Cyberpunk 2077 VR Enhancement Guide

So, I’ve been fiddling with getting Cyberpunk to look and play at its best for quite some time now. And I thought I’d share some of my findings. Keep in mind i have a 3080Ti so YMMV


Download one or both of the following VR mods here

Vorpx mod (Download for free) or the
R.E.A.L VR Mod (Patreon) by @LukeRoss

Both of these mod use a 3D technique called AER (Alternate Eye Rendering), which has some limitations with noise and ghosting when certain temporal filters are used.

Also you may notice that the H.U.D elements are not completely visible when locked to your head.

Well I have found solutions for all of these problems and more… read on. :sunglasses:

Improve quality of DLSS by upgrading

The version that is currently shipping with the game is from last year. Download the latest dlss dll from here installing this seems to improve quality of DLSS significantly. Drop it in your bin/x64 folder.

Fix Blurryness Artifacts and Ghosting

(**EDIT April 2022 - It seems DLSS may not actually work with TAA forced off also turning it off helps the Vorpx mod a lot, due to its somewhat less refined AER implementation, but I now suggest keeping TAA on and DLSS as high as you can tolerate for the Luke Ross Mod as it still looks great and massively improves your FPS)

DLSS tends to soften and blur the image (this is actually an advantage when disabling TAA below, and can lead to significant performance boosts… Unfortunately even with DLSS off the game has permanently enabled TAA that you can’t seem to get rid of…until now

Download this MOD Disable TAA and Bloom. (Use the second link in the Files section, the one that uses “ini” files.)

This will disable the built in TAA which normally cannot be turned off. This will COMPLETELY eliminate the artifacts and ghosting around objects as well as make the game super crisp. (Some people call this Aliasing :slight_smile: )

If the Aliasing bothers you can can counter it in Vorpx by either disabling FSR (I wouldn’t) reducing the Sharpness. (I set mine to 0.25) and or Increasing your resolution.

You can also add the FXAA reshade filter to get rid of some jaggies.

After doing this it was a night and day difference totally gorgeous, I seriously cannot go back.

Fixing the UI clarity

Also the game has a visual effect on the H.U.D which adds Chromatic Aberration and ghosting to all UI elements. (Funny, in VR we get that effect for free)

Download this , Purify The UI. Nuff said.

Fixing the H.U.D

Download this. Huditor

This mod will let you move the HUD elements around and closer to the center of your view to make the UI readable.

The following are improvements I have noticed on various headsets. Each one seems to need different settings

Headset Specific Tips



  1. On my oculus quest I find that setting the Refresh rate to 90Hz works best.(This will drain your battery faster so beware) Before I discovered the Disable TAA trick above, I had to set the Quality on Vorpx Menu to Phenomenal to look good enough. With the TAA mod, I can now get similar quality at “Nicer” resolution.

  2. I found that in most cases Disabling the Framerate cap allowed my FPS to rise well above 60 sometimes even hitting 70’s or 80’s depending on where I am.
    I also disable the Tracking Prediction and Smoothing this felt right for me (no judder when turning)

I saved my settings here if you want to try it,

My Vorpx mod settings for oculus

backup your “bin/x64/vpxCP2077” folder and extract my settings file into it replacing the Data folder.

R.E.A.L VR Mod

I can easily use the 2400 res or the 2700 res. and it looks great, going higher didn’t seem to yield any significant advantage and just lowered my FPS

Pimax 8KX


I usually run at 72fps on “Great” preset, (I haven’t actually tried the TAA mod yet on the Pimax so I might be able to lower that Preset to Nicer and set the Hz of the Headset to 90. I’ll update this post if it works out.)

Update April 2022 : The latest version of the R.E.A.L mod added some amazing improvments specifically for Pimax and the performance is through the roof!

Disable motion smoothing and Enable Parallel Projections (someone on this forum claimed that they were able to Enable Motion Smoothing on PITool and disable it in the Vorpx mod) I haven’t tried this yet.

R.E.A.L Mod

Disable Parallel Projections.! This mod doesn’t need it.
I set the resolution to 2700, and my FOV t Potato or Small. I’m sure I could go higher by I find it’s large enough.


This next tip is for any headset on the R.E.A.L mod, Reshade doesn’t seem to work for me with Vorpx.

The REAL mod is actually based on Reshade and you can place your reshade shaders in a folder under bin/x64

Download ]Reshade](
You will need to install Reshade to a different Directx 11/12 game, (not directly to cyberpunk or it will overwrite the dxgi.dll file used by the mod.)

  • Installing the FakeHDR, FGFX, VRToolkit plugins completely improves the black levels of the LCD headsets. HUGE DIFFERENCE! :open_mouth:

Note: When installing Reshade 5.0 you will see a reshade-shaders folders with other files and folders inside

reshade-shaders/Shaders/VRToolkit/     <-- (wont get picked up)
reshade-shaders/Shaders/FGFX/  <-- (wont get picked up)

By default the Real Mod doesn’t seem to load Shaders from the sub-folders, to get all your shaders to show up add the paths to the *RealVR.ini" file located in the “bin/x64” folder, open it and add your additional shader paths. (This can also be done from inside the R.E.A.L Mod menu but this is easier)


EDIT (3/7/2022): Try the Oilify effect its really cool. Its like living in a cyberpunk painting.

