Your Pimax Client Feedback Matters

Hello everyone,

We understand that the Pimax Client is critical software for PCVR players. We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, and we value your feedback to enhance the Pimax Client and Pimax Experience.

We always prioritize user experience and strive to develop better features and improve software performance to meet your needs.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about Pimax Client, please feel free to leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you and doing everything possible to provide the best VR experience for you.

Thank you,

Pimax team


A very big problem is with the USB port of new computers, because they are always under power ( which in itself is very good and I have no desire to turn them off ), in order to turn off the head set, is necessary to disconnect the USB cable, which is not normal at all. And also not good to turn off the head set with the button because you never know what will happen when you turn it on again and whether it will start at all :slight_smile:

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At present, the latest Pimax Client (PimaxClientSetup_Release_V1. and PiTools (PiToolSetup_toC_1.0.1.284) both lead to stuttering using my RTX4090 (the famous head movement leading to VR lagging behind in horizontal and vertical plane). I know it has been brought forward (addressed) before in other posts, so I understand the no-need to address this again.

However, as you asked for feedback regarding “improve software performance”, I would like to propose a Pimax-led query (in this forum?) to seek if there’s an identifiable pattern that could lead to finding the cause of such lag by probing hardware and software used by your customers; ie. 8KX 2075 vs 2076, graphic card data (brands), drivers versions(s), motherboard brands and types, USB Chipsets, etc, so you could pin-point the cause in order to resolve the lag experienced.

It intrigues me that some don’t seem to have the issue while others do, so how about a public challenge to seek why some have the issue and others “don’t”? I hope it will contribute to improving Pimax Client by targeted analysis of what I see as the biggest issue using my 8KX: it renders it useless as it turns me nauseated when I’m using the device.

Feedback appreciated.

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Had the same idea a while ago. Posts like “I have a 4090 and the lag” arent really helpful in the end. Maybe providing the individual, detailed hardware setups can help narrow down the issue.

Steam does the same thing from time to time, collecting data on hardware and system/driver setup. Perhaps Pimax could provide a similar tool ? Just dont forget to be transparent to the user by showing/preview the data collected, as Steam does with their surveys.

Why is there still no calibration or zeroize options for motion compensation? This feature has been asked for for LITERALLY YEARS now. Why make these feedback threads? I have never once seen any feedback being taken.

Pimax Client has been improved a lot since it was first released. It can detect my Pimax 5K super faster and more reliably, and all the settings are good.
My little suggestion is that, in the game store, please list the additional software/hardware supports.

  • Can the game/app use Pimax XR runtime directly, or it requires SteamVR ?
  • Does it need room-scale space or OK for sit-down.
  • What kind of additional hardware, like Yaw2, Haptic vests, VR globes… etc does the game/app support?
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I find many users relying on Pitool “auto update” feature and they are currently stuck at 277. They have no idea there was a Pitool 281, 283 or 284. They also have no idea what Pimax Client is.

Would be great to make Pitool auto update detect Pimax Client as a possible update and offer it to them.


Here is a good one no one mentioned and i find really necessary.

For the firmware update button.
have a section for firmware released and have people chose what to upgrade or downgrade too.

that way, if something goes wrong, we can just have FW options to choose.
(or once the headset is detected by its type “8Xk, 5K Plus/Super” it will auto download all firmware’s for it in a separate folder for that headset if something bad happens, like failed Flashing. and labeled by its name and FW number)


Hi, zuiquan1. Have you tried Pimax Play Client yet? You can find it there. :slight_smile:

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Hi, philpw99. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Our team will consider these details for future versions.

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I have not tried Client yet because it still containts quad layer bug, but I would allow myself to add my 2 cents. Whatever Pimax does, please allow user to stay in control. Do not force experiences, homes, stores on user. If user does not want to update, so be it. If user wants no environment in HMD, so be it. If user does not want autostart the client - so be it. Allow options for all the new features allowing user to opt-out. I won’t be popular saying this, but aside from the unmatched FOV my second favorite thing about Pimax was how tiny, unintrusive Pitool is - this is awesome contrast compared to intrusive Oculus software. I really would like it to stay that way as much as possible.


This does not address anything I said. Did a bot make these replies?

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When may we expect Pimax Client v1.11 with a solution to the lag problem?

Can we get as default Audio option for client 1.11+.

i am finding Pimax Client 1.9+(did not do this in 1.7) changing my default audio to the pimax 8KX speakers.

and i dont want that, i want it to use my default Speakers i have set, so my audio goes through that.
Yet i have to keep changing it none stop. :confused:

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So, it’s been a month now and I’m still waiting for clarification from @PimaxQuorra regarding this post here:

Perhaps if I missed it, someone could point to the answers?

I suppose more attention to questions requesting clarification/information of the product would be an example of some type of feedback.

Apologies if all this has been answered. I just haven’t seen anything yet.

So far no feedback nor acknowledgement. I reckon the focus on fully on the Crystal and the software (that drives these devices) is put on the back burner…? :thinking:

Figured I would post here as well regarding client version 1.12. First a huge THANK YOU! to the devs responsible for fixing the head tracking lag issue experienced by users on the 4000 and 7000 series gpu. Tested some today and very happy to report it’s completely solved for me and I’m sure there will be some others that are very happy as well.

Maybe but in the other hand the heratic 1/3 smart smoothing seems to be back (without telling us) which makes smart smoothing unusable (at least on my 5k+).
Random framerate jumps from 1/2 to 1/3.
Tested on AC, ACC and ams2 at 120 hz and 90hz.
It was unplayable, I had to roll back to 1.11 which works fine.

I finally upgraded to Pimax Client, and I am pleasantly surprised how unintrusive and configurable it is, thank you - great stuff, nothing like Oculus nightmare. I would allow myself two suggestions:

  • Would it be possible to autoamtically close PiPlatformService_64.exe when I close Pimax Client?

  • Would it be possible to add ability to close Pimax Client cleanly from the command line? Two examples from racing simulator tools:

CrewChiefV4.exe -C_EXIT
SimHubWPF.exe -exit

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Renable compulsive smoothing.

Allow users (perhaps in an advanced menu) to disable 1:3 smoothing and/or 1:2 smoothing, so that it doesnt try to switch between them (at all while playing)

Add hotkeys to advanced options that can be changed instantaneously, including the options above.