Women and Virtual Reality

This Pimaxforum has many followers. Testers, backers, interested people. And most of them are men. Maybe a few women do watch and read this forum, but mostly men. I find that a bit discouraging, as half our planet exist of women. Over 3.5 billion women. I know we are pioniers, but women are also pioniers. In history there are many female pioniers in one area and another. Why don’t we hear from them. What is their view on Pimax 8K? On the process? I’ve already heard the men. And if you look at the smell topic, the men are choosing: girl, girl, girl.

Do women even like VR. And do they want something? And how are they perceiving all the men’s views on games and smells?

Where are you, women? And what do you think about Pimax 8K?


I’m not sure if she’s on this forum, but there is a least 1 woman who plays Elite Dangerous in VR on a Pimax 4K. I’ve seen her on the official game forum.


remember its says girl not woman pervs

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Too much men is never good. Or the other way around. We all benefit from a mixed pool of insights and perceptions. We need input from women in this forum.

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@Loribee i think is the user your referring to.



I think women just dont have the urge to escape reality as we do. My girlfriend have tried some stuff like Dirt Rally, Lone Echo, Virtual Sports, Google Earth and others. Each time she says “yeah its quite cool”… and five minutes later she leaves the room, sits in the sofa of living room and starts watching her stupid TV series. Its just the way women works. In general.

I have less than 5% of my audience being women. Most likely because Im bald and ugly, but VR is definitely not attracting women either :wink:


Well being bald (i am not) does make it easier to put vr headset on & off. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

That being said I am sure Sinead O’Connor probably plays vr. :joy:


Still. You acknowledge at least that almost 5% are women. How do you know? And what do they give as feedback?

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YouTube Channel Analytics (statistics). It can give quite you quite in-depth analytics of your audience.

I think there have been maybe 10 girls/women ever commenting my videos or twitter posts. They dont want to talk to me either lol


My mother tried to drive a car in VR on the Pimax 8K last weekend using my racing setup. She had no freaking control over her driving. It was too scary. She took off the headset after a few minutes. But she drives her car IRL every day.
Its just something that says “NO” to women when it comes to VR.

…Maybe its the lack of self control? :wink:


VR is not attracting women either until Pimax 8k :slight_smile:


Or maybe the scent module could make them more excited :wink: We need to remember women are from another planet, they dont think and work like we do lol. Absolutely nothing bad about it. I love women. They are just different :slight_smile:

They can spend 700 dollars on clothes during a shopping spree. Clothes!! Some fabric. And they really love it. They worship it :slight_smile:

We spend 700 dollars on a VR headset…


And we wear it, love it and worship it ^.^


True, but even so. I think that BECAUSE they are different and it is 3.5 billion people we are talking about it is such a shame, we can’t get their input on VR. I am a bit sad about that.

I sincerely don’t think they are not interested. But the developments don’t come their way yet. And that’s because we are still in startup phase. I know and I have seen women wear VR sets. Mostly in company with male VR enthousiasts :stuck_out_tongue: But still. There are women entrepreneurs in the world. What do they do?

I date a couple women, 1 loves VR, the other, doesn’t really care much for it. I will say, what I do see they enjoy is VR experiences. TheBlu is a huge hit for both of them. Playing a game is not their thing, not being gamer types that makes sense, but VR ‘experiences’ they seem to dig. At least this is my exp so far with 2 women and VR. Both have asked when theBlu is gonna get more content…


lol,same over here…

There are women in VR. I don’t think that is the issue. However, there are not many women who will hang out with (mostly) men on forums or places like here imo. There will be a few who might openly post, but most will not need the interaction. Perhaps there are more women ghosts. On my channel (not VR focused) my female readership still pales in comparison to men but rests around 10%.

Edit: Just to add though, 12% of the viewers on one of my VR Kanojo videos is female. Another 12% on Spider-man VR experience. This is from millions of views.

Another interesting stat (a bit off topic) is 47% of women viewed a Godzilla The Game video. Yikes! I would never have known. I generally don’t look at the detailed stats. I wonder what region they are from. I guess my point is, there are women out there, they just don’t make themselves known, not in male dominated communities.


Someone really needs to invite Cas and Chary two girl youtubers to this discussion. I think they could give some real perspective on women and VR since that is what they do and I’m sure their opinions would differ from what has been provided here so far.


All good, but… I need women’s input. Even if they are only 5-10%. It is so one-sided. That makes it a niche product. I think that after I have seen the movie Ready Player One, that Spielberg wisely chose to have the female heroin, Art3mis, meet Parzival at the start. The book was different (how else). We need women to make it into VR. Not just selfish andrinaline hormone bloated men… :sunglasses:


I am sure “Tasty PC” & “Nixie Pixel” would be good as they review pc stuff on youtube as well. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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