Why are headset choices locked in Pimax!?

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I (and others) want to know why headset choices are locked in after @deletedpimaxrep1 said we could make our final decision after @mixedrealityTV @SweViver and and @VoodooDE had 5KBE’s for review.


Not to mention those of us that are still on the fence between the 5k+ and 8k because you STILL haven’t updated the Pitool software to allow for colour correction which was talked about over 3 months ago!


It is insulting to be told we will be given a choice, then told that you will to be more transparent, and then told nope sorry you’re locked in. Let me correct myself, the worst part is that you’re just sweeping all of this under the rug.

We want answers and better yet the ability to delay our pledge so that others can receive our allocated headsets.


Didn’t they say you could choose to not reply and thus be delayed? So I think this thing with locked In may only apply to those who have already decided but suddenly wants to change.


What I understand from Sebastian’s CES interview with Pimax, 5K BE is still in development.

Also Pimax people are receiving conflicting messages from community - one is that they their priority should be to fullfill all KS orders now and do nothing else until this is done, and another that KS backers want to have an option to delay their orders and Pimax should continue the development.

What do we want them to do? It’s counter-productive to ask them to decide, and then blame them if the decision is not what you want.

I personally do prefer to have an option to purchase / exchange my 8K for BE later if I wanted to. Some sort of discount (like AlllP in Korea gave the customers on 31 December, I believe it was 20-30% off) for all KS backers would be nice :slight_smile:

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Ok, so i just looked up my choice email. And it said that you could choose to wait a month. It was the one sent back in november before they did the mass emailing thing so things may have changed since.

I for my part do not think it is strange to lock in people who made their choices if you are planning to send out their device within the coming two three weeks. Those who couldn‘t decide were offered to delay their choice - but if they make a choice, it would seem they were no longer on the fence.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems a bit like somebody wanting to eat the cake and have it. If you make a choice, they‘re going to proceed and deliver it to you, you know… and logistics can‘t be changed on the fly for a hundreds or even thousands of backers change their mind yet again after yet another MrTV, Sweviver or VoodooDE video…

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From my first quote, @deletedpimaxrep1 said we could change our choice. Shipping may have ramped up but there is no way they’re shipping my headset in the 6000’s on Monday (14th) to SH. They’re going back on their word.

As I said before we were told by @deletedpimaxrep1 that we would be able to make a later choice. How hard is it to delay headsets to backers that have requested. Go through the spreedsheet, change to delay, when shipping headsets on that list skip those people.

How is it counter productive for Pimax to skip a backer who chooses to wait and then send that backers choose headset to another waiting backer or a preorder customer? I think it’s counter productive to tell backers one thing and then do the opposite. The added cost of shipping back a headset for a change is unnecessary when Pimax could just skip over that backer in the first place.


They said some backer change more than 2 times, so they announce to stop the change.
But I have comment that they should announce that what is the last date of decision, not announce immediately.


As I quoted, we were told we could change our headset choice by @deletedpimaxrep1. Then suddenly out of know where all choices are locked in. If someone from Pimax would have thought ahead they would have warned backers that choices would be final in xx days and if backers wanted to delay they could email support. For all the posts/supoort tickets/private messages that have been responded to stating we were locked, it would have been such minimal effort to open the spreadsheet and change to “delay”.

I would have never responded to the survey if it would have been communicated that that would have been it. That would have gone along way to being transparent like Pimax talked about earlier this week.

The longer they take the more preorders they lose. Kickstarter money they have but preorder money they can lose. They wont add any more delays even if it pisses off a few backers.

So delay a KICKSTARTER backer and SEND THAT HEADSET to a preorder customer.


You sir are a genius

Because pimax afraid drama of shipping to pre-order before backer, but I am agree that they can ship to pre-order if other backer still can wait and accept the condition.

I’m also a nice guy, which I why I want my “reserved” 5k+ to go to someone who can and will use it now. Until I have my full package it’ll be a paper weight anyways. After experiencing 6DOF, the lack of lighthouses and the resulting 3DOF will be unacceptable. Might as well send it all in September whet the controllers are ready.


How exactly do they lose money?

People who pre-order can chargeback.

If that was directed to my question how does a chargeback affect a KS backer asking them to hold their pledge costs them anything ? If is was not then ignore the question.

So far there about 10 cancelled preorders. Do the math if 100 cancels or 1000. Obiously it unlikely but if valve comes out of no where and announces a competitive headset then yeh it will happen.

It doesn’t cost them anything. They appear to be trying to get all headsets out quickly so they can fulfill both the promise of backers first and preorders.

The Kickstarter and it’s pricing is not a “pre-order”. If someone can find away to use the KS price to lower their pre-order price through a chargeback (I doubt it) this could be accomplished anyway and I don’t see how a KS backer going on hold or not affects that possibility.

KS price is a reward for risking that the result might be no headset. It is not a retail price or even a wholesale price. It is a reward for venture capital.