When do you think the first Pimax8K HMDs will be delivered?

Like the rest of you I am very much looking forward to this HMD and was wondering, when you guys realistically expect Pimax to get the first 5K and 8K HMDs on the road?

I know they stated January 2018 but we all know this isn’t going to happen, so maybe some of you have experience in this field (duration from prototyping as well as mass production and international logistics) and can chime in.

Good to hear on the KS comments that Pimax is aiming for mid-December for prototype v4 which means v5 could come as early as late January 2018 if they manage to keep up the pace.

Maybe @bacon or @Matthew.Xu can share their thoughts?


Like rift and vive…3/6 months delay !!!

I could say H2 2018
If they dont rush things up…

I dont mind at all if there is a delay. Taking there time and doing things right is how it should be done.



They should focus on delivering great quality and forget about the unrealistic timelines they set themselves during KS.

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I think they will start shipping in January like they stated. These guys seem to keep promises, and do not appear to have any absence of confidence in this. (look at V2 - to V3 prototype) all the things they said would be on it, was in fact on it. They so far here in mid November have not back pedaled delivery dates at all. Perhaps late January but I still feel like they are planning to hit that deadline.


I have a feeling that someone really wants the delivery of the 8K to be postponed to a later date. Even before January, it seems very long. So, anyone who wants this - there is an option to receive delivery along with controllers and stations in April. Personally, I want to receive as soon as possible, sending in January. I have a birthday in February and I’m waiting no later than February … I hope everything will turn out on schedule. If they wanted, they would have announced in advance about the higher deadlines for sending 8K. But PiMAX adhere to the previously agreed terms and it’s good, they are good fellows!:ok_hand::wink::+1:

And if additional time is required, they will announce this themselves, if there are objective reasons for this. And this does not depend on us.

Why would anyone want the delivery postponed?

To ensure quality & not rush to meet an “Estimated Delivery Jan 2018” - Which simply means if all goes according to plan units will start to ship. But if ships in January; could be end of Jan as well.


hopefully when they are ready

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I do not know, a riddle is some … I do not understand how you can want a later time for delivery and why you are sure that Pimax will not be able to do it on time, if everything goes according to plan. Strange thoughts, however.

Oh sorry, you must have misunderstood me. I absolutely do not want the HMD later than when it’s ready, way too excited for it.

I’m simply extrapolating from experience and common sense that going through at least two more prototypes, adapting the required software to complement hardware changes, commencing mass production, quality control and shipping cannot be done within 2 1/2 months.

So I was hoping some forum members might be professionals in either of those fields and could chime in.


@century manufacturing process take time, just going from v5 to final mouldings for the headset can take weeks to 1 month. This is done normally after the mechanical dev is final. If they ship by boat to the final distribution outlets 3 week or more. Fine tuning of the assembly process weeks. Chinese New Year Holliday feb 16 2018 minimal 1 week total shut down. Last we heard still in dev with v3 proto and refresh issues Do the math first shippement 31 January possible but improbable…

For those reasons some of us prefer to give pimax a reasonable amount time to complete the product. Emphasis on the word reasonable…


And do not forget the FCC & CE certifications they need to process prior to being allowed to provide these to customers in the US / EU… takes time too.

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@twack3r @Frc Thanks for the detailed analysis.
Well, apparently I thought that you are assuming a big delay for sending 8K. I hope that they will be settled in time and there will not be high delays. Of course, the main thing is that everything should be done at a high level, like a millimeter of production, so that afterwards we will use the product of high quality for a long time and often.
All the same this is a new level and must be perfected to the end. And if there are objective reasons for increasing reasonable time, I see no obstacles to this.

I don’t see why the would be delayed, it’s a short time sure but I would expect they have more knowledge on what they can do then speculation from us.

I expect January shipping maybe February when receiving.


Exactly. The Pimax team have communicated this but the above posts indicate many arent listening. They reassured everyone they have strong manufacturing and engineering partners and that they can get this done. The January delivery as of now, has had no announced delay. Pimax has more than once detailed how they can get this done on time.


They reassured everyone they have strong manufacturing and engineering partners and then the base stations and controllers slipped by 3 months. Not that I care, I want a finished product even if it means the HMD slips to April as well (or later for that matter).

Don’t ship an unfinished product just to hit a date @PimaxVR we all want the best product you can offer, not just for our own benefit obviously but for the future of VR.

I think no one really has their hopes up

Controllers slipped by 3 months? when did they promise controllers shipping by January / February ? I must have missed that. Only thing I ever saw January date for was the HMD. At any rate im okay if there is a delay, but you might think they would notify us by end of this month if there is one. They havent hinted at any issues yet.

I do! I wont be mad at them ( Pimax ) if there is a delay but I definitely have my hopes up! WHY NOT!? Hope feels great