GreenHell VR also has the 180 unity rotation bug

Ive made a post on steam about it with the detailed easy fix,maybe more pimax users that owns the game can help with an up,this bug,previously was on blade and sorcery,after the fall,hard bullet,table tennis and many others until they applied the fix and it will proly be in every upcoming and updated unity game,the fix is easy for the devs one simple setting change,its also fixed by PP with huge performance cost wich in green hell is literally a hell as its performance is already bad.


Crazy this bug keeps getting through. I know it’s default, but are these not experienced devs? The same problem will show up on the Reverb and even the index in raw mode.


ik the fix is also just a simple minor setting change with no effect on other headsets,it has been applied by many games that i know of,some devs are awesome like the eleven table tennis dev that did it in 5 minutes when i told him about it.

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@PimaxQuorra Have you guys tried to make some hack or dll or injector or something that might be able to make that hmd pose change in unity games?im thinking if luke ross can alter entire games to make them in vr that should be possibe,no offense or anything but this bug is a plague for pimax i dont think you understand how serious it is needing parallel projections for half of the upcoming or updated vr games library specially for 12k qled bonelab for eg 100% will be affected,this is also why im always asking if the crystal has canted displays in fear of this particular bug.

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Going by the shape of the devices, I would assume the do have canted displays.

yep looking at the shape ofc it will,my only hope its like a 5 degree panel cant maybe,so its only 15% fps hit with PP like the index,it sucks cause i was gonna go for the crystal and 12k but i dont think i want 2 headsets to have the same exact anoying problem and 35% fps hit at those huge resolutions in half of the upcoming games,its been happening for a while now.

No canting means PP fps hit always – the hit is not produced by the canting – you just miss out on the performance savings afforded by the canting.

Kind of like the old semantic example where you get to buy a $5 hamburger for $3; You do not earn $2 (EDIT: …which would mean you got paid $2 for taking the hamburger, contrary to paying anything at all for it) - you save $2 – the distinction is not unimportant… :7

Unless the new lenses curl around your temples, I have my doubts the 2x10° canting the 8k/5k series “had” would be sufficient to provide the claimed horizontal FOV of the 12k series… It doesn’t look like more in the imagery we have been shown, but I feel it should be.
(My own little toy (which has never had picture on both screens at the same time – turned out my graphics card didn’t have two HMDI ports :P), has the lenses at 25° each, and the screens at 12.5°.)

I have copied the same post that i wrote to the ultrawings 2 developers and vtol vr developer:

They said me was useful. Really it is only check a option into unity and doesn’t affect others hmds, but if they don’t have other canted displays, they can’t watch the issue.

im 1000% sure thats pure bs there is no PP hit always since all games are made for the common non canted displays headsets,im sure i had way more fps with a vp2 in elite dangerous than 8kx with PP on at small fov,in order to adjust for the canted displays they have to render at much higher resolutions,you can clearly see that when turning pp on and look at steam vr res increase

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thx alot for making a post too

anyway for anyone wondering i got it playable now at small fov,pp on fsr 0.85 and heavy 0.7 foveated rendering with vr perf tool kit,the game is fun tho.

Yes. They need to render much larger bitmaps than canted, in order to A) frame the same 103° FOV per eye, with the extreme periphery 60° degrees out from straight ahead (as opposed to only 50° out when rendering canted), and B) match resolution in one edge of frame, which means rendering the same resolution for the opposite edge, including where it falls outside the visible FOV, especially manifesting in vertical FOV increase, in small FOV mode. Also…

…The Vive Pro 2 per-eye FOV is in fact very similar, at 98°, and with the far end at 58°, so about the same per-eye FOV and obtuseness.

BUT… Aside from perspective stretching of resolution, which absolutely adds its bits, much of the shading (…but not rasterization) on that large frame should be culled, since it falls in the areas covered by the hidden area mask.

There is resolution “stretching/compressing” from one end to the other, and rendering a certain average PPD (quality) over a certain FOV (apples-to-apples-or-at-least-apples-to-apple-sauce), for PP-to-canted, or for PP native should absolutely favour the latter by virtue of being “more optimal”, in terms of performance, but not all THAT much so.

That said: If a title does not use the hidden area mask (is there any that do not?); then it can of course not be saved.

i know from experience coming to fallout 4 from vp2 to 8kx with pp on fps hit was very noticeable at similar fov even tough vp2 has higher ppd luckily the motion smoothing is decent on pimax,but what youre saying is 8kx at the same image fidelity and same fov with PP on should perform the exact same as a headset that doesnt require PP?then that means 8kx performs way way better than every single other headset when the game does not require Parallel projection right?weird because with PP on all i know is that my fps is heavily hit on a 3080 either being msfs 2020 or whatever game that needs it,now ofc with vr perf tool kit is amazing and life saver,but this bug is so annoying and easy to fix it makes me mad and if it wasnt for vr performance tool kit,the game wouldnt even be playable on a 3080 at small fov native res pp on medium low settings.

Well, with all the caveats in my previous post; Not the exact same, of course, but if things are done reasonably efficiently, it shouldn’t be several miles off, to my mind.

Just played the game for about an hour. While the 180 bug is there I found that it only happens when I turn my head more than around 90 degrees to the right. Hope they fix it soon, but until then I didn’t find it difficult to avoid having it happen. At least not enough to be worth turning PP on.

hehe youre at the tutorial stage,wait till the ghepards and tribes tryna get you and you will understand my frustration,its very disorienting

LOL, you’re probably right…of course as hard of a time as I’m having getting anywhere in the game, they’ll probably have fixed it before I get to any leopards or tribes! :slight_smile:

also the bug will move around with each boot,you can even kinda adjust it to your back by recentering,sometimes i had it 2 degrees to my right,so it doesnt stay in the same spot

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He’s correct. The 8KX with PP on would perform the the same as any other headset with the same FOV and rendered pixel size using parallel screens.

Using PP “tricks” SteamVR / the game into thinking the Pimax has normal, unangled screens. Then it changes what is rendered to fit the actual angled screens. But this means some is squashed / stretched to fit. So you need more pixels / a greater res to maintain the same minimum “rendered pixel size”.

Without PP we just render one pixel per pixel (or per unit area on the screen) and benenefit from the angled sceens being closer at the sides than parallel ones would be.

i dont see my 8kx performing 25% better than a vive pro 2 at small fov and same percieved res wich has a normal display,vp2 has also higher res so its dificult to compare,but i doubt thats the case we cant also test this as no other headset has huge fov and huge fov isnt possible without canted displays anyway,but lets say i wanna play a game at normal fov on my 3080 right?with pp off its already very demanding,with pp on its crazy demanding,at normal fov i lose about 35% performance of something already very demanding,at small i lose about 25% and at potato around 10% ive tested,now imagine 12k qled at that 2.5x resolution of the 8kx and proly no eye tracked foveated rendering for years in actual games,who that 12 k qled would be for?a 4090 wont suffice so who?the decepticons?but since yall making excuses instead of leaving a up on steam welp enjoy the stellar and “normal” performance,its gonna be common.