My 8kx journey [Review]

Right away with cons and pros after couple hours of testing in Half life Alyx and Asseto Corsa. I was comparing to index which i do own at home and 5k+ which i used as a loaner.


  • i have tried big fov in Half Life and it works supperior, gorgeous, no artefacts/mirrorings on the outer edges, buttersmooth even with 1080ti (75 frames all we need)
  • no sde found, at all, its crystal clear like advertised
  • no need for antialiasing, there are simply NO Jaggies anymore
  • distortion isnt there, unless you know where to look for it (technically its there, but not an issue. It really depends on your face/head shape, some people wont be able to find it at all.)
  • i have invited my girl friend to make a direct compare of colors between index and 8kx, same game, same spot, same conditions and colors. She even said she likes pimax colors more than index. As for me - they are similar.
  • audio is fine
  • good housing quality
  • software worked out of the box (with controllers and tracking, no issues found)

Cons: (are very very personal and most of you wont experience this issues or at least not all of them)

  • light bleed from the glasses cut outs in the foam, huge, horrible, requires modding or another foam
  • chromatic aberrations in gui (interface only) (white borders become everything else but not white)
  • not enough room for a big nose (same as before), its just painful even with this new strap (very personal, if you have small head and average to big nose - its gonna be an issue)
  • some minor issue with sweetspot (one eye has always better clarity than another, cant remember something like that with 5k)(ipd related, multiple ways to fix)
  • minor quality issues (damaged foam) which you dont expect receiving new stuff (see photo)

Considering pimax production is not only a hardware, but also a software and customer support - the last comes to the review as well, if you’re a potential pimax buyer - beware, you will have to deal with stress, ignorance and total chaos there.

My last experience with support:

  1. small manufacture issue shown on the photo - ignored.
  2. no thin face foam - ignored.
  3. 3 times requested to send me my basestations which i have paid almost 3 years ago, see below:


As expected, no basestations were sent. Last response.

Through we all know base stations development was abandoned half year ago.


  • superior hardware
  • working software
  • acceptable comfort
  • horrible customer support
  • still need to work on quality check, receiving new item with damaged foam and lack of accessories like second foam - is a little bit disapointing.

p.s. thanks to everyone for advises, but there is no real need in troubleshooting, i have decided to sell my headset long time ago as i’m a very very greedy person ^,.,^
I have created this thread only to provide some feedback (which i believe remains more positive than negative), it’s a great headset with incredible picture quality afterall.


Sweetspot - I have noticed with 8k+, I must be set my IPD 5-6mm lower. (with old 8k 2mm) Then I have a sharp screen on booth eyes.

recommend the cross grid mod in the start logo screen.

After this, you can regulate the natural picture deep with digital ipd.


Yes, inded its possible to solve by lowering your ipd, but im really worried about it and cant advise this to anyone. Furthermore lowering ipd = decreasing distance between lenses = decreasing nose gap. For me its no go :frowning: Anyway, my 8kx is already on ebay :stuck_out_tongue:

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if you use different distances to the lens (foam, pressure) your original ipd will no longer fit.

I know, i have also noted in the ‘cons’ that most of the issues are very personal and will affect only small amount of players depending on their face/head shape.


You can use the digital IPD on pitool for decreasing and than manually increase it, no decreasing nose gap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know, but it ruins sweet spot as well. My ipd is 62.5, and as i said - my text clarity is a bit different for the both eyes. Basically i have to decrease ipd so the lens moves closer to the nose and thus my sweet spot will be in correct place, but for my nose i have to increase ipd which is going to ruin sweet spot even more. Dead end so far, my face or my head just not suit pimax well, wich is very sad actually. I’ll stick to my index and going to miss that picture clarity and no sde for a looong time…


how much are you selling it for on ebay? I cant find any listings worldwide

2300€, that’s cheeky. Particularly without stretch goals or any lighthouse equipment. Hope whoever considers to buy this makes an informed decision…


I’m surprised he didn’t ask more, he could surely get it

Told from an index user is a big claim

Hm, imho this is just price gouging. In this case it’s about a luxury article that is purely optional, so I don’t really care. In more critical cases this would… well at least cost karma in spades.

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when the first backers got their 5k+ and 8k’s they were on ebay for like 2500$ and selling for a short time. I know because I had one of the first 5k+s and I was considering selling it , I didnt however.

That speaks for you!

Well, fine is just fine. Its not wow, its not very good, its just fine and it works. Its not bad afterall, thats the point :slight_smile: Audio strap from index is obviously better. Comparing index to 8kx - the only things index has to offer is its audio strap and 120hz mod which not everyone really needs, and its nose gap for people like me.


Ofcourse you dont tell much bad things about the pimax 8kx,it would hurt your sales on ebay for your unit…

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I told enough and this thread isnt a place to find a buyer. The headset is already sold, there is no point to hide any information.


Oh oh this was a MASSIVE complaint with the 8K. Numerous posts were made about this. You mentioning it now means there is potential for headaches after prolonged use. It was suggested by someone more technical that this is an inherent problem with the canted displays.

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You can this solve with ipd setting!

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I wasted much time of my life fiddling about with the 8K to get it right to no avail. Like the OP the 8K was subsequently sold (for very little). I really hope the lessons learned and extra IPD settings of Pitool will mitigate this issue.

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