5k BE Delivery and production

I’ve not read any mention about 5k BE production or delivery dates. Is there any “rumour” about how far off 5k BE production is?

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The conumer edition of the OLED version will be called “5K XR”
About the delivery, it is not realy clear -
Spreadsheet by @anon74848233 stated: All from Backers are “On the way to Overseas warehouse”, except those who are under clarification.
The official user @PimaxVR stated 1000Units of the OLED version will be produced in march.

As the backers had only ordered about 50units, it can be that they are already finished, or the spreadsheet is a hypothetic forecast :wink:
Who knows?

Would be so glad for some more informations from @anon74848233 @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang .
I am one of the preorders.

Thanks for that, I didn’t know about the kickstart, I pre-ordered my 5k be so I’m ok about waiting and let the long suffering backers get theirs first. It’s just nice to know roughly when. If what you say is accurate ( In a pimax sort of way ) for me that’s actually good news. I was almost expecting mid to end of the year, going by the delivery problems I read on this forum. Unfortunately going by the things I read, my time might still be more accurate LOL.

hello again,
did you saw the spreadsheet from today?
All 5K BE HMD’s are in the building tab. So, PimaxVR seemed right

The communication is a terrible with these BE units. They should have made a specific thread explaining the situation BE units. Plenty info on the 5k+ and 8k. Got to pull teeth to get BE info

Yeah, Pimax USA was trying to justify their spreadsheet mistakes on a reply. He was claiming the difficulty of the process is the culprit. I get that he was delegated to try answer questions, but that is a pretty bad excuse. The fact that many thought that the units were close to been shipped and now, nope, who knows when they are shipping because they may not have been built at all.

Make a dedicated thread like they use to (back in 2018, very nice detail info) and break down what is the exact standing of production with the BE’s.

Not a lame response like " we are stating to build xxx in the month of march blah, blah blah

BE feel like the Black sheep Pimax units

Yeah, communication is an issue for Pimax

As the production before CNY had an output of 100 to 150 units per day and a peak of more than 200units. I think it might be possible that they can assemble the 50units for backers in one day. They just have to get all parts at the right time… -> that’s logistics.

About the delivery, I do not expect a tracking number as most of the users posted that they got thier pledge, without any number or information.

But, as I ordered a phone case form US last autum of 50€, I had to pay tax of more than 15€. This was realy expensive. So the BREXIT will be an issue for backers who recieve thier pledge over the hub in england.

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5K BE Pre order here

An actual real life answer from email support…

Dear Customer,

All products for Pre-orders will be shipped before the 25th March,and we’re speeding up the schedule.Some backer even received their headset.
Pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.

Thanks for your support and Have a good day!

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR


Thank you for sharing this information :+1:t2:

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I’m one of those backers who chose to switch to the BE. I’m feeling the silence and it’s a bit sad that we have to sit back and watch all the 5K + and 8K deliveries and very little regarding the BE.

I know @mrpjw posted a “actual real life answer…” but I give that statement about as much credit as an overdrawn bank account.

With numbers being posted regarding the shipment of Pimax headsets, with no indication as to what is actually being sent… us BE people just have to fumble in the dark hoping for a delivery.

I know Pimax is a startup in a sense… but, boy… what a mess!


Where is this spreadsheet?

look there, this was the last one.

Interesting, I am backer and now I am under the Building tab. There shipping much to be desired

Yup, Backer here here. at this stage the will send pre-orders at the same time as backers which is F up

This is the spreadsheet that made the production status controversial

Im confused my order number is much longer then any number located on that sheet. How do you know your number? Example 1231xx

Yep, but do you know an other spreadsheet, ehich meets the question?

Basically, ignore their spreadsheet as they can not be trusted. It seem they are waiting to finish building a batch of 8k units and when they deliver the 8K units, they will also ship the BE units. They basically treat the BE like second grade citizens. Reason, their numbers are too low to justify the shipping cost likely. So we will have to wait till then. This is my deduction

Strange as the 5kBE is the same price as the 8k and they said the availability is limited! So my thoughts were awsome so they have them available already! Not sure why I thought that tho. But Indo feel the colors are going to make the wait worth it!

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