Anyone tried an 8kx paired with a 6800XT? Not looking great for me

Just got one today, and after hours of tinkering I cant get it to work better than my OC’d 2080TI with Blowers. Even tried OC’ing the 6800xt with marginal but not great improvements.

Ive only tried it in Iracing as I figured that was an optimized game to start but I havent been impressed to say the least. Give you a comparison on my current settings I could run the 2080TI with 120SS and reach the same performance with 100SS on the 6800xt.

Maybe the drivers need work, but this is concerning for potentially anyone who had their eye on one.

3d Mark demo test for reference on difference there Result

My rig is a
32GB -3200hz


You might want to check this review at babeltechreviews.
Its, a good guess, - but I assume what seems strong there (for VIVE, Index) will be better also for the 8KX, but look for yourself, they have nice Diagramms for Frametimes, Droped and Synth:

VR Wars: The RX 6800 XT vs. the RTX 3080 - 15 games benchmarked (


Mixed summerzied it (source AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT im VR-Benchmark ( ):

Titel Einstellungen RX 6800 XT RTX 3080
Assetto Corsa Competizione VR High 126 138
ARK: Park Highest + 200% SS 175 267
Boneworks Highest + 160% SS 210 190
Elite Dangerous Ultra 141 148
Fallout 4 VR High 152 145
Half-Life: Alyx Ultra + 200% SS 145 158
Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Highest + 170% SS 96 109
Into the Radius High + 110% SS 135 151
No Man’s Sky High 108 126
Obduction Epic 112 130
Project CARS 2 Highest 123 117
Skyrim Highest + SS max 134 158
Subnautica Highest 110 102
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter High + 200% SS 250 258
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Highest + 150% SS 116 120

Edit: added the tables for 3090-3080-2080TI


Oh and also NVidia announced DLSS 2.1 - with VR Support :- :grin: - that would be really something if that finds good support!
I hope ATI comes around also with something - fact is they are a bit behind when it comes to that stuff - I hope they deliver that also, but I would guess not before end of 21/22.

Source: (2) NVIDIA RTX 30-Series – You Asked. We Answered : nvidia (
or on a news site: NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.1 VR Support Confirmed – Road to VR


Thanks for sharing the personal experience @hooligander ,
I guess it would be a good time none the less for pimax to see what could be done wit ATI (team up also like with NVidia?).


Hey thanks for all the feeback, I did see the reviews while I was waiting for delivery.

So i did test a few games vs my 2080TI which is now back in my system and ya this think wont work well for the 8kx. The only performance increase I had was in Dirt 2 which gave me a 5-10 FPS bump. ACC was about 10 FPS less basically making it unplayable vs the settings I had on the 2080TI

I had no CPU bottlenecks unless the card was under 75HZ which is fairly normal. Likely a prime candidate for any other Pimax HMD due to their 2k like resolutions strengths.

All in all I got pretty lucky and managed to find someone after 1 day of owning it that had a new inbox 3080 they wanted to trade for RDNA optimization in their game.

I will report back on how the 3080 works in a week or so


the only mayor downside is the 3080 only has 10 gb memory, games like skyrim and aerofly fs2 already are using almost 11gb with my settings and i would like to supersample more with my 8kX

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It would be interesting to see such tests with a non-Pimax headset? I wonder if the perf. diff (which does not correspond to what I would expect according to the already published pancake benchmarks) is because of Pimax-AMD combination or it is really related to VR in general?


Agreed, I think this is where the 3080 TI will help bridge that gap with the reported 20GB.


yes with your findings it’s better to get a cheap second hand 2080TI or wait and save for a 3080 TI

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ya forsure, my 2080TI with a decent overclock can get me pretty close to perfect in most my games. The investment on this card maybe worth while with some tuning on the driver side but we all know Nvidia is quite ahead on that curve ie DLS 2.1 VRSS etc.

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Agreed, if you see the pancake 4k #'s on the above review you can see more often than not its losing pace to the 3080. And those numbers of FPS are not far off what they speculated the 2080TI was behind in terms of % on vs 3080. I think most of us were expecting a 30% bump not accounting for OC’s on the 3080

The bandwidth requirements are likely to increase with resolution and the 6800XT hack to get around the slow ram of the small superfast ram cache is likely to get quickly overwhelmed on an 8KX.

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They also have a bit more benchmarking

I added the tables above in my post for easy comparison,.


Good clickbait Doc :wink:.


Haha… :smiley:

Well, it’s true in this one scenario:

I’m just thinking: What can the 6900XT achieve then? :slight_smile:

I’m still going for a 3080 Ti though (unless somethings changes again) as I don’t want to miss out on DFR (and possibly other stuff) Pimax-wise… :slight_smile:


The thing is, that its gone take AMD a bit off time to get all there Software/Hardware features together. NVidia had a head start. Like DLSS for VR, DFR ans so on.
But I am really happy to see AMD came back with a punch - its amazing to see what they did with the CPUs and also the GPUs. I also wonder how good the 6900xt will be.
I would also tend to the 3080TI… the 3090 seems to perform quite good in vr - some one should send babeltech an 8K X so we know how that translates for the Pimax HMD.

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I’m still waiting for any game to use multiview rendering. Ive been buying into nvidia’s VR features since the 1080 with no payoff.


ask and ye shall receive

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Weird. This proves to me that the 3090 is overpriced.

if the 6900xt weren’t AMD(and you didn’t care about VRSS) it would be the card to get.

Still between this and @mixedrealityTV benchmarks of the 3080 vs 2080Ti.

Even though in benchmarks it seemed that a 30% improvment was too small to be worth it. (I usually want at least 50% improvement before upgrading)

It looks like based on the frametimes that the upgrade from 2080Ti might be worth it because that 30% crosses a threshold.

Most of the frametimes you see for the 2080Ti where you see alot of yellow. The 3080 is solid green.

Whereas the 3080 to 3090 seems to go from solid green to solid green.

The one game that was poorly optimized (Subnautica) was equally as bad on 3090 as 3080.

I think a 3080Ti might be the perfect card.

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