Fixing Gun Face (Real Mod)
Thanks to a recent update Luke Ross has allowed us to look around freely without the gun staying in front of you. But you have to enable it in the Real Mod Menu.

Anyway that’s it for now, I will update this if I find any more tips. Do you have any tips that improve Cyberpunk feel free to share them here in the replies.


Very useful, thanks!

Cool ~ Very nice guidence!!
Thank you for you Guide. Please check a gift card in the PM


Great post, thanks for doing it!

One tip, you can also disable the TAA by adding the following into the general.ini file:

Antialiasing = 0

The general ini file is located in the below folder (based on your game install location):

The game is MUCH clearer with TAA turned off, although I only have a 1080ti so can’t raise the resolution beyond the 1890 preset and still maintain good framerate. Still prefer the game this way though.


Have you found the performance of the real mod and vorpx to be similar with tweaked settings? I know originally you had said real performed a lot better, but ralf said if you set the settings the same they should be similar


Awes9m3 will add to guides

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Yeah , REAL definetly performs better. Even with the same settings , the FPS is a bit better.

Also if you jump back and forth between the two the headtracking on REAL is perfect feels as good as Native.

Its hard to set both mods “exactly” the same res. Since they don’t have the same ones.

Vorpx still has the edge with those motion controls though if you like them.


For sure, it’s honestly baffling that it’s not just a standard setting.

I’ve also noticed that disabling it gives a tiny FPS increase as well.(not quite as large as DLSS gives you, but …)

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Thanks drowhunter, they are really usefull tips, especially disabling TAA; it is totally a visual changer. Hopes that Lukeross repair the weapon aiming problem… I can not pass the tutorial :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Finally got the new Luke Ross mod! Works very well in nonparallel projection mode, guns are fixed, but his setup only allows 1:1 resolutions…looking for a way around that…also need to try disabking TAA and fixing DLSS as above.


ah ok thx, i havent tried it on my 8kx (or quest 2) yet been a bit busy, good to know guns are fixed, it means i will have to resubscribe to Luke’s patreon to get the updated mod.

do u know what fps you are getting with your 8kx?

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Oh cool I cant wait to try it. I will update my post above to reflect this afterwards!

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Thanks for the amazing guide!
Looks like I should try this.
What is the control scheme?
No motion controls I’m guessing? So mouse and keyboard still works?

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Mouse/keyboard or xbox controller works ok for Vorpx and Luke Ross’s CP 2077 mods.
Vorpx’s can use motion controllers to a degree, its not proper full motion control support, it’s “gesture” based but ive read some people think it works well (i’ve not used it).


Yes Vorpx has pseudo motion controller support it works quite well.

I asked Ralf the creator if he could bind the grenade throwing gesture to match the way the character actually throws the grenade and he said he will add it in the next update .

I thought the new 3.1 update would make the Luke mod work like it does in the vorpx mod for weapons view but it doesn’t and doesn’t come close to Vorpx’s decoupled head movement. Its really hard to use Lukes mod knowing Vorpx does combat so much better.

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Getting 60fps but think I could do better at a 16:9 resolution. Havent figured out a workaround

Any idea how to change a resolution other than 1:1. 16:9 would be good for Large FOV of 8kx, where somewhere in between for normal view

In Vorpx I’m getting about 60 fps too. Maybe a few more fps in Lukes mod.
To change res in Vorpx mod there’s an ini file where u can specify res, or do it through the vorpx UI.
For Lukes CP mod u can change res in the game but i think it was only square resolutions, like 2400x2400 or 3200x3200 etc but idk how to set custom resolutions.


Yep. I tried Vorpx and the head movements were all wrong - I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong as it’s true with all vorpx games. I also had to use PP mode.

I’m working with Luke Ross to get him to allow resolutions other than 1:1. So frustrating. Half the screen (well 19%) is above and below the FOV of the Pimax. He did say he can’t make Large FOV work, but that Normal FOV works. I agree, but Normal view has a native res of 3788x3176. Hopefully he will add that at least. I also noted that he uses reshade and openvr_api.dll, so perhaps fholgers mod could be used as well to get FFR?

I just tried editing the usersetting.json that REAL mod overwrites and it defaults back to 1080x1080. I know Luke had problems ensuring other people would use 1:1 for their headsets, but I hope he let’s that go. His mod appears to be very efficient. I also heard that replacing the DLSS file with a different one fixes the “fuzzy trees” . I hope so, because otherwise the mod is VERY cool.


Yup, I mentioned that here

Can you describe what you mean when you say the head movements are all wrong? Is it not rotating about your neck? I’ll admit I haven’t been using my Pimax much for this mod since there are less issues with other headsets. I will try right now and see if I can replicate.

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