When is a new spreadsheet coming?

It’s been a while since the last one, my headset (5215) has been stuck on shipping to overseas for around a month now and if I’m still not given tracking I’d at least like to see a spreadsheet.

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I think when festival finished


It would only be bullpoo anyway , I’m backer 1298 and nothing yet, and quite a few with lower numbers hadn’t got theirs either, they gave ours and yours maybe as replacements for faulty units.

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One of the Pimax staff said after the CNY festival

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it was mentioned by pimaxusa 9 days ago that new stock was inbound in 8-10 days…


after their national holidays are over my dude.

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Why is it that China has multi-week breaks so damn often. I swear this has happened like 3 or 4 times.


feb and october afaik

Maybe because the concept of paid vacations isn’t that popular there.

The duration of the annual leave entitlement is: (a) 5 days for employees who have accumulatively worked for 1–10 years


Has anyone received theirs in the U.K.? F’ing joke.

Yes but don’t ask me who off hand.

I bet you could write them on your hand.

Takes the piss big-time, Pimax have shafted us UK backers

Perhaps i do write very small. But there has even been a few :australia: backers lately.


Ah ok, fair enough then. Still, I don’t get how the whole manufacturing sector just shuts down and why this should even remotely effect headsets already overseas.

Depends on how a country celebrates. Kind of similar to why should government employees not get paid due to the kids in the :us: congress having a disagreement.

Headsets that have reached overseas warehouses with shipping info will not likely be affected by the chinese new year holiday.

The good news a fellow Australian recently received a headset so yours will hopefully arrive soon.

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A lot of factory staff is made up of migrant workers who need to travel to the provinces to see their families. Also after CNY many employees renegotiate their contracts or switch jobs.

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Aaaaaaand still no update on the 12th when there was meant to be one on the 11th. Great.