Fiberoptic cable failing again and unable to get a replacement

The first fiberoptic cable for my 8KX failed after 7 months. I opened a ticket with Pimax support at the time (#29916), and they had me waste hours of effort trying to prove to them that the cable had failed when I could already prove that the headset works perfectly when I switched it to my backup fiberoptic cable. I was very unimpressed by their customer service in a situation where the answer was already clear from the start because I had already done all the troubleshooting and already replaced the failed part which demonstrably fixed the problem.

After going back and forth with Pimax on this for a week or two, they finally agreed that the fiberoptic cable had failed. At which point the tech passed me on to another associate to handle the RMA… who then told me oh, Pimax only warranties accessories for 6 months, and my purchase was 7 months ago. So they won’t cover it.

I was unimpressed with this response. Particularly since the unusually short duration of Pimax’s warranty is more or less hidden on their website, and I wasn’t aware of it before this.

Well, it’s 6 months later now and what had been the backup fiberoptic cable is now starting to fail. Since Pimax support is useless on supporting the accessories they sell, I won’t be bothering to file another ticket and have more of my time wasted. I’ll just buy another one from them.

Only I can’t. I tried to buy another cable at the time I put the backup into service, but they’re unavailable on Amazon. And when you try to buy one from Pimax’s website, it says there are no shipping options. I had hoped this situation would clear sometime before the cable failed, and I have tried again to buy one multiple times and tried again just now, but the situation persists.

How can I get a replacement cable?

(And note that this is one of the reasons why I’ve said that when someday another company starts selling consumer VR headsets with wide FOV, I expect to ditch Pimax instantly. Pimax’s warranty support is trash)


I think they are still in stock here, I could buy one and forward it on for you but that is a ridiculous solution tbf. I do wonder what is going on with the lack of cables. Are they trying to phase out the vision series entirely? This definitely isn’t the way to do it.


There are often gaps. At least two or three weeks ago there were some on Amazon. Wait until @PimaxQuorra comes back from holiday…

btw. 6months warranty for spare cables are normal by the most manufacturers. unfortunately
Valve was (at least in the past) slightly better. But the cable also costs almost 140 euros.



Please allows me to check the ticket and which region you’re located at?

I have to confirm with the sales team on the stock availability.


Yeah OP I feel your pain, Pimax cables seem to fail quite frequently and i’ve just checked availability to my country (UK), and it’s zero. Bit concerned because if my cable fails i’m knackered. @PimaxQuorra how can I obtain an 8KX cable in the UK?


We have cables in stock and ships worldwide. We are still awaiting delivery of the adapter version cable for 5K+ and 5KXR etc. You can find it here Webshop |
Or contact us at
We are located in Sweden


@PimaxQuorra Thanks for looking into this. I live in San Jose, California, USA.

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I’m actually not too concerned about that part. From my experience and the experiences of many friends I know with VR, tether cables are a wear item, no matter what brand you’re talking about. All of them fail. Some last longer than others, but that seems to have more to do with your usage than anything else.

I’m a very heavy VR user, and I have full body tracking. So I’m often in positions that may be pinching the cable against the floor or wall right at the back of the headset, and I suspect this is what puts accelerated wear on it. I move around a lot. I wear out tether cables faster than most.

I can live with replacement cables being as expensive as they are. That part is not unreasonable as they are long and complex cables being made in relatively low numbers. But, as wear items, replacements do need to be readily available for purchase.


I agree. It looks to me Pimax are quietly phasing out the 8KX and its accessories, the 8KX is no longer listed for sale on Amazon here, neither is the cable. Understandable I suppose as the Crystal & Portal are the focus now but worrying if they stop selling consumables like the cable. I want to use my 8KX until the 12K trade-in.


That is strange because Pimax would no longer be a wide FOV HMD manufacturer as the 12k is nowhere to be seen.

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you can buy from POVVR, they helped me out for a cable on my 5k+, not found anywhere else.
very serious and super nice

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Do you have an 8KX 6m cable you can ship to the UK?

We now have 1 optical cable left in stock. And yes we Ship to UK.

When I try to purchase the cable from your website, it says you don’t ship to the USA.

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It should be fixed now.

I volunteered to print a pair of lens adapters (for fitting Samsung Gear lenses into a Vive) for somebody once… They weighed a scant few grams all together – the postage cost for mailing those few grams across the pond came as a bit of a shock… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, as an individual it’s ridiculous but if you’re a business then you can get pretty good rates as long as you have the volume.

Thank you. Ordered!

I bought 1 too from them 2 days ago, paid for it by PayPal as agreed via emails as the UK wasn’t accepted as a delivery address.

Thats sad. I would totally recommend an 8kx. Maybe once they start refurbishing 8kxs from trade-ins they will resell them?