DFR on Droolon eye-tracking


Is it possible to use Droolon Pi1 and DFR on any headset? (assuming I can fit droolon to the headset)
Last update 3.27.52 covers compatibility with all headsets and DFR fix as I see. ( Eye Tracking update 3.27.52 )
What does it mean?
May I expect DFR working on SteamVR/Oculus apps when using Droolon Pi1 with any headset like vive pro or valve index?

Thanks, Helen

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Difficult to say… However @guppyexpress woild likely be able to answer this as he saved the Droolon Pi from being just an overpriced lens protector. :thinking:

@guppyexpress I’d appreciate your answer here. Thanks!

So the DFR fix was a bug that some Pimax users were unable to to use DFR with the ET.

The ET module is compatible with all VR headsets as of that update. As for the DFR?
The DFR is not fully compatible with all headsets yet. But I am getting there But there is a larger bug that I need to fix first causing 100+ gb error log files. I first had to “unlock” it to be able to be used on all headsets. But eventually I will be getting DFR working on all headsets.

but at the current moment DFR will not work on all headsets

sorry for lack of response i thought i sent this message already.


Sorry, what’s ET? I just set up the Droolen eye-tracking and setup the software. Is it supposed to work with Automobilista 2? I can’t get it to run. It says DFR is inactive. Is AseeRunTime supposed to load along with Pitool? There is a little icon at the bar with red and blue dots…so it loaded? And I set the DFR of Automobilista 2 to balanced. When I load up the game…there is no gain in performance of course because DFR is inactive? Question is why?

ET stands for Eye Tracking. Does Automobilista support FFR(Fixed Foveate Rendering)?

Only games that work with FFR will work potentially with DFR.

No Automobilista 2 does not support FFR but I thought the Droolen eye-tracking can render at the driver level which mean any game may work? Anyway, I tested out some other games and it appears to work such as Half Lyfe Alyx, Wigigi (movie app) and SteamVR home…it changed the status to DFR active. It seems like AMS2 and Project Cars 2 won’t work which suck because that’s all I play…racing sims. Also BigScreen doesn’t work…although I do not need to go DFR on it (just testing).

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Unfortunately no. The ET does not perform any rendering. It processes your eye position to say Pi Renderer which then if you have an Nvidia RTX card uses Nvidia FFR to inject Foveate rendering into games that support Variable Rate Shading.

That being said I recall a user mentioning that some game’s flag FFR injection as a possible cheat being used. I believe Fholger’s FSR mod replaces iirc openvr.dll to enable FSR with a config txt file. As this mods the game some Anti cheats will false flag these until the cheat engine/game whitelists these rendering optimizations(I will call it).

So what is the status of the DFR currently? I see no “turn on” or “turn off” switch in the pimax client app. I have stopped using the pitool but I am willing to go back to it if I can get DFR working on supporting titles.

In any case, there needs to be a thread in here to guide us around regarding the droolon eye tracking module. Is there a place to see how to install it, how to install it along side the comfort kit, how to set it up, what software to download (I downloaded nothing) where to find settings, how to enable it, if it works with pimax client or the pitool or both. These all are a big mystery to me and I suppose they are a bit of a search and find procedure for everyone.

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Not sure on the Client Software settings.

But here is topic in Guide Category that has installation.

Give me a moment to find @guppyexpress ’ fix that makes the ET well.

@PimaxUSA might have sone ideas on the Pimax Client with DFR setting.

Ok, so let me get something. I need to have aSeeVR running at all times if I want DFR to be picked up?

Also, is there a setting in the pitool? I see nothing in the pimax client.

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Tbh as I am still using a gtx 1080ti I am not sure. But for DFR the Asee program will be needed.

Would need input from someone like Guppy who has extensive knowledge on the ET or another user whom is using it.

Great, will love to hear any suggestions.
I too was on a 1080ti till a couple of days ago. I just got me a 4090 and I really want to test out all the goodies… :smiley:

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That’s awesome upgrade congrats!

Though be aware that sone users on the 8kX are experiencing some issues that seem to be related to changes in the 40series vs the 30series.

You might not be affected if still using the 5k+.

Some users have found disabling things like msi afterburner hss resolved at least in part. While others this has not worked; Nvidia and pimax are looking into this. This has affected other hi res hmds. Varjo had to create a fw fix as it was completely unusable on launch. Not sure if it is a workaround firmware they made or a perm fix.

Actually it was a lucky upgrade. I was not really planning to do so. I am with a 5k+ at the moment and pretty happy with it tbh.

Have installed all software related to ET but it seems that aSeeVR creates some sort of interference with the sound on the hmd. It’s a bit annoying. However, with that software running, the pimax client displayed the DFR selection with four options. off, Maximum, Medium and Low. Just like FixedFR. Due to the humming sound though I was forced to close aSeeVR and DFR won’t work without it.

I really think there is nothing to do beyond that. ET seems to be working, DFR and all on titles and software that support it, but it’s way too annoying to have it buzz in your ears throughtout your gaming experience.I guess I’ll be disabling it for now and keep my eyes peeled for upgrades that fix the issue (if possible)

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if your using the ET connected to the hmd usb-c port you maybe getting some kind of noise maybe. Iirc you need to use the side usb-c port for the usb 3 speed. in the topics I linked pimax was in the past recommending using a seperate usb to pc but I believe Guppy’s work may have removed the need for the seperate cable directly connected to pc.

He would be best as.mentioned as he did a fantastic job getting this working well.

The section for FFR auto changes into the DFR setting once the ET is plugged in and enabled.


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