About the Pimax 5K+ Black dots Replacement

Dear Community,

We have recently received a lot of feedback about the 5K+ product’s black dots, and we are very sorry about this. We will strengthen this aspect of testing in subsequent products to ensure quality assurance for each product.

For those users who have received black dots products before, we have decided to replace the new product for your to ensure the use and experience of backers
If you have a similar problem, please submit a SUPEN and our technicians technicians will judge your problem and we will have the fastest after-sales service to guarantee your satisfaction and product experience.

Thank you all for support us as we have, we are here to thank you for your loyalty.



Great very appreciate about this policy, I can promote to people with confident.

May I contact to a youtuber with 8,000,000 subscribers to test the headset if she interested.
I also have a plan to make meetup in Bangkok next week.


Really loving the Pimax support so far.


I am very honored to thank you.


Excellent news.
My 5k+ with cracks on the edges has visible black dots on the panels so hopefully the replacement wont have them.
Although to be fair I dont notice them most of the time.
They do however stand out very clearly when watching a video in bigscreen


So are you using new panels for the 5k+ which removes the black dots? @Matthew.Xu

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Awesome.Thank you very much

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Wow this is huge news!


That’s what I want to know also…if it’s the same panel then I’m not sure I’d want to bother with an exchange since there wouldn’t be any guarantee that I wouldn’t have the same problem and might end up with something worse like dead pixels…if a different panel is being used then I would definitely consider going for the exchange

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Sure, Pimax has had bumps along the way but to me it seems they always end up doing the right thing… :+1::wink:

Now if only people would stop complaining/dissing (I get the frustration, but not the rudeness of some) all the time and realize they’re really trying to get it right… :kissing_heart:

You guys rock…! :sunglasses::metal:


Thank you Pimax!!!
You are doing the right thing by your customers…and we appreciate it!!



Nice from pimax to offer a replacement for 5K+ affected about black dots :+1:

Can you let us know why recent 5K+ have almost not black dots anymore ? It seems like the panel manufacturer improved it and managed to reduce the black dots, that’s it ?

Also could you also make an official reply about the cracking housing ? There are a lot of recent report about that too:


Oh this is awesome news!
@matthew.xu if you can tell, what causes the black dots on the displays exactly?


Holy shit. If this aint the best support i have ever seen in my entire life :open_mouth:.

Really hope my unit comes without black dots and better plastic so i can avoid disturbing Pimax with all the hustle of replacing the product.

@Matthew.Xu you rock man :heart_eyes:.


You OK!!, you shore you dont want to sit down for a minute :slight_smile:

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This is great, thank you for your support!
So are you using new panels for the 5K+?
Same size and ppd of the panels?
Some backers with new units without black dots reported a kind of dirty effect/film on the screen, are you aware of it?
Thank you very much! @Matthew.Xu

Really hope this does not delay preorders. Dont think i can make it to march.


@Matthew.Xu Sounds like the MURA effect issue on Rift and Vive.

Are you terminally ill? :open_mouth:


LMAO, you were mean af XD