Index controller tracking issues. Never gonna be fixed?

So will the famous tracking issue with index controllers ever be fixed or are we doomed to throw away the headset? Just a bit sad when they made it look like the index controllers would work with pimax…


What kind of issue you are currently dealing with the Index and Pimax Headset?
Couldn’t pair the controller? Or the controller will lost track?


Can you describe your issue so we can solve it?

I use my Index controllers with Pimax every day. We also use them at all the shows, events etc. and never had a complaint or a single problem.

Could it be related to some of the jitter issues reported here?

I also have stable tracking both on my 5K+ and 8KX but it’s on v1 lighthouses (I have three of them for seperate seated/room-scale setup) so can’t really chime in with any useful info)… :slight_smile:


Is that issue related to this lost tracking data @DrWilken ? Seems like it, as apparently having independent steamvr dongles for the index controllers fixes the issue from what I’ve read which indicates a bandwidth problem, and is something software likely won’t be able to fix. (But another steamVR dongle/s can)

I suspect that this above reason is why Pimax only ever demoed one working Pimax Sword controller at a time on their beat Saber controller prototype showcase clips, as there are bandwidth limitations preventing both controllers being used at the same time without significant jitters due to lost tracking data which is caused by a bandwidth bottleneck likely due to the high bandwidth demands of the Pimax headsets.

If that is what’s causing the abovementioned issue, Pimax should strongly consider including one or two additional SteamVR USB tracking dongles with Pimax branded controllers they sell if that solves the lost tracking data/bad tracking jitters issue and if it’s not solvable in software.

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@DrWilken what kind of motherboard do you have? I suspect that having a budget motherboard without sufficient VRMs could be another reason why some people are reporting this issue and others aren’t. If you have an expensive motherboard that might explain why you aren’t having the issue.

The fact you don’t have the issue on the 5K+, or the 8KX is pretty telling that the issue probably has more to do with motherboard quality than bandwidth of the headset cables.

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I have an expensive Asus motherboard, and had issues with Index controller tracking dropout on my 5K+
I have not put sufficient hours in with my 8KX to tell if there is any issue with that as well. But I expect no issues :slightly_smiling_face:

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The stuff I read here sometimes… The videos we posted of matthew playing beat saber with 2 sword controllers demonstrate there is no issue like one that you are describing. I’ve played around with them numerous times and they function like other controllers (i.e. index and htc vive etc.). Also the fact anyone can use 2 vive or 2 index controllers also debunks a claim like this one that there isn’t enough “bandwidth” - is just silly.

The only time we only had 1 side was just due to the team packing a box of samples from one side. Due to customs clearance it was hecktic at last years CES.

As for any issues with index controllers many people have reported that steam updates, index firmware updates and some of our own updates have made the issue extremely hard to even demonstrate.

That’s good to know, the fact that the 8KX reportedly has no tracking issues for some users with almost double the bandwidth requirements does shoot the insufficient headset cable bandwidth theory out of the window.

Ah okay, fair enough I’ve only seen a demo with one controller at a time.

If the tracking jitters issue on index controllers was fixed in software then why are people reportedly having issues with 8KX tracking?

Maybe there was tracking issues in the past caused by software which is fixed now, and if you have a good quality motherboard you have no issues with tracking. People who still have issues may very well have motherboards of insufficient quality which don’t meet bandwidth requirements, or compatibility issues with their motherboards.

ASUS Rog Strix Z390-E.

You wouldn’t have any VRM issues with that motherboard.

If @zoyer can share their motherboard we would have a better idea if the issue is caused by motherboards which don’t meet bandwidth requirements.

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Sorry forgot to link. It’s been going on for a while. People have solved it with Steam USB dongles but that shouldn’t be necessary?

@Alex.liu was in contact with steam but not sure what happened after that.


that’s my setup, not sure if everyone missed/forgot about that topic we made.

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The extra dongle fix isn’t necessary for some people.

Z370 and z390 both have 24 PCI lanes so it shouldn’t be a lane problem.

Having a Google it appears that the difference between z390 and z370 is lack of USB 3.1 support on z370. Could that be the cause of a bandwidth limitation on z370 motherboards which cause the tracking jitter issue?

“The two biggest differences between Z370 and Z390 are built-in USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) and WiFi 802.11ac support. … Given the similarity in features and support for the same CPUs - Intel’s 8th and 9th generation of the mainstream Core processors - the Z390 chipset is mostly just an updated version of Z370 .”

USB 3.0 only has a transfer speed of 5gbps, which is half the theoretical limit of bandwidth compared to USB 3.1

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I counter it with this post :smiley:


don’t play an uno reverse card pls :,D

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maybe @Alex.liu could step in and solve this issue for good

Honestly I’m all out of ideas. I was going to suggest that it could even be an AIB specific compatibility issue which affects certain motherboards but seeing as Gigabyte motherboards are affected as well and they’re some of the highest quality motherboards in production I doubt that highly.

One time I RMA’d a Gigabyte motherboard and it was returned to me with a post it note with an arrow pointing to a spot where my cat peed on the motherboard. The fact they had the time to meticulously analyse the board told me they clearly don’t get many RMA requests and their products don’t fail often if they have the time to do that :rofl:


haha :joy:
well i’m just a bit moody because I thought by now it would have been fixed or there would be any statements from alex or the pimax team. If it’s because the old pimax headsets have a worse reciever or something then I suppose this issue will never be solved publicly :male_detective:

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Just reading this post and seeing that there’s no problems when one controller is plugged into the headset. This could mean that there’s a wireless data parsing issue, there’s two steamVR tracking dongles in Index and Vive headsets and I’d assume that Pimax also has two internally inside the headset. I don’t know though if Pimax headsets have two internal dongles or just one

There might be other people in your house using wireless.
Have you tried to isolate yourself from all wireless signals and turn all the wifi generating devices off to rule out wireless interference being the cause of the tracking issues?