What supersampling settings do u use on pitool and steam vr on the pimax 5kplus?

What supersampling settings do u use on pitool and steam vr on the pimax 5kplus?

I have it most of the time pitool on 1 and steam on 80%
It looks good this way i think

What do u guys use?

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Depends on game/program. For the most part I use steam’s auto res & eitger use in game settungs options to tweak & the per apt settings in steam.

I was using 1.0 pitool and 100% steamVR SS for a while until some recent updates. Now I have RaceRoom at 80%, rFactor2 at 70%, iRacing’s dx11 file at 100%.

I still keep PiTool at 1.0 and Normal FOV.

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Most of the time PiTool 1.0 and SteamVR SS 100%, sometimes 70-80% if needed :slight_smile:

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Auto or a bit highter but not much, since highter is useless (to me…and I have correctly working eyes sorry), make image blink but no clearer.

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PiTool @1.25 and SteamVR @186%.

Played mainly Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the last days, once American Truck Sim and once Elite Dangerous.

I recorded some data of my last ETS2-session this evening:

Absolute minimum was 54-57 FPS, average as shown 67.2, most of the time I had around 60-66 FPS.
It was very well playable, quite smooth, except a bit when looking 90° through the side window with a speed of >30-40 km/h… But apart from this, quite a nice experience, especially having set the FOV to “large”.

I haven’t done such an analysis with Elite Dangerous so far, Project Cars is waiting, too, as well as a couple of RPG’s with vorpX. But for ETS2 I feel quite happy and satisfied already :slight_smile:

(btw: nothing overclocked, except my ASUS Strix Gaming Advanced ex factory)


wow that are some high settings in pitool and steam!

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Pitool on 2.0 and steam ss on 500 procent and its fluid as hell in Asserto Corsa on highest FOV also.

Its like the settings are not applying?

Is it sharp and clear?

Dont know what to expect from the 5k…i got the og vive and with motion compensation ss on 500 procent the clarity is almost the same…i tought the pimaxe would be much better…

Something is wrong. Keep digging and asking questions on the forums and you’ll find the solution.

I get with my 8k, fov normal, pitool 1 and steamSS 100% a resolution of 4432x3904. Has this value increased in the new pitool version/firmware?