Luke Ross Mods Discussion

Love that Pimax is working with him.

I’d be super interested in what titles you have discovered.

The ones that come most immediately to mind are Greedfall and Cyberpunk, where (with a lot of playing with SuperDepth settings, mind you), I was able to get some spectacularly low-distortion results but still retain a good amount of depth. (Note, I use relatively conservative depth settings in both vorpX (Z3D solutions) and SuperDepth3D/VR, as I really dislike the distortion from Z3D solutions. If you try to push either of them to provide anything like the depth you can get from good G3D you’ll have horrible distortion, halos, etc.)

is this mod full playable whit xbox controll?

Yes, I use an Xbox 360 controller to play it

I made a guide with all of my discoveries regarding running these mods here.

@Heliosurge can you add it to the guides?

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Next update is gonna be huge! Only reason U have left to use Vorox mod is for the motion controls. I might have been the one who Inception this into his head.

I messaged him privately about whether or not he’s played the Vorpx Mod and saw how he was able to not havr Gun Face and then less than 24 hours later he posts this.

I also commented on the ADS that you have to close one eye to aim because its misaligned.

Each if my complaints he’s addressing. $13.50 well spent :money_mouth_face:


The new mod with gun fixes in place. Regrettably still forced to use 1:1 resolutions. But it works in nonpp mode.

i dont understand what the big deal is with the patreon support because its not a lot of money and i became a patreon just for Horizon zero dawn and i did not even play it that much because im full in playing Forbidden west
but i think its great that someone puts in this effort to bring more games to vr and the support is really good so i think its well deserved and he will probably make lots of other mods and i support that he is making al the efforts in optimizing things for the 8kx because i believe that will deliver the best experience in the end so really thinking about giving cyberpunk another try when it was first released on playstation it was so dissapointing

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Yeah, I guess it’s all about point of view and personal finances.

There’s no real right answer.

Luke was prettry straight forward that his Patreon is about supporting him and not about owning the product.

Preydog releases all RE Engine games for free and he also has a Patreon and says support me if you want.

Different devs have different situations.

Lukes mods are labelled “Early Access” but other than GTAV, none of his mods have gone to the public yet.

I support alot of projects even though I’m not forced to like Yuzu because I want to support them when I can, but even if I dont want to I can still get the emulator even if its just a month behind on updates.

I think the problem is outside of Cyberpunk his other mods are so well done, that they have released and pretty much dont require constant updates. I suspect that once his CP mod settles down it will not require any more updates unless CDPR break the mod with a patch.

I don’t think there’s any shame in dropping support when you get what you want, and then wait for the next big game to join up again. It’s only reasonable.

Sure everyone has got to do what they want ofcourse
But i became a patreon for the HZD mod but when I played it the experience wasn’t all to great and I made a comment about some issues and like 2 days later hey I fixed all the problems you talked about except for the ones I need to fix with the pimax devs and I was like this guy actually gives a sh it i mean loads of people in you’re direct surroundings couldn’t care less and a guy I don’t even know cares about me being able to enjoy his mod
That’s just cool and he earned my respect
Also the people here on the forum lots of them are really helpful and respecting each other’s opinions there are lots of forums around but youknow lots of people with there comments like they think they know it all and making fun of people just because there are no direct consequences but here everyone likes to discuss stuff help each other out where they can like sharing al there knowledge not keeping the good tips to themselves but for a community on the internet this is rare and it’s great to be a part of it :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Luke just announced another big update coming for the cyberpunk mod within the next couple of days. A lot of improvements for the Pimax headsets. Below is a list of the changes in the incoming update:

  • no more “firing from the chin” in any situation: my previous release 3.1.0 had already solved the issues with aiming down the sights, allowing you to push the gun and the character’s arms into a correct and more comfortable position, but the upcoming one will also allow for complete camera control when hip-firing without any need for third-party mods. The same camera control can be used to raise V’s point of view to a more natural height when walking, and there will also be independent controls for the 1st person driving camera;
  • shooting from vehicles (the game only allows you to do that as a passenger, and in certain scripted missions) will now work correctly, with proper gun placement and gaze tracking both in crosshair mode and when aiming down the sights;
  • turrets (again, scripted during some missions) will be fully controllable by gaze-based aiming and you’ll no longer be required to blindly guess where your shots are going to land;
  • all blades will work as expected (even the weirdo ones, you know what I’m talking about!) and so will shooting around corners from behind cover;
  • the HUD will now headlock automatically when you look at lootable objects (briefcases, corpses, etc.) so it will be possible to quickly and thoroughly explore everything, even when stuff lies on the ground. I’ve found that this radically changes the game experience for the better, and I’m really sorry that it took me so much time to find out how to detect this kind of interaction;
  • canted screens (like those on Pimax headsets, the Valve index in raw mode, and the Reverb G2 with its weird less-than-one-degree angle) will now be first-class citizens in my mod, and even with the huge angles of Pimax HMDs the objective markers in the Cyberpunk 2077 HUD will no longer appear double or misaligned;
  • Virtual Desktop will be fully supported by all my Patreon mods! You’ll be able to play wirelessly with the same quality and smoothness that earlier was only possible using the Link cable or Air Link. Guy Godin and I worked together for weeks to make sure that you’ll get a perfect experience, with all the convenience that Virtual Desktop offers;
  • my Cyberpunk 2077 mod will implement a new experimental feature to resize your in-game resolution dynamically at runtime, so that it adapts perfectly to your headset’s field of view for maximum clarity and performance. This was mostly true already for headsets with normal FOV like the Quest 2, which work best with rendering aspect ratios of about 1:1, but you will get great improvements with large-FOV headsets like the Valve Index, and huuuge improvements with crazy-FOV HMDs like the Pimax family!
  • speaking of Pimax, after much hair-pulling I finally found the root cause of their performance issues, and I’m now seeing frame rate improvements of about 30%, which bring them on par with top-performing headsets like the Index and the Quest 2. I also solved the Pimax stereo image problems that could cause discomfort and mess with your depth perception when using alternate eye rendering, which were due to a bug in their SteamVR driver. The same fix will also allow you to use Mono mode even with raw (non-parallel) projections;
  • the mod overlay will no longer overflow the Windows desktop, even when playing at super-high resolutions, so it will be possible to fully navigate my UI with the mouse at all times;
  • you’ll be able to bind any key on the keyboard to the Recenter function, which is especially important for people who have accessibility problems and find it hard to use the headshake gesture.

Good news. I asked Luke if the Pimax performance improvements in the upcoming release would work for the previous mods also and got the below response:

“Most of them will, right away. The dynamic resolution thing will need special backporting and it might not be possible for all games, because several engines don’t like the game window being resized to arbitrary dimensions and/or have aspect ratio restrictions”


anybody got the vr performance tool kit working with luke mod?i feel like i could use some foveated rendering with my 8kx

look at those Pimax improvements!

Well technically Canted display improvements.

The PiTool foveated render was working previously.

tried it a little but i dont think it works i see no change at the edge.

also im the only one that stands up when exiting the car and when im driving i sit and use my wheel?standing feels more immersive idk why i prefer it but after 3 4 hours my feet are done lol.


Im planning on using my wheel, havent gotten around to setting it up yet. What software are you using to map the wheel?

New version HUD is crazy, and I think its out. :thinking: