8k+ first user impressions by @neonrazor

Ok quick notes.

Packaging is xlnt, so much better than previous efforts. Was suprised at how small the box was but its well packaged and supported for transport. Headstrap is snuck away in the little half circle support bit, took a while to find as I just thought it was support packaging for the headset.

The new shape of the face pad makes a massive amount of difference, I have a lot of headsets and the pimax is now the most comfortable one to wear. It makes getting the headstrap on a pain but once its in its done. Takes so much weight off of your face and really makes the headset feel light. The only thing the index has over this now is the audio, which Pimax are sorting with the new MAS.

Using the thing is pretty much like the old one, plug in and go, I did update to the newest pitool and firmware thats in BETA but was working before that.

The new coating is nice, makes it feel a bit more premium although not sure what the overall goal is with it other than make it look nicer. It feels a bit more sturdy but I never had issues with the case before anyway.

Game wise I played No Mans Sky and Boneworks. The colors for me were xlnt, I have the 5K OLED one which I thought had xlnt color but had prominent SDE, the index is a nice headset but like looking through binoculars. There is no SDE on this headset, non at all, the only time I could notice anything is on the PIMAX landing page with the planets and noticed a bit of aliasing on the red planet but thats not SDE and really they need a better landing page (they should reach out to the community, give us the parameters of what they need regarding scene size, format etc and let us create one which better reflects the headset and its capabilities).

Previously i used my Index as my go to headset but now its the Pimax, its just a quality piece of hardware and is the best out there for consumers. I have the original rift, vive, index, pimax 5k BR, Quest and Go, and PSVR. Oh and Windows mixed reality Acer one which never gets used at all. Pimax smashes all of them, the FOV and the lack of SDE is stunning.

I know people have issues with their comms but its clear they are putting everything into product development right now, I really think they have got the best product on the market and they just need to push it out there, improve pitool if they can (work with valve to get that better) although its ok as it is. They need to work on the whole render quality vs Steam res thing, thats still confusing for people.

So in summary.
Packaging excellent
Comfort excellent
Visusals, No SDE and great colors.
Audio - lets hope MAS comes out soon as its the only bit thats lacking.

Get ordering :wink:


When did you pre-order? Curious as to just how many have shipped and how far along they are with that. Placed my order on Nov 4


Was very early, as soon as they where available to be honest, cant remember exactly.


Hello there,

Do the colors look the same as on the index?

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I think so but haven’t done a side by side comparison, I will try and do a compare later on tonight if I get time.


I like the idea of letting the community design better landing pages. It’s rather lacking.


Thank you very much for your initial impressions. Very helpful as I am trying to decide between Index and Pimax 8KX. In addition to the SDE and FOV (where clearly Pimax wins) I am also interested on other points, can you please send your comments?

  • In general people that have Index says that it’s a very balanced product and they don’t have any eyestrain or sickness issues with long sessions. Not sure if it’s related to the 120 / 144 Hz modes. With 5K they were complaining about this. Has these points improved in the 8K+?
  • What about distorsions? Have they been improved over the 5K?

Distortions due to the FOV seem reduced, not hugely noticable anyway.

Not really played with this one for that long but I never had any issues with the 5k OLED one anyway or any of my other headsets to be honest. 120hz I honestly have not noticed being considerably better with regards eye strain.

Index is very comfortable and the audio is very good but going back to it from a pimax really does feel like wearing binoculars, if you havent used a pimax it might not be noticable.

The screen on the pimax for me seems better, the lack of SDE is amazing as its so crisp.


If you had to give the headsets a 1-10 rating, what would your rate them? (Each of your headsets)


Oculus Go - 5/10 - great screen, some ok games, really only good for netflix and casual games due to 3DoF
PSVR - 6/10 - really great screen, lovely colours, some good games but low res, move controllers are shocking.
Vive - 6/10 - good at the time it came out but SDE is pretty bad now and wands are not really very good
Oculus Rift original - 7/10 - fit and finish isnt great but screens ok, the touch controllers were excellent though.
Oculus Quest - 9/10 - screen is great, controllers are great, hand tracking is showing promise, some amazing games making stunning use of the limited graphics, oculus link means its both rift s and stand alone really. Overall best all round headset for general gaming.
Valve index - 8/10 - Screen is stunning, index controllers are amazing, sound is amazing and still have no idea how they make it that good, loses out on FOV as it is like looking through binoculars, great binoculars but still. Build quality is great, fit is also very good.
Windows Mixed Reality - 3/10 - if you can pick one up for 100 quid it might be worth it else done bother, controller tracking is rubbish and the screens are poor too. Maybe the newer ones are better but controller tracking when it lost sight was terrible.
Pimax 5k BR - 6/10 - OLED screen was lovely for colours but SDE marred what was a great FOV, really was amazing to play fallout 4 and skyrim and feel like you where there.
Pimax 8k+ - 8/10 - The screen really is excellent, no SDE, maybe not as bright as the index and the hassle you have to go to with pimax render quaility and then the whole setting it up in steam with custom res and switching off Parallel projections makes that set up a hassle. Once you have dialed it in though, wow, the FOV with an amazing screen is breath taking. Build quality is much better than it was and the new face surround makes it incredibly comfortable, time will tell if long play sessions make it better. Sound lets hope for the MAS being great as well.

So what do I use most, well its the quest, put it on and play, starts up straight away, no messing about and its great to use.

What did I use the to play no mans sky, index, just a nice screen and comfortable fit but I did notice the binocular tunnel like view.

What will i use, well I have only played with it for an hour but the pimax 8k+ feels comfortable (and thats with the rubbish headstrap, the new face plate really does work well. The screen might not be as bright as the index but its got no SDE and that edges it I think.

Will report back in a few weeks if I remember.


through the lens of the pimax (sorry I am not a reviewer and dont have macro lenses etc)

Index (hard to get a decent pic cause the lenses are so small but I think you can see the colours are a bit brighter


Hi @neonrazor have you played with the bright and contrast values on the Pitool config?


Nope I haven’t, will have a play to test


Thx for your impressions,i was already be a bit feared about the brightness be less on the pimax 8kplus and the colors be a little less then the valve index… Thats a pitty

Try it out. @SweViver mentioned that you could set up a higher brightness and contrast than on the Index, if I’m not mistaken.


I will, its more the colours than the brightness I think. Getting the settings right in the pitool vs steam ss is a pain, thats the hardest part and if you get it wrong then the display looks bad.


Thanks for your opinion and the insight on the multiple the headsets you have, great value!


Awesome summary my man. Wish you had a 5K plus to compare too. Literally looks like the sweet spot got bigger or maybe that’s due to the “improved” panel utilization…


Thank you for detailed response on your thoughts on the various headsets! With the 8K+ receiving an 8 rating, what do you feel it would need to reach a 9 or 10? Do you feel the upcoming MAS or DAS would increase the score? Or do you feel it would still be held back from a 9 or 10 because of the PiTool software?


done a bit more testing, its colour pop thats better on the index but only a tiny bit, pimax looks more natural to be honest. Messing with the brightness and contrast doesnt really help.

SDE is invisible, really is stunning.

Distortion, if you switch of foveated rendering, I cant see it and thats amazing too. The 5k BR had bad distortion but I cant see it in this new headset, just a nice clean image and thats on large FOV.