .277

Remember to backup your file in case you edit the wrong hex.
I used HxD as my hex-editor
Run HxD as an administrator.
The Piserver.exe is located in :
Again Credit and thanks to Luke Ross for his support.


What does this do/enable? Thanks.


PiServer has a minor bug causing 2D overlay elements to have a small black line that should be transparent. It’s most evident in Luke Ross mods, but also in OpenXRToolkit. I wouldn’t do it if it doesn’t bother you anywhere.

is this new?or the old one from last change?
edit:nvm its the .277,i wonder if the new beta update breaks it again tho .

I have been using piToolV275 for several months and have observed black lines when using OpenXRToolkit for the past few days.
The lines were very thin vertical lines less than 1 pixel long and appeared one on each side of the screen.
I have the impression that the edges of the window for FPS and other overlays are being drawn incorrectly.

If this is a drawing bug in PiServer.exe, it is a problem that should be fixed officially.
I would like to try this fix to see if it works in my environment.

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It should but the offset may be different for .279

I forget now where the offset was for .275

Update Mar 20: If you’re a Pimax user and want to get rid of the black hairline on the left and right sides of the HUD, AND you feel comfortable with hex editors like HxD , you can patch the pi_server.exe file yourself: while PiTool is not running, just modify the byte at offset C97CB from 04 to 03 and save the file. Please only attempt this if you know what you’re doing, otherwise you run the risk of breaking your Pimax software installation.

Theres the one for .275

yeah thats what im thinking that it changed again on .279,anyway im sure luke will find it quick,wondering what he been cooking tho,something with good performance he said,i think far cry 3 4.

anybody have the offset for .273? I’ve been wary of upgrading since it works and i dont want it to clobber the firmware

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see if it isnt the same as .275,otherwise you might wanna ask luke but he updated too.

I searched the same row of V275 and found a completely different set of numbers.
It is currently difficult for me to know the correct row and the corrected value.

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You may be able to copy the decoded info to the right on the unfixed version of .275 or .277 at the offset, then search for it in the other versions, but that sounds a little risky hahah

i bit the bullet and went to 277. still working! and found the 04 in the hex too, so no more black lines :metal:

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That would be our best bet for now.

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thats because youre on .275, C9CAB is for .277 you need to go to C97CB


Your point helped me to find the relevant section. Thank you.


ive noticed on both updates the numbers stayed the same so its good to know for the next update,we proly wont need to ask luke again.

so for .279 what’s the trick to finding the offset?

You know what they say… “teach a man to fish…”

Well i tried using the nearby decoded part hoping to find a single match and found too many from the original code…will keep hunting…its a matter of findign the right string length

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i dont wanna upgrade just yet to some beta,if someone can send me the piserver i will search too,also make sure to try and see if you still have the black line,maybe pimax fixed it themselves