About Pimax business versions and models for the upcoming pre-order

Hi Community,

Since 2016, Pimax BE versions are designed and the best fit for business clients, rather than enthusiasts.

We find it’s necessary to discuss the BE versions openly with you.

BE versions Pimax 2.5K BE(1st generation Pimax BE version in 2016), Pimax 5K BE(2nd generation, still under development) : Requests by business clients, e.g. VR arcade, healthcare, education etc. General consumers, especially those who have limited experiences in VR or PC VR, BE versions can already provide unprecedented experiences and consumers can hardly notice SDE in relatively short time.

Consumer versions Pimax 4K, 5K+, 8K, 8K X: The goal of Pimax is to serve VR enthusiasts. Different from general consumers, people use PC VR every single day usually find SDE kills immersion. We adopt CLPL(customized low persistence liquid) screen in Pimax consumer versions to improve clarify and eliminate SDE for enthusiasts.

VR is an accumulated and balanced experience with impacting factors including: tracking, ergonomics, optics, content, interactions, modules, FOV, latency, and image quality(clarity, ppi, sde, color etc.) In order to reach our goal of creating the most immersive VR experience, we need every element good enough. One or two not-so-great element(s) would impact the whole experience. e.g. The pattern of pixels alone can impact immersion even though other aspects are great.

Thus, OLED does not equal to great VR experience. OLED tech today cannot surpass CLPL tech in terms of PPI and clarity. If you cannot tolerate SDE or you want the excellent clarity, Pimax consumer versions are the best options for you.

Based on the reasons above, we recommend 5K+, 8K, and 8K X, for VR enthusiasts and early adopters.

However, as we find some enthusiasts are interested in BE version. They hope to have more options based on their own preferences.

As always, your wish is our wish. We discussed today and decide to split certain amount from our business units to offer limited units (3000 - 5000) for backers and enthusiasts during pre-order.

In general, the BE versions would be much more expensive than consumer versions. In fact, 5K BE will be even higher than 8K consumer version.

The pricing not a reflection of the value. Because the costs for a BE version consist of product and high customization fees for business clients.

For the best benefits of our backers, we will offer backers special deals:

  1. Pimax8K backer can add $100 to switch to Pimax 5K BE;
  2. Pimax5K backers can add $200 to switch to Pimax 5K BE;
  3. Backers already made a decision, you can still change your mind.
  4. The above benefits apply to backers who already have received the headsets as well.

To be clear, we will have the following models during the pre-order:

  • Pimax 5K S = clpl screen. Standard 5K, demoed during Kickstarter roadshow. For limited countries/regions.
  • Pimax 5K Plus = clpl screen. Upgraded panel with higher PPI when comparing to 5K S
  • Pimax 8K = clpl screen. SDE free.
  • Pimax 5K BE = oled screen. Designed and customized for business clients. * Limited supply for consumers during pre-order, as requested by backers and the community.

Cost and retail price from low to high:
Pimax 5K S < 5K Plus < 8K < 5K BE

SDE from non-visible to visible:
Pimax 8K, 5K Plus, 5K S/5K BE

Please contact support@pimaxvr.com when you have decided the best headset for you!

To help you to make a decision, we will:

  1. provide official comparison on the Pimax website;
  2. ship testing units to reviewers asap; and
  3. bring the demo to you in meetups.

Upcoming Backer Meetups

Los Angeles 10/23
New York 10/25 - 10/26
San Francisco 10/28 - 10/30

Register here to reserve a spot:

More meetups will be updated on Kickstarter.
Interested in volunteering and meetup partnerships? Please shot an email to support@pimaxvr.com

Thanks again for your support!

Best Regards,
The Pimax Team


so the 5K BE may be the best one?

maybe better blacks/colours but possible SDE over 5K+?

Thats not what she is saying …


5K BE is the best one if you will use it only one time for 10 minutes, and then give it to another user.


hmm yes, but what makes it better, is it the colours?

@deletedpimaxrep1 could you not offer the same upgrade path for pimax 8K backers, add $200 to get 8K X? and get 5K+ loaner?

Must say that the concept of business clients accepting anything that is less anything, is totally alien to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The two foremost demands of such customers I figure would be 1) An extensive support contract being part of the deal, and 2) the devices being ruggedised, so that they can survive rough handling and weather (EDIT2: …which I write, to a great part, as a euphemism for “hygiene” :7), and repeated “hot swaps” (EDIT: with the user handover/fitting process being streamlined). After that, they should provide a higher fidelity experience than is possible to achieve at home, and that would allow you to e.g. closely inspect detail on a pre-production industrial design visualisation, and only after that can one begin to talk about custom labelling/styling.

I can only assume we’re talking targeting… hmm… “cheap” arcades, in places where customers are unlikely to have their own VR devices at home, which the arcade would have to surpass. :7



I bought a second pledge so I could have the 8K and 5K+ SO I DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE A DESCISION ANYMORE




Oh god…
Thank you for the update xunshu & thank you for the extra options.
From the information given, I think we should all dismiss this extra headset & not put ourselves through the whole 8k/5k+ thing again.
As much as reading the word oled makes my eyes light up, it seems these oled screens are not the full rgb upgrade we would be looking for. It might even be like going back to an og vive screen with low refresh, ghosting & maybe other problems.
I for one am going to forget about the 5k be for now unless in the unlikely event it is proven to be an improvement.


First of all many thanks for the generous offer, pimax!

In order to make a choice, however, I need all the technical data. HZ (63 or 85 or 90…), brightness, color banding exists or not, how is the SDE in the lens-shot comparison etc.?


I guess you just have to wait for more official details as answered above…


the question is why then even sell this to anyone, and at a higher price than the other ones, if anything it would be less, or just the same.

I guess it’s semi explained in the OP, basically they don’t make the screens very often so that’s why it’s more expensive?

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Time to buy a third one.


The reason its more expensive is I guess mainly the cost of buying oled screens.
I agree though.
it seems silly.
We all know oled can have better colours & blacker blacks but if it’s pentile & not full rgb then i would say it’s going to be a downgrade in most other areas.


While I agree that OLED has certain advantages there are three aspects that I am very interested in, before making changing decision:

  • subpixel arrangement
  • brightness
  • refresh rate


When are you going to send the 5K BE to testers?


If I change to a 5kbe does that I change from a backer to a preorder so no delivery until next year?

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Can somebody explain why business customers want to pay more money for an inferior version?

I know of businesses who paid more for their Vive’s but that was paying for the same consumer level product with additional phone/tech support. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious if they want to pay more for the 5KBE when the far cheaper 5K+ is superior?


Color fidelity could be an argument.

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We do not know what the Business Edition comes with yet.

It could be a more rugged casing
You might get priority repairs and a dedicated support engineer at your beck and call
You might get 100 cloth face covers with it
You might get expedited delivery