Which Standalone Game would you prefer to have on Pimax Store?

Dear VR fans,

Pimax will reach the milestone of 7 years soon, we are very grateful to have you on board! You are cordially welcome to take part in this survey as Pimax Store has recently debuted. We wish to learn more about the games you would prefer on the store.

It may take you 3-5 minutes.

We appreciate your time and we prepared Deconstructed Pimax 8KX Artworks Giveaway!

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Dirt rally 2.0. Wait a minute, does this mean that I need to buy it again? No thanks, I’m ok.


Walkabout Minigolf and Bigscreen VR. Only 2 titles I really care about for standalone. A few active apps would be nice also, like Thrill of the Fight, Pistol Whip.

Walkabout Minigolf and Bigscreen VR are the most important personally.

Edit: Also, is there meant to be a link to a survey here? or am I blind? ha

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Well, if it is stand-alone, I guess you currently only have the Meta games, Pico is joining the party and now Pimax want to be a third proprietary store.

I would be pretty careful to invest into Pico or Pimax stores because it is not very clear to me how much this investment is worth in 2-3 years when I may have changed to a different brand’s headset for stand-alone usage again. With Oculus at the time they were the sole source of the hardware and software, so I didn’t immediately see the issue (although it of course arises too, but Meta seems to be in it for the long run and have the financial power to sustain their engagement which wouldn’t be so clear to me with Pimax - Pico of course are backed by the Chinese Government at the end, so it is subject to different considerations which I may or may not be happy about either).

IRacing so support for Pimax continues to evolve and increase.

Space Pirate Trainer DX, that would be fun, as it needs wireless :wink:


Eleven Table Tennis - I would rebuy this game on any platform I use.


Some kind of boxing or golf game. I’ve never played a standalone game really.

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Seems kind of like asking a bunch of Ferrari drivers which model KIA they would like to see. If it doesn’t need gaming computer to run it I suspect many here won’t care a whole lot. Might be best to just look at the standalone titles sales figures for what is being played at that level.


That’s a spot on analogy dogbite! It’s funny, AND true.

yeh idc for standalone games on my quest 2, the few ive played are put to shame by many pcvr games. i’m looking forward to playing without wires with the crystal and that will be by streaming pcvr games.

This is something new, force myself think pimax ?

Ancient dungeon is a good stand alone title.
What about compound ?

SuperHotVR, Beat Saber, they don’t take too much PC-processing power and would be more fun to play outside :slight_smile:

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The point is that you don’t need a PC though. For those that travel regularly or like social experiences etc then having the standalone option is great. Personally I would buy a 12K for the PCVR experience but I would definitely see standalone as an added bonus for when I am travelling for work (few days a week). Those days I would love to have walkabout minigolf or Bigscreen etc.

The clear focus of the reality series, at least what has been announced so far, is PCVR but the hardware to enable next gen VR requires hardware that also enables standalone so we may aswell take the bonus.

It’s weird that people seem to be against it, like if your headset has the potential to run standalone so you can watch a movie on it without needing to use a PC then why not enjoy that feature?

Golf+ and then hope I can manage to fit the controller to the club add on for quest controllers :slight_smile:

Really, the lack of decent VR titles is pretty extreme. Many titles are ‘one trick ponies,’ while others are simply poorly done in any one of a number of ways (often very poor controls.)

IMHO, having a division that ports major flat titles to VR would be a huge boon to the entire VR community. You could even use it to open the Pimax store up to other brands of VR equipment eventually, as an added revenue stream.

Imaging being able to properly play F03, FNV, Mass Effect series, Dragon Age series, Life is Strange series, The Witcher series (well, at least 2 and 3), and so on in VR properly (without needing to go through methods such as vorpX.) The possibilities are endless.

The number of truly great VR titles is tiny. Alyx, TWD S&S, Lone Echo, AC, etc. I spend a lot of time forcing flat games into VR, or at least Cinema mode.

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I agree but that’s probably more a PCVR thing, unless you are referring to like PS2 era games.

Completely agree, although don’t think it’s totally relevant on a standalone game thread. It’s definitely a great thing if it was achievable but right now it’s really out of scope for Pimax imo.

Automobilista 2 <—BEST racing SIM in the world and BEST VR racing SIM, period according to VR users. What better game to play with a wide field of view?

BigScreen <—BEST for watching movies and the feeling of being in a theater

I’m not against it, if someone enjoys it then good for them. For me personally i’m not into it.

just did repair my controler yesterday :joy: can you attach a stick to it ?