Women and Virtual Reality

My wife doesn’t play computer games. She thinks they are a waste of time. She would rather read (physical books) or watch reality shows on TV (talk about a waste of time!)

I think something like this is the only thing that would tempt her into VR (and maybe Subnautica, if I could ever get her to start it - she’s a serious scuba diver).

@SweViver, have you tried this VR tour? When NDA is lifted, I’d like to know if it’s really Vive only, or will it work with Pimax 8K.


She might like a Hidden Object VR game. :beers::smirk::+1::sparkles:

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You nasty…

I am going to find those mentioned users and try to connect with them. Thanks for input already. Please keep going.

I must be the fortunate one here then. My wife and I both own Rifts and game together all the time. I got two 8K headsets on order here too.


Actually all women that I have introduced to VR (quite a lot btw since my family is 80% women :sweat_smile:) really liked it a lot. Some even considered buying an oculus go. I can state without prejudice though that most women know shit about technology. Hell they even buy iPhones because of the Apple sign on it using probably 1% of its capabilities. You can WhatsApp, Instagram take a couple of photos on any far cheaper device. I’m not saying that there may be exceptions but dealing with VR is a very technology thing.
I have no numbers but if you would simply consider PC sales in contrast to tablet/smartphone sales among women you will have the answer right there. It’s an obvious shift or interest that probably was never a woman’s domain but in times of more “superficial” devices the interest has decreased even more.


I envy you man! :slight_smile: I wish my girlfriend liked gaming…

@noro I had one girl friend to my girlfriend (how do you even say that in english lol?) at a home party last year, and I showed her A Chair In A Room. She played it for 3 hours straight while we others were drinking cocktails and socialized lol. She was really sold into it!


Amazing! As I said, it’s not that they don’t like it. But they’d never bother to develop skills to set it up by themselves. All women in my family are very creative and also crafty but not techie.


My “girlfriend’s girl friend”. That second space is very important, since my “girlfriend’s girlfriend” has entirely different connotations. :laughing:

Or, more clearly, my “girlfriend’s friend who is a girl” (or woman).

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To be honest, there is no huge mystery here :slight_smile: The demographic of people playing proper (not mobile) games in general consists 90% or more of men. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the same is true for VR.

The first time I experienced vr was at a company event (game night! Yes, it’s an awesome company) where they had set up a rift with a racing setup. Out of the 6 women present, two didn’t want to try it at all and the others really didn’t like it much. Where as the 30 or so guys there (did I mention it’s an IT company :smiley: ) pretty much all really enjoyed it. (we tied the event to a contest to see who could put down the best time, that guy won a 150€ drone, not bad)

But yeah, small sample size but still; I don’t think that it is VR that is the issue here, but rather that they just don’t really enjoy the games.


And definitely don’t write it as, My “girlfriend’s girly friend”.

It implies she has a male gay friend. It also implies that whoever wrote that is homophobic.


I miss Nixie. Keep hoping she will get over her illness and return. :sob:

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Hadn’t heard she took ill. That is unfortunate; hope she gets better. Her vid reviews were awesome!

My girlfriend played a little bit with vive when I first received it but not since…its ok with me since vr is my man time anyway…:slight_smile:

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I have a friend just play vr, she like to play palov.

I think woman who be gamer will like to play vr.

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Ok maybe we need

‘Smells of men’ scent module

For girls


The smell of male sweat after a long gym pass lol… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gnomes and goblins and small games (if only she new),and also a more detaied gogle earth to see if its a good place you may want to visit was the awnser i got when i asked my wife what is the best chance of you using vr

My wife likes to play BeatSaber … eeh … completely naked. :slight_smile: …no smells


My children would objectb :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: