Fiberoptic cable failing again and unable to get a replacement

I think that’s what they already do with the ‘outlet’ section but really weird that cables etc are so low in stock now. On Pimax’s website it’s even hard to find the accessory section now compared to before.

I’ve already written that it often happens that not everything is available right now. They don’t have thousands lying around and let always produced new when the stock was used up. This has been going on for years and is no reason to panic. :wink:

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If they just upgraded the displays (backlight maybe increased native resolution of the 8kx…nothing more -not even the input signal…Id pay a pretty penny for those upgraded 8kxs

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Just tried to buy a 6M FOC from PIMAX store and everything says ok but then it tells me …no shipping options for your address/location…funny, they delivered to this same location before…wonder what’s up with this. Could be they need all the Fiber Optic Cables to ship with the new headsets…so none for us peasants…I ordered my original 6M FOC in December 2020 and received it January 2021…still working…fingers crossed it continues. I wonder why the failures are happening…mine is used for seated only so not much in the way of bending or twisting…maybe that is a factor?

I spoke to a PIMAX rep from California (Chinese person so difficult to get points across sometimes) (they were very nice and actually called me back after I initially called there help line) they said that it would be 2-3 months before we see 6m FOC shipping and available in the PIMAX store…I guess we wait and see…not really any choice in the matter.


6M FOC cable from arrived today well packaged in 7 days from Sweden to the UK, worked out cheaper than Amazon and Pimax. Can recommend this seller :+1:


Great to know, thanks! Will definitely check them out in the future if needed


Well, good job I bought a cable just in case, my non FOC 8KX has just failed, if I wouldn’t have bought a FOC when I did last month I would be up the creek without a paddle! I hope Pimax or or Amazon has them in stock again at some point as now I have no spare.