iL2 3Dmigoto Mod PP fix for Pimax

Hi guys,
Lefuneste has a new version of his VR mod for Il2 up. It has a work in progress PP fix for Il2 which seems to help with FPS and also running FFR at high render targets.

Issue I find with it is 2 fold.

  1. I assume the Pimax 5K and 8K displays are canted by 7.5 Degrees, not sure though.
  2. World scale is horribly off and reminds me of early Pimax VR days when everything looked like Lego Land scale.

Any ideas to fix this?

Anyway, my testings have so far yielded better clarity through the lens of the 8K, much better performance and stable usage of FFR on 2 Career missions incorporating Stalingrad Winter Map and Kuban Summer Map.

Any ideas to dealing with World Scale Issues etc would be great and it is a great proof of concept for how removing PP compatibility works for Il2 BoS


10 degress according to this:

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As far as I understand it, the “world scale” and how it looks in a headset is based on the way the game renders the perception. You can adjust the perception in 2 ways:

  • Use a longer focal lenght (which zooms in the image) + increase the rendered FOV to match the perception. Basically this moves the VR camera position further back.
  • Use a shorter focal length (zooming out the image) + decrease the rendered FOV to match the perception. This moves the VR camera position further to the front.

This is something we experimented with (on reder-level) while texting XTAL, and even the slightest adjustments makes a huge impact on the percieved “world scale”.

A good example of this on software/game level is easily spotted in Google Earth VR. Get close to a skyscraper, in lets say New York. Then enable the “Human vision” in options and you suddenly get the correct world scale which looks correct from a “human perception”. The skyscraper looks suddely huge and corrent from our POV. Disable that option and everything will look minimalistic, despite the same angle of view and position. Its just a different perception and “depth”.

Its very similar to how photography works. You can either:

  • Use a 80mm lens (longer focal length = more zoom) and move back a few steps
  • Use a 50mm lens (shorter focal lenght = less zoom) and move forward a few steps

these 2 photos will give you the same image and same FOV, but a different perspective. The 50mm looks more correct to human eye vision and looks more realistic. At least on a full frame sensor camera where 50mm is 50mm with crop factor 1:1.

I hope it makes some sense :slight_smile:

Here’s a photography example. The object (in this case the male model) has the same size and scale. But the perspective is different, changing the world scale. Basically same thing happens sitting inside of a cockpit. Cockpit may look the same size, but on distance, things are “off” due to wrong perception.


Very familiar with Pime Lenses and Photography :grinning:

Early on with Il2 VR and Pimax, the World Scale was off and there was a means to adjust that using a browser consol command for IPD Offset. I will have to look through Lefuneste d3dx.ini file to see if there is a corresponding adjustment.

With Il2 and VR it was rectified, not sure on who’s end but world scale became hmmm, human perspective. With the PP fix 3Dmigoto Mod, world scale has gone back to the Il2 of old perspective wise. It is a great proof of concept though and my testing has born good results with Il2, FFR and PP fix for PImax 8K.

So far, touch wood, Il2 with FFR and PP fix has been stable. That is the first taker away. The performance for same settings with and without PP show improvement and lastly, the Il2 world and even the SteamVR loading screen with the mountain background on cylindrical grid, is sharper.

Just hoping to bring it to the attention of Il2 Devs and testers and see some traction for ditching PP in the next large update.

BTW - how is the 8K-X coming along?? :sunglasses:

I would like to write a bug report to the IL-2 Devs about it. It is their only way of communication I am afraid.

Is there a package of information by Pimax that could get sent to the developers of IL-2, so they can include Parallel Projection into their engine? Can you send that to me, then I’ll take care of that and forward it to the developers? Their producer had ordered a Pimax5K+ last month, as far as I know. @SweViver @anon74848233 @Heliosurge

The game also fails to render objects correctly on the right hand side of the right eye - object culling starts too early, and airplanes are simply invisible in the right hand side outer peripheral view.

P.S. or is the communication through the developer section working? I’ve only found the two SDKs there and some basic documentation… given that it hasn’t affected the last 8 months so far, I wonder if that’s sufficient. I really doubt they’d be willing to pay for dev exclusive support.


Well, world scale in my mod is handled by convergence by shifting horizontally in or out object or image. I use two way to modify it : a first by applying an screen offset depending of object depth (the further the object is, the lower the offset is, used for IPD like feature) and a constant offset (whatever the depth is, for zoom convergence).
By the way, my DCS world mod is working well and allow to use vanilla zoom without PP proj, just by shifting image (for the modded zoom I shift object by modifying shaders).


Hi JoCool,
Object culling seems to transpire for any movable object in Il2 on the far RHS of Pimax Headset’s FOV.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Oh and I forgot to mention helpful base staff and wind socks :grin:

Would love native PP fix in game. World scale so far in 3Dmigoto is good for Normal FOV but not Large. Anyway, as I mentioned to Lefuneste - it’s a very good proof of concept and on my mid range system I have PiTool 1.5, SteamVR 100%, FFR on and Large FOV giving me mid 40’s and above frame rate on Low Il2 graphics preset (100km world distance, 4x detail, high clouds and shadows with HDR on).
Lefuneste has done some good work with his mod.

I am also very much looking forward to IL2 official PP repair and FFR normalization.

Mhm, last version I found @ IL forum is 13.1.1 ,tried Today it without PP and its not working ( double vision)
Do we have somewhere to download newer version or I missed something ?
Also anyone here can share with me user.keymmaping.zoom.ini for Pimax 5k for latest version?
@lefufu , @blitze

Edit: found version 13.2:)

Is the link. Not sure about zoom map settings for the 5K. I was really only looking at it for the Non PP and clouds fix in lower Il2 graphics settings.

Un-installed it though as world scale is way off for the 8K. It was a good proof of concept though and hope the Il2 Devs take non PP compatibility on board. That and FFR stability as they both make a huge difference to the fidelity of the sim and play-ability.

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You should link to the mod creator’s thread, and not to the download file itself. It’s common courtesy on the internet. There is documentation there, and a patreon link if you want to support Lefuneste (who has sunk in hours for the community), etc.

I also remember you had asked about the zoom map settings before, but refused to listen and started to fight with people, and now give false information here as well.

There is an officially stickied thread by me with optimized Pimax settings and all the information necessary on the IL-2 forums already:

The values there work, the variables must be initialized in the game.

There is no fully working PP fix yet, but the beta version of Lefuneste’s mod is on a very good road and shows it could be done by the devs easily as well. The guy is genial. But the devs haven’t mentioned they’d fix that yet natively… maybe they lack documentation? The producer has acquired a Pimax headset last month (through Amazon).

If there is English technical documentation on how to implement a PP patch, it can be forwarded to the producer via PM:
He is probably the most efficient channel there is, the small Russian team working on the game is tight on ressources and oblivious to the non-Russian communities. But the IL-2 community itself is a group of enthusiasts, just like those from DCS. That would be very helpful. I seriously doubt there’ll be direct contact between the dev-team of IL-2 and Pimax.

So please don’t ignore this, but help to use this chance instead.


You are right, my bad - just short cutting for people who would like to try the Mod but sometimes people have a habit of missing the download link to the particular version of software being mentioned especially when it is deep in a forum thread.

Your memory serves you poorly and your accusations towards me are false information. I never once inquired about “zoom map settings” nor did I “refuse to listen to anyone and or start to fight with anyone” You would do well to back your accusations up with actual forum links and references if you are going to attack someone. You on the other hand seem to have an issue with myself when all I am trying to do is like you, further the cause of VR within Il2 Battle of Stalingrad flight sim series on Pimax VR Headsets.

Self noting your thread - nice touch after your previous comment. By the way - you are using a Pimax 5K, I a Pimax 8K - settings for those two devices for best user experience would not be the same. Just letting you know.:+1:

As for your recommendation to contact Jason Williams - I concur. I assume he is the Project Manager for 1C/777 and the English Speaking face to the group. Since coming on board, Jason has done wonders in organising and focusing the development of the Sim Series.

I have posted a report in the Technical Issues / Bug Reports forum but maybe it could be added to the Suggestions Forum or direct communication to the Developers.

Anyway, for a test case, the PP fix in 3Dmigoto Mod is a great proof of concept as previously stated. May something come of it, fingers crossed.:grin:

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It might be mentioned somwhere but just pasting info from Jason - IL 2 Developer

" 4. Virtual Reality - Need a few testers who have the latest VR gear and a strong machine built to handle VR. Especially need users who have the newer slanted screens. We are trying to support them, but they come with new challenges. Must LOVE VR flying!

_ _

All of this work will be performed under STRICT NDA PROTOCOL. By agreeing to test you agree not to share any info with anyone outside of the Beta team. If you do you will be kicked out permanently."


I have already put my hand up. Oh and I do love VR flying in Il2 when I can get it to run with FFR.

Right - back to hunting down Moose Flies and telling them - No! Not my person, today. (Mountain Cycling this time of year in the forest can have some unwanted hitch-hikers).:grin:


Could you paste a link to this?

EDIT: Never mind, found it: Need Special Beta Testers for Final Push - General Discussion - IL-2 Sturmovik Forum


@blitze @JoCool @lefufu anybody ? can send me a user keymapping_zoom.ini file with correct zoom/ipd settings for 3D migoto and 5k+. I dont have numerical keybord righ now ( only very tiny wireless keybord) to do manualy setup during gameplay.

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Sorry Yata, don’t use 3D migoto with Il2 anymore. For normal VR zoom in game and the cross-eyed effect, I go Pirate Style and close one eye.


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@Yata_PL 使用你的LALT+F9進入調整模式,並參考

  • to increase/decrease global convergence for a zoom level :
    press and maintain zoom key (PRIOR, HOME or INSERT)
    press multiple time Lshift+PAGE DOWN or Lshift+END key
  • to increase/decrease google aims convergence for a zoom level :
    press and maintain zoom key (PRIOR, HOME or INSERT)
    press multiple time LALT+PAGE DOWN or LALT+END key
  • to move up/down zoomed view :
    press and maintain zoom key (PRIOR, HOME or INSERT)
    press multiple time LCTRL+PAGE DOWNT or LCTRL+END key
    and push F12 safe it

Download the tast version of the mod :
Read the customisation section, especially for zoom settings. There is now a setup mode, engaged by pressing LALT + F9 when in cockpit view, that will display help message and realtime value of zoom settings.

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@Yata_PL, there are correct zoom settings in the first post of my thread.

Scroll down to “Lefuneste’s Mod, presets adjusted for the Pimax 5K+ (v.17.0.1)”. For wide FOV, rename the included “d3dx_user - WIDE.ini” to “d3dx_user.ini” in folder /bin/game/

You are supposed to use it without PP, the game supports Pimax now natively.

I will include the clarity upgrade @Gared had found next week.