Who has stable LH 2.0 tracking on 8Kx 😀

Paging 8Kx owners who have received their 8Kx

More than a few of us have BIG issues with tracking via LH2.0 so this got me thinking if it’s channel related (probably not at all) but it could be worth checking anyways.

my tracking looks like this.

So if you have an 8Kx in you possession and LH2.0 and stable tracking.

Then please post what channels your LH2.0’s are working on.

please do not post if you do not meet the criteria posted above.

best regards


My received 2.0 basestations from Pimax are solid white when turned on.
That being said, haven’t noticed any tracking issues.
The left basestation = ch1 & the right basestation = ch2.


I don’t think it’s related just to the 2.0 version.

When I received the 8k took half a dozen teamspeak sessions until they found out a way to bypass windows permissions in one of the most recent version of pitool and it was working great with LH1.0 at the point I sold the Reverb because had worse tracking (I do simracing competition on a motion seat).

Now that I got the 8kx not only I can’t have it to link with the lighthouse no matter the pitool version, but I lost tracking with the older 8k.

I wasted the whole day yesterday trying every kind of troubleshooting I could find, deleting folders, reinstalling applications with no luck.

This is not a hardware issue, just a pitool configuration that doesn’t talk with the valve lighthouse and Pimax did not sort it out yet after two years!


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Your video is too low res to read channel numbers with absolute confidence… what’s the first one, 6?

Btw, i have bad tracking jitters, similar to yours. Very annoying in cockpit games where the cockpit up close would jitter all over the place, to the extend that in real scale, a cockpit frame would move 2-3 cm on its own.

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Hi Milopapa

yeah sorry about the low res, guess it’s pretty bad :slight_smile: Channels 6 and 2
This video was produced just for my support ticket so they could see the tracking wobble.
What channels are you on ?

comment: This topic went south pretty fast, I was asking for people with 8Kx + BS2.0 that has Stable tracking :wink:

Thanks for posting guys, I see that there are more of us than I anticiated.
Please edit your posings with BS version and channels used

new video

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OK, so just for the record:
I originally had 2 x 2.0 Lighthouses (purchased from Valve) then added 1 more HTC 2.0 basestation to try and reduce jitters. Didn’t help.
It’s from memory only but I believe 5K+ tracking was much better with the same basestations.

Now I have jitters with 3 basestations. I tried various channels, I think I have 6, 13 and 14 but I’ll doublecheck and update the post.

EDIT: 8, 13 and 15.


I have 100% stable tracking if I just disconnect my 8Kx and connect my 5K+ :roll_eyes:


That doesn’t sound good.

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Actually it’s not totally limited to LH 2.0 either. I have 1.0 LHs and still get some tracking wobble like shown in your video. It is not as bad as what your video shows but it does happen enough for me to notice it.


Nope sure doesn’t, but the best part is that I know 100% that it’s not the lighthouses or the software.

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Indeed. Maybe support needs to check things from a remote session. In theory the 8kX should have all the bugs of the og 8k and 5k+. The fact the 8kX is not restricted to USB 2 bandwidth(though neither should have the pre 8kX headsets); it should have more stable tracking on USB 3.


Done many days ago and they are handling it… well not so well… :pleading_face::disappointed:


I saw another post somewhere that suggested Doman might have had a earlier start to holidays. (Presuming he is the regular tech)


Yeah that’s the “fun part” when I look at my ticket, the tech assigned is Doman Chen
But the people who have contacted me “written in the ticket” is aaron and miracle.
So the ticket might be assigned to Doman Chen, but he’s not handling it.
Hopefully this is due to the hollidays i China now.

And while all this goes on our very limited 1 year warrenty just “pisses” away.
I’ve had mine delivered 11 days ago, and add another 5 days to that before they are back @ work.
And then how long will it take for them to try and debug… next think you know i’ve had a defective 8Kx for 1/12th part of it’s warrenty period … am I a pessimist ? not really… this should have been caught in QC… the QC that had been extended and made the delivery time longer, as they wanted to make Sure that every one got a fully functional 8Kx… Geez :rofl:
“rant over” :crazy_face:


I have two version 2 base stations and the tracking seems very good. Using channels 1 and 2 with solid white lights.


Interresting… .are these Valve 2.0 lighthouses or HTC Vive 2.0 ?
Mine are Valve 2.0’s bought directly from Valve less than a year ago.
They light up Green when ready.


Valve version 2 from Pimax as a plan f upgrade. About 5 meters apart.


Htc are Valve’s as well. Only Valve makes 2.0 LH.


So now we need to compare firmwares on Formatter’s and mine
Seeing they are both 2.0’s but behave differently and shine the Diode in a different color.

HTC states that Green is the Ready State